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The digidestined piled around Genai's table once more. Supplies stuffed in large packs lined the hallway as crudely drawn maps littered the large round table. "So this is the city the clone is living in?" Joe asked as he continued to circle parks the gang could use to camp in.

"Yes this is the place Ancientwisetmon sent him for his own protection. Though, the exact coordinates his guardians and SnowAugumon took him to are known only to them." Genai sighed heavily.

Izzy studied the city map carefully. This city of Shinjuku was much larger than their city. "I'm taking a wild guess here and thinking that the clone has the same, if not similar scent, of our T.K?"

Genai scratched his head in thought. "I believe so. But what was just told to me a few hours ago, his scent may also hold a dragon digimon's."

Izzy frowned in thought. "If that is the case and digimon have superior sense of smell they must be hiding his scent somehow or he would have been found years ago."

"Are you thinking what I am thinking?" Joe circled a building on the map.

Glancing over at the map, Izzy nodded his head before circling another. "You think he lives in a bakery or fishing village?" T.K. questioned as he searched the map for schools.

"Think about it. If he has the same scent as you and they are trying to keep him hidden, what are the best ways to hide a scent without pouring cologne on him or putting him under permanent house arrest?" Yolie circled another school.

"Food and fish smells stick to your skin and is hard to come off even after a couple of baths. This way no one questions why you smell a certain way if you live in a place that is self-explanatory." Joe lectured.

"I tell yeah. After my mom comes out of the back kitchen of the shop after making all the salads we sell at our store she stinks of mayonnaise for at least a week."

Understanding caused everyone to circle more buildings while T.K. was hoping to himself that his clone did not live near the fish market. He loved to eat fish but he did not think that he could stand smelling it on him constantly. "There is one last thing I will say before you depart and it is very, VERY important." Genai watched as they circled the last buildings, rolling the maps up before packing them away.

"What is it, Genai?" They all lifted their packs, ready to begin their latest adventure.

"In this new digital world it is very violent. Unless digimon partnered with a tamer, the only way they can digivolve is through defeating their opponent and loading their data. So be very careful and fight to your full extent if you have to."

"That's horrible!" Mimi, Sora, and Kari shrieked.

"It is but, in their dimension's way, it keeps certain digimon from gaining too much power and becoming a threat. In addition, the sovereign digimon in that sector hates humans so do not expect any help from him. Run if you do not have the knight tamer with you. When he can, this sector's version of Azulonmon will awaken to aid you. He can only come if his other forms are sleeping." That just confused the digidestined further.

"One last thing I must warn you of and you must keep a very open mind or the other tamers will not help you."

"What could be so bad with these tamers besides killing other digimon?" Sora grumbled.

Ken winced a bit but did not say anything. "Two tamers have virus partners and one of them is in the main group."

A large bang resounded in the hall as nearly everyone dropped their bags in surprise. "They have what now? How can they partner up with a virus? They're nothing but trouble." Matt fumed.

"That's not true." Davis stepped in front of Ken and wormmon.

"Yes it is. All they think about is getting stronger and destroying everything. Viruses are nothing but power hungry demons."

T.K. bit his lip as his hand slowly slid over his hidden scar. "That's not true and we all know it. If you have forgotten wormmon is a virus type digimon and he's on our team."

Matt backed off a bit at that. "He's different. You can do what you want but I won't put my trust blindly just because he is a digimon tamer."

Tai let Matt brush past him. He knew this was one demon Matt had to face himself. With a heavy heart but feeling a little excited for a new adventure, he quickly shouldered his bag. "Alright team. You know the plan. Let's save us a digidestined."

Blurry eyes blinked as his tired body tried to decide whether to wake up fully or to go back to sleep. Deciding he rather find out what happened instead of listening to his body telling him to continue to rest, he rubbed the gunk out of his eyes with his good arm. When he was finally coherent enough to see what he was laying on, he nearly jumped out of his skin only to collapse as he accidentally put weight on his bad arm. "What the hell?"

The goggle headed tamer's chest he was laying on did not falter from its rhythmic breathing. Tough why he was lying on the tamer in the first place, he could not fathom. "I see that you are finally awake small one." A deep, gravelly voice spoke from behind him.

Impmon was able to maneuver himself to see the new dragon digimon while still sitting on the tamer's chest. "What! What the hell man?"

The red dragon only smirked as he tried to stand up as straight as he could. "It's earlier then what I would have liked but it is also necessary." He picked the imp digimon up by the back of his bandana and set him down right next to the still passed out tamer.

"WHAT DID YOU DO THAT FOR?" Impmon pouted as he adjusted his bandana.

"Quite! You'll wake him up when he needs his rest. He nearly died yesterday and I have to thank you for saving his life. He will need to rest to recover." Guilmon growled right in Impmon's face.

Sweat poured from his face, as the sharp teeth were too close for his own liking. "Right; quiet. But besides all that what is going on? What do you mean I saved his life?"

Guilmon only snorted as he handed a few buns of guilmon bread to the imp before picking him up once again by his bandana. He carefully placed a towel on the bed and set the imp down on it. "I'm not going to allow you to make the tamer's bed a pig sty. Have you ever wondered how my tamer was ever able to make me from nothing? How I was created from a ten year olds imagination?"

"I thought everyone found out that it was the goggle head's wish that was granted by the digignomes? They have the power to do about anything." He shoved a full bun into his mouth.

This only caused the dragon to chuckle softly. "It was a very convenient thing that the digital gnomes exist in this digital sector but there are a few things that they cannot create."

"Oh yeah? What's that?" Impmon grunted as peanut butter stuck to the roof of him mouth.

