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Bath's Make Everything Better

There was a pressure on his back as he woke up. It wasn't very heavy or hurting him in any way. In fact it kinda felt like a beloved cat was sleeping, curled on his back. He was too comfortable to wake up completely so he laid there in a warm buzz. "Look, takatomon I make Takato bread. It's really spiky." This ridiculous sleep garbled statement came from some where near his feet.

It took a few minutes for his sleep deprived mind to understand what he had heard. When he finally woke up enough to understand exactly what he had heard. A hysterical sleepy slurred laugh bubbled from his throat, jarring the small object that was sleeping on his back from it's deep slumber. "Whaz…whaz happening? I didn't do it."

A huge weight at the end of the bed shifted before a large red snout was hanging over his face and a large, wet tongue lapped at his face. A loud thump and cursing was heard as he received his tongue bath. "Thanks a lot peanut brain. Drown him why don't cha?" The small black digimon grumbled as he peeled himself from the wall.

Takato could only laugh as he tried to push away the energetic digimon trying to drown him in his spit. "Okay, okay, Guilmon I'm alright. I'm happy to see you to."

It took a little while but both Takato and Impmon was able to get Guilmon to calm down enough to allow him to get out of bed. Takato tried to wipe the spit off of his face the best that he could but his shirt was already soaked through from his partner's exciting wake up call. "Well it's time for another shower." Takato peeled off the soaked shirt.

"Would either of you like to join me?"

Guilmon cheered at the thought of bath time with his trainer, as usually his tamer would play bath games with him as they washed. It was an added bonus with Impmon to join them. Impmon just looked at Takato as if he had lost his mind. "WHY IN THE WORLD…LET ME DOWN PINEAPPLE HEAD." Impmon screeched as Guilmon threw him onto his back and ran for the bathroom door leaving a small dust cloud in his wake.

Takato coughed as he waved the small cloud from his face before an amused smirk crossed his lips as he followed the two into the bathroom.

"PUT ME DOWN DINO BRAIN I DON'T WANT TO TAKE A BATH!" Impmon tried his hardest to get away from the hyperactive childlike red dino.

Guilmon's head leaned cutely as he tried to process what Impmon was trying to yell at him. "But what's wrong with bath time? Its really fun, do you not like to get wet?"

Impmon stilled as a blush spread over his cheeks. He could hear the cinnamon haired tamer pulling off his dirty pajama's behind him. "I don't need a bath." He squeaked as he tried to meld his eyes to the tiled bathroom floor.

"I hate to disagree Impmon but you need to wash some of the dirt and other things that has clung onto your fur so as to not irritate your wounds or infect them. I promise that nothing will leave this room so you have nothing to be afraid of alright." Takato patted Impmon's head a bit before turning the small shower head on the wall on.

It took a little while for the water to warm up. Takato opened a little cabinet next to the sink and pulled out three wash clothes and 3 towels. Placing them on a high shelf in the middle of the room and grabbed the wash bucket filled with bathing supplies before heading back over to the now warm water and two digital monsters. "I know that you do not want your gloves to get wet, Impmon so go ahead and take them off. I'll place them by the towels and we'll wash all the dirt and blood off later."

Impmon began to sweat. He didn't want to part with his gloves, especially when he didn't want the other two to see what was hidden underneath them. He nearly jumped out of his skin when a large hand gently placed itself on his head in a soothing manner. "It's okay, Impmon. I promise that anything shown here will not make it past this room. Right, Guilmon?"

The childish digimon shook his head so hard that he nearly face plated himself on the tiled floor. Hesitating just a little bit, still afraid, Impmon slowly peeled off the red gloves from his small hands and handing them to the goggle headed tamer. To Impmon's surprise neither Takato nor Guilmon said anything about the large, raised gray cross scars across the back of both of his hands. All Takato did was set the gloves down next to the towels, take the three wash clothes and soaked them thou rally with the warm water. Handing each of the digimon a drenched wash cloth he took the gelled bath soap and squeezed a small amount on each one. With that done, Takato left the two digimon to their own devices as the mixed the soap with his cloth and scrubbed his body down. Impmon snuck a few glances at Takato every once in a while. The huge, ropy scar that traced around his right hip to the small of his back distracted him quite a bit. He couldn't think of a reason why the kid had the scar in the first place. Even though he came up with a few theories in his head he could not think of a reliable reason why the goggle headed tamer had such a scar in the first place.

Impmon didn't think it was the right time to ask such a question no matter how curious he was at the moment. The kid and him were not that friendly with each other yet for him to spill quite a secret as the one the scar held. Even though it looked a few years old it still looked painful. The too white skin stretched by that too white ropy scar just screamed all types of horror. The wash cloth slowed to a stop on his arm. Could that be one of the many hidden scars that littered the boy's body when he was kidnapped by that group of digimon when he was younger?

