Hey everyone I am back. Well not completely, (blushes). I know starting another story when I haven't updated my other ones and not only that but still not updating my Venom of the Snake story when I posted the other two chapters. Well to tell the truth, I kinda lost the chapter (Dodges rotten tomatoes). It is with that lost chapter that I kinda really hit a major writers block until one of my favorite authors came out with this SUPER AWESOME STORY.

Seriously, just reading the prolog of her new story took the small chisel and hammer I was using to chip away the writers block called in the heavy artillery. It completely blew away the wall that was holding everything back. I am writing on my other stories but I am doing more research and as I am going away to a big university soon I am trying to write a few chapters ahead so I can still post at least one chapter a week even though I am really busy. But enough about me.

This super awesome author I am talking about is Ms. Firehedgehog herself. I posted to her and told her how her story helped me so much and even begged for her to allow me to write a mirror story to her own. She was so nice enough to allow me and even gave me permission to use her title. Plus we may have some similarities as well as some differences to our stories but that is what I believe makes it all the more exciting. SO if you like or even love this story please check out her original version of this story and give lots of love.

So without further ado I bow to you and please enjoy these stories as they are very well worth it. I own nothing except my own ideas as others are owned by the people whom created digimon and Firehedgehog who started this idea first.

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Prolog: Every creature has a right to life

Bubbles floated lazily before his eyes. Sluggishly he followed their ascension with his tires eyes up and up until finally they popped as they reached the top of his tank. He was jarred from his sleepy observation when a clawed hand smacked against the side of the glass tube tank he floated in. "Wake up you failure." A voice sneered from the other side.

The boy squinted through the teal liquid to what he could make out of the blurred figure outside the tank. For as long as he could remember since opening his eyes was the teal liquid, blurred shapes, and cruel voices. He never received a clear picture of his tormentors or what they were doing to him but he could never forget the pain. 'When was the last time I had something to eat?' The child mused in his mind, his eyes unfocused once more.

The resounding bang which reverberated around his tight tube jerkily brought him back to reality once more. "Are you listening to me failure? You better focus unless you want to end up like all the others." The child shivered in fear as he obediently placed his palms flat on the glass.

"Good. Now listen up failure, we are going to try one more procedure to make you a success before disposing of you like the trash you are. Unfortunately there will be no surgeries or tubes; however we will be pumping medicinal chemicals in your tank to hopefully straighten out your color. If this last test doesn't work, don't expect to live past the night." The child trembled in absolute terror as the voice shouted orders to the others around the room.

His body jerked involuntary when the top of the tube depressurized and was removed. Looking up he watched as a blurry mechanical arm lowered what looked like a tag like object into the liquid before settling it over his head and rested on his thin chest. The arm was then quickly removed and the top cover of the tube tank resealed. The child wrapped his thin, pale arms around himself in a sad form of comfort as a cable was connected to a port at the bottom of his prison. He watched as a snow white liquid was slowly pumped into his prison before exhaustion embraced him and he fell into a deep slumber.

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He didn't know how much time passed since he had closed his eyes. Time had no meaning as the place he never left was never dark. Light poured from every surface yet he never knew where he was being held captive. The last memory he had was when Angemon sacrificed himself to protect him from some evil digimon before something sharp sliced his right side and then darkness. Awareness slapped him completely awake as two loud, angry voices argued in front of his tank. "I don't understand why it will not work. This Failed piece of trash is the only clone that has lived past the first two stages. In fact he is nearly complete yet he is still a complete and utter failure. WHY? Why is he the only one that does not die?"

The smaller blob sniveled to the larger blob in a voice so low that he couldn't understand what he was saying. But as the conversation continued on a pit of fear began growing in his stomach. Something bad was going to happen yet he did not understand what yet. "I don't care. This piece of filth is a complete and utter failure I want it drained and sent to the surgery room at once. Dissect it, dismantle it, harvest it I want to examine every piece of it. I NEED to find out why this one survived, why it makes it so special. YET IT STILL TURNED INTO A FAILURE!"