A very light scarlet light caused his head to snap to the side. The kid was rinsing his hair underneath the spray as the pineapple head rinsed the soap from his eyes. The light was softly glowing, like a slow heart beat. It was so soft that he knew that what ever was happening it was to not attract the kid's attention. Impmon's eyes grew wide as deep red digital data slowly floated from the scar on the teen's side to the red digital dino on his left. It wasn't a lot of data, by what he could see, but the effects that it had on the tamer were instantaneous. His stance seemed to sag just a bit under the falling water and his skin paled one shade lighter. Whatever happened didn't hurt the kid but what he could tell but it did drain a lot of energy from the kid with what ever was happening.

The glow snapped off as soon as the energy reached the other digimon and the two continued their bathing none the wiser. Though what happened next nearly caused Impmon to choke in shock. The red digimon finished rinsing his eyes out, shook his head to rid himself of the excess water, and without opening his eyes nuzzled his tamer. Takato laughed at the affectionate display, especially when his partner's large head wiggled in between his arms and his bright amber eyes gleamed happily as his snout rested on his tamer's chest. "Are you feeling alright Takatomon? You look a little pale and you feel as if you are still drained from last night." This did cause Takato to choke on the water.

Impmon rubbed his eyes and then tried to clean his ears. 'What did the dino say? When was that childish bread brain ever been able to sound so mature?' Even with all the water pounding into his back he pinched his arm to make sure that he was still in reality and not the digital world which constantly defied all logic.

He could tell that the whole thing freaked out the goggle headed tamer just as much. For the last few years he had lived and trained with the childish digimon and he had never talked more then the innocent, childish way he was created with. This new found maturity confused the tamer but he just hoped that this just meant that the digimon was growing up just a bit as he feared that when he grew old and died that the digimon would stay too innocent and would be taken advantage of after he was buried; or killed which ever came first.

"I'm fine, Guilmon. I guess I just didn't get enough sleep last night." Takato rubbed the dino's head gently.

They finished quickly and Takato was able to find a small pair of fingerless gloves that Impmon could use while his other gloves were being washed. The teen found a pair of comfortable loose sweat pants and a baggy, plain white shirt to wear. They could hear the teen's mother call them down for breakfast just as the tamer finished rubbing down the red dino with his towel. Breakfast was a small affair, just some eggs with breakfast rolls and some sliced fruit. Impmon couldn't remember when he had last ate so much. He was even more grateful when the two adults didn't comment about the new gloves he was wearing nor the pointed fingers that stuck out the holes. His small claws weren't much but they hurt like a bitch if he ever scratched you in your face.

"Takato, I would like to check your head after breakfast. Even though you are still taking time off of school you should still take it easy. And until we know exactly what is happening I don't want you in any digimon fights at all. Let the others take care of it until we know for sure." The older man pierced Takato with the heaviest glare only a parent could wield.

The goggle headed tamer tried to melt himself to the floor to escape that glare. A soft muffled "yes sir." fumbled threw his lips as his mother forced him back into his chair correctly. A large sweat drop appeared behind Impmon's head as he witnessed the extremely bizarre scene. Sweat rained down the back of his small head when the kid's mother turned her flat stare on the childish digimon.

"Don't forget Impmon that I will still have to look at your arm and make sure that it is healing as it should. We don't want anything bad to happen now, do we?" The creepy smile slowly spread across her face as she daintily sipped her morning cup of coffee.

Impmon nearly cried at all the weird crap that was happening around him until a flash of red invaded his vision and his morning rolls were missing off of his plate. He was only able to snatch a glance of a red tail zipping around the dining room corner before his brain was finally able to put two and two together. "GET BACK HERE YOU RETARDED, DOUGH BRAINED, REJECT OF A DINOSAUR! GIVE ME BACK MY BREAKFAST YOU BOTTOMLESS PIT!" Takato could only stare in astonishment as the small digimon tore after his partner.

"Uh….Did I miss something?"

Takato tried to keep as still as possible yet the glowing light covering his guardian's hand never failed to make his skin prickle as it slowly moved over his soft skin. He had been sitting still for about twenty minutes now and he was starting to become a little anxious. His head barely had an echo of a throb since he woke up this morning and everything felt like it was back in order to how it should be. Though knowing his guardians they want to make absolutely sure that nothing was wrong with him because if something was wrong, they were on their own. The doctors were out of the question and they all refused to go to the digital world, or Yumaki for that mater, for help. It was too dangerous.

A loud sigh passed his lips as his guardian chuckled at his impatience. When he was finally finished with checking his head, Takato grumbled as his hair was ruffled while it was still slightly damp. "You're heads doing much better since you came home yesterday but I still want you to rest until we know for sure it won't happen again."

Takato only rolled his eyes as he knew that while he was home, if he wasn't sick he was still expected to do some type of chores. "I only want to check that scar one more time before I let you go okay?"

A slight flash of fear quickly passed through his heart before he stomped on it's tail. His guardian was not going to hurt him and this is not the first time that they had to scan the area to make sure everything was working fine. Lifting his legs onto the bed, Takato crossed his legs, palming his chin he leaned to the right to allow his guardian full access to the area.