The child shook so hard that the teal liquid began to form waves. Complete and utter terror filled his body and tears poured from his eyes mixing the constricting liquid. 'I don't want to die, I don't want to die. I want to live, I DON'T WANT TO DIE!'

The child's eyes glowed a bright ruby red as the crest on his chest glowed brightly with the same color. Something seemed to shift on his chest as a feeling he had never felt before filled him. The instinct of survival and the determination to continue breathing another day. The feelings and light continued to build until he felt something softly wrap him in a pair of warm arms as he fell asleep.

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The first thing that came to his mind as morning light hit his eyes was how tired he felt. Even when he floated inside his cramped little tube he had never felt as tired as he did now. The child twitched his fingers as he slowly opened his haze filled eyes. The world around him slowly came into focus as he was able to actually see real shapes for the first time in a long time. The first thing that entered into his mind was that he was lying near the mouth of a medium sized cave. His head laid on something soft and he was quite warm. Breathing deeply to allow himself to wake up more, the child slowly lifted himself up by his elbows.

His arms shook with weakness of not being used recently; quickly as he could he shuffled backwards until his back made contact with the cave wall. Breathing a sigh of relief while sweating slightly he leveled himself correctly before swiping his brow with a shaking arm. A soft wind blow ruffled his bangs and invited him to stare at the earthly beauty presented from the mouth. A few moments passed this way until a deep cough caught the child's attention.

Snapping his head around the child eyes was met with a digimon he had never encountered before. The two starred at one another until the strange digimon reached out and placed a small hand on his head, ignoring his flinch. "Don't worry now child, you are safe with me at the moment. That I promise you."

The child blinked before finally taking in all that made up this strange digimon. This digimon was tall, but only because he hovered in the air. The digimon wore a long forest green robe that was trimmed in gold and red. He had no legs and the main part of his body looked to be mainly a long oval mirror with a decorative spear at the end. The sleeves of the robe were so long that they covered the small hands which had purple decorative fans on the back covering said small hands from view. Green shoulder armor hung onto the long robe with gold decorative round disk clamps as his face was covered with white cloth. Bright gold eyes peered at him underneath a medium pointed hat that had a large mustache looking piece of silver connected to the middle of the hat by a ruby red sun pendent. A light breeze gently swayed the purple dressary cord hanging under each a sun and moon pendent at the end of the silver mustache head piece.

Another chuckle had him locking eyes with the digimon once more. Realizing that he had been staring, the child blushed in embarrassment. "It is alright child. My name is AncientWisetmon. I had a friend bring you here after you had passed out. I promise as long as you are here with me you are safe."

The child seemed to deflate in relief yet he was still confused. "Wha….What do you mean passed out sir?"

The digimon seemed to smile with his eyes as he gently picked the exhausted child up. He made his way further in the cave and smiled when he heard a gasp of wonder as he continued farther back. The cave walls were covered top to bottom with ancient digimon hieroglyphics broke apart here and there with large book shelves. "Do you like it child?"

"It's amazing." The boy murmured as he tried to take in everything at once.

Reaching the very back of the cave, this opened into a large, circular room. A few comfy chairs dotted around a large fire place while a purple and red rug dominated the floor. The old digimon placed the child gently onto an armchair while he took a seat right across from him. "How is your head child? Can you remember much?"

Scrunching up his face the child nodded. Though after having some time to himself he did realize that much of his memory was pretty hazy, however one event did stand out from his mind the strongest. "I remember my big brother and the other's trying to protect me from something. Something really dangerous, but patamon was finally able to digivolve and became angemon. He fought the dangerous thing but he, he….." Large fat drops streamed from the child's eyes.

"It's alright child, I know what had happened to your partner. But I will tell you one thing child." The boy whipped his raining eyes as he turned once more to the digimon. "Your partner's alive."

The largest smile spread across the child's face. "Really? He's alive? Where is he, I have to go get him."

The digimon seemed to deflate as he watched the child. "I am sorry to say child that patamon was never your partner."

"What…..what do you mean? Of course he is we've been together ever since we were brought to the digimon world."

AncientWisetmon floated to the child slumped in the chair. "Child I know that you haven't seen yourself in a very long time and I want you to promise me that you will allow me to explain before you panic." The child could only nod as something began to fill the pit of his stomach once more.

Leveling himself up, AncientWisetmon gently rubbed the mirror as the surface shined more and became reflective. The child gasped as he saw his own reflection. A small child of 10 stared back at him, however his blond hair lightened so much that it resembled a soft white color. His eyes caught his attention next, the bright ruby spheres shined with childish innocence. His skin was just a little paler then what he remember and he had a slightly slimmer form. "This, my child, is what you look like. This is your existence reflecting back to you as you are not or ever have been the child of hope TK."

Panic lit up the child's eyes as he began to hyperventilate. "Calm child, calm. Remember I promised you that I would tell you everything." The digimon gently rubbed the child's back as he held him in his other arm.

The tears slowly dried as the child regained control of himself. "If…..If I am not TK then who or what am I?"

"You my child is what is called a clone. A copy of the original byproduct. However, you are not a perfect clone. In a way child you are your own person then a copy of another. Though you do share the exact same genetics as the original, that would count him more as your twin brother as you have your own soul."

"What's going to happen to me now?"

Pushing the child back into the chair AncientWisetmon moved back to his own chair. "You are going to start a new life of your own. You will have a family and possibly a digimon of your own later in life if the crest you are wearing is any indication."

Forgetting about the crest he received earlier, the child pulled the crest out from under the over large shirt he was wearing and brought it close to his face. The crest had changed, instead of the golden color it was now a stark white. Instead of a weird version of a medal the imprint in the middle changed into a black hazard sign with a small circle surrounding the middle triangle piece. "That child dictates that you are the rightful holder to the fearsome power of the hazard. It is the perfect contrast to hope and it is a power that can rather destroy or save the world one day. Never let anyone know that you have it child."

Shakily nodding the child returned the pendent. "I know there are quite a few things that you want to ask but I am afraid that we do not have that much time. We have to move you soon child so that you can be safe. You will have to hide who you truly are and I am sad to say you will not be able to contact your twin at any time. Your memories will return when you have plenty of time to rest. Now I have something to give you. You must never remove these unless you are in a safe place, you must never loose these as there are only this one pair, and you must never let anyone take them. These will help guard your life so take very good care of them."

The boy reached for the yellow wrist bands that the digimon held out for him. Placing them on his wrist they shrunk until they fitted his wrist perfectly. He look studied the two bright yellow wrist bands for a moment before looking up and seeing his reflection once more. His hair was spikier now and was the color of fresh chest nuts. His eyes were a more bright cinnamon red brown and his body received a deeper tan. He also noticed that his face was a little more round but all in all it was something he didn't think that he would have such a hard time getting used to. "Your name shall be Takato Matsuki. In honor of a name that was never yours yet now you have one of your own."

AncientWisetmon pulled the child out of the seat and carried him once more to the opening to his cave. Takato noticed that there seemed to be a rip in the sky about the height to his waist. As they walked closer to the portal it began to expand and showed a desert like place on the other side instead of the meadow. On the other side also stood another digimon and what looked like two white beautiful long fish flying around in circles besides the new digimon. "Thank you so much for helping me with him SnowAgumon."

The small white dino digimon snorted as he stared at the child held in the other's arms. "Just give him here already and lets get this over with. You know I have something else important to do instead of baby sit for you."

Chuckling to himself, AncientWisetmon handed the child to the other digimon barely passing the barrier of the cave with his hands. "Keep a firm hold on him, he's still too weak to walk on his own."

"Yeah, yeah I've got it pops. Go back and sip your tea or something I'll make sure he gets to where he needs to go."

Nodding to the other digimon, AncientWisetmon waved to the child as the rip closed with a snap. Lowering his arm, the digimon floated sluggishly back into his cave followed by a trail of digital blood.