Another hair ruffle to his great agitation before he felt the warm hand slowly trail down his side towards his ropy scar.

A soft growling filled his ears and with another sigh, Takato opened his eyes to see what was wrong with Guilmon this time. Except, guilmon wasn't in the room with him. He stayed with Impmon to make sure he didn't run off before he was fully healed. The growling took a sharp turn into maliciousness right before his guardian touched his scar.

A furious roar rang through his ears as a sharp pain tore through his side. Carving knives constantly sliced at his side as a roaring flame poured through his skin. Unimanagable heat pulsed around his curled form as a heavy thud barely reached his ears. Takato couldn't think, the fire was roasting him from the inside out. He didn't understand what was going on. "Make it stop, please, make it stop." He sobbed as a long slim tail wrapped around his conscious mind carefully before swiftly dragging him into the darkness.

Impmon wanted to be anywhere but where he was at that moment. He thought that the bathing experience with the kid was bad but this, this is just ridiculous. "Hey lady tell me why I have to do this again?" He growled as he tried to lay as perfectly still on his stomach.

A soft bop on his head nearly caused him to face plant on the soft bead. "WHAT DID YOU DO THAT FOR?"

Holding his neck still with one hand, Yoshie gently wrapped new bandages on his nearly healed arm. "Don't back talk to me young man I am not my son."

Impmon just growled in irritation as guilmon chuckled childishly on the other side of the bed. "You should listen to her. She's scary when she's angry."

Impmon just gritted his teeth together, hoping that his big mouth wouldn't get him into trouble right now. Especially since he is still injured. "There all done." Yoshie patted the newly wrapped arm carefully as she helped the small digimon up.

"I got it, I got it….." A blast of heat and a heavy thud cut off the rant his mouth was about to shoot off.

"That came from where Takatomon is." Guilmon's eyes glowed into thin slits.

"WELL WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR PINEAPPLE HEAD? A WRITTEN INVITATION? LET'S GO!" The door was nearly torn of it's hinges in their panic.

The door to the kid's parent's bedroom was nearly welded shut by the intense heat pressing against it. A swift "Rock Breaker" from the red dino cleared the way for them quickly.

The two digimon were barely able to make out a slumped figure to the left of the room through the heavy, red cloud haze which swirled around the enclosed space. The red clouds of intense heat swirled around the goggle headed tamer enfolded on the bed. A few thin wisps of cloud trying to touch the child, sizzling the sweat pouring from his face at each try. The sight was horrible and the clouds seemed to become more desperate as more tendrils of the cloud kept trying to touch the child without boiling him alive. "NO TAKATOMON! GET AWAY FROM HIM." The red dino panicked, trying to help his tamer in any way he could.

The red haze seemed to still at the words of the childish digimon. It floated above the child, circling lazily as if trying to think. Suddenly, the clouds gathered and rushed at the red dino charging it. Guilmon was lost as the clouds completely covered his form. A high pitched shriek echoed through the clouds before the sound was completely swallowed.

Impmon began to sweat heavily as through the heat haze he could barely make out guilmon's form being quickly broken down and then the red haze merging itself to the floating data. "What in the hell?"

The man's groaned as he finally woke up was pushed into the back of his mind as he kept his attention on what was happening to the two on the bed. It took barely two minutes for the process to complete and to his relief, the scarlet red floating data began to pull itself back together.

Immediately, Impmon could tell that there was something different about the red dino. The red digimon was taller then his previous form. Ever sense Takato had hit his growth spurt the dino barely reached past his abdomen. The digimon bad to be the exact same height as his tamer was now. His arms were another thing. Even though he had strong, if slightly, bulky arms before; they were ripped now. Muscles bulged from longer arms, they even resembled a dragon's arm more. The claws were a little smaller, though looked more like tempered steel. The same thing happened to his legs. A slim white line dipped down from his white muscled stomach and pointed down his thighs to the bottom of his feet. His chest was basically the same though a little more dragon scales armor plated the hazard sign in the middle between his huge breast bone. His tail was slimmer and longer, taking on the form of a well muscled coiled whip. But the biggest change was the dragon's face. The dragon's muzzle had ridges forming up his muzzle with slightly smaller, more finally formed razor sharp teeth. The bat ears on this of his head looked like smaller version of thick membrane dragon wings. The dragon's eyes were the biggest change of all. Still large eyes narrowed into an intense almond shape reflecting to all a cold gold with barely any amber innocence left. The red digimon looked so serious now, like he knew exactly what was going on.

So entranced by the differences to the other digimon's looks he never heard the shout of "LOOK OUT!" until he felt an intense pain in his side.

A scarlet strand of heat grazed his side, burning a trail of white hot agony as it slipped past and towards the teen passed out on the bed. The imp digimon was barely able to make out a violet sheen to the previous scarlet strand before the smell of his own cooked flesh knocked him out. He never saw the strand burrow itself into the tamer's scarred side as the taller digimon watched.








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