"Digital gnomes can only create what has lived or been done before in this digital sector. Neither my tamer or myself are from this digital plane of reality."

The imp nearly choked on the bread he was eating. He slammed his fist on his chest until he was able to swallow the bread safely. "Say what now?" Impmon make sure to be mindful of his voice this time.

"You can say that the situation is actually kind of reversed. You can say that Takato exists because my digital DNA made it so. I chose him as a partner before he was ever created and in turn, he brought me back to life."

"How is that even possible? It has never happened before!" Impmon couldn't help but stare at the teenaged tamer passed out on the bed.

Guilmon's eyes dimmed as they glazed over in remembrance. "It is only a story that I can tell after the tamer trust you enough. The only thing I can say is that they would have killed him for something stupid if I had not woken myself up and acted when I had."

Impmon wisely kept his mouth shut as he nibbled on his last bun. "So the kid was created by your digital DNA. Wouldn't that have killed him if you separated your DNA in any way? How did I save his life?"

Guilmon sighed heavily as he lowered himself to look Impmon right in the eye. "It would not have killed him as I was extracting the DNA slowly for the last few months. It would, in fact, tied him to me all the tighter. Going beyond the boundaries of a basic partnership. We would have been equals in life and he would have evolved after years and still kept his humanity. However, something happened. Something that had caused the defense mechanism I had left in the boy to trigger. Yet for some reason it did not return to dormancy as it should have. So I was forced to finally merge myself together while leaving a core data stream inside his core DNA."

"Hey wait a minute! Is that how the kid was able to see from your eyes, fighting with you, and digivolve you while fighting that tiger zodiac on the Hypnosis building?"

A warm puff of amusement passed his scaled lips. "Out of all of that and that is what comes to your mind? You are surprisingly observant for one so small."

"Hey I'll have you know that before you grew, you were not much bigger yourself. Plus you never told me what I had to do with it."

A snort was only his answer. "For that I will leave you and the tamer to figure it out."

Impmon only growled and before he could snap at the other, a tired giggle floated in from the open window. "The reason why the DNA could not resettle itself into Takato was because of me, guilmon."

"Why would that be, Calumon?" Guilmon passively watched as the catalyst floated into the room and plopped itself onto the tamer's chest.

Guilmon twitched but said nothing as the child was still out cold. "Because I need him and he will need you very soon. He is in danger you can sense it. That is why it reacted."

Guilmon only shifted in response as the imp digimon observed the two. Calumon seemed really down. He had large bags under his glazed eyes and his body looked near translucent. "What happened to you, cream puff?"

Calumon only smiled tiredly at him. "Something has been trying to draw my power from a different digital sector and it is slowly draining me. To keep the power away from them I must transfer it into another vessel that is not yet stable, yet strong enough to keep the power in check. It will have to have the best guardian to protect it. I will no longer allow the power to remain without free will. That will only allow anything to be able to gain control of it and we all do not want that."

Impmon's shock filled eyes bored into the glazed, tired eyes of the baby digimon catalyst. "So you're gonna….Really? Why?"

Calumon only turned back to Guilmon. "You'll understand in time, Impmon. Please retrieve the tamer's digital device for me."

Guilmon stared at Calumon before seemingly accepting something with a heavy sigh and a sad look at his tamer. He retrieved the device and gently set it in front of Calumon on the bed. Reaching out, the small, white digimon placed one of his paws on the device. Pushing some power into it, his red catalyst design glowed engulfing the device in its light. Power continued to transfer until the crest above Calumon's head disappeared and he slumped against the tamer's chest in exhaustion.

Impmon picked up the device after looking to Guilmon for permission and studied the device carefully. "What did the little puff ball do? There's nothing different about it."

Gently setting the device into Guilmon's large clawed hand, the dragon set the device by the tamer's head. It shined once before going back into a dormant state. "It will change when we are all ready or are forced to."

Guilmon stared at Calumon for a while longer until Impmon could not take the silent anymore and asked what they would do now. Guilmon only bopped him gently on the head with one of his massive claws and told him to go back to sleep as he left the room.

A scream of insanity echoed off the walls as a dark haired young man stood smirking in the corner. "His training is almost complete doc. We are almost a full, complete set. All we need now is that failed clone and we should be ready to begin the plan."

The scientist digimon sneered but kept his eyes on the monitors. "When we get that piece of trash back all it should look forward to is a live dissection and complete cellular destruction. The plan cannot move forward without a perfect copy."

Silence engulfed the room as the scientist continued to take down notes on the last clone's progress. A sound of a thick boot stomping on glass and expensive equipment breaking everything caused the scientist to whirl around in shock. "Oh was that all the information, blood samples, skin samples, etc. etc. from the original digidestined? I'm sorry I didn't mean to break it, it just fell off the shelf as I was going to take a closer look at this last clone's progress." The deadly smirk gracing the clone's face said otherwise.

"YOU IMBECIL! DO YOU KNOW HOW LONG IT TAKES TO GET A PURE SAMPLE FROM A DIGIDESTINED WHILE IN THE DIGITAL WORLD AND THEN REFINE IT ENOUGH TO USE FOR CLONING PROCESS?" The scientist screeched as the clone's booted foot stomped on the materials again, breaking them beyond repair.

"You threatened one of my team. I don't care if he is supposed to be on the younger generation punk's team. He was part of my team first and he will always be under my command. My team; My rules."

"What the hell do you want that failure for anyway? It's lucky that it's DNA hasn't broken down already on its own and it hasn't been trained or programmed yet. We can't even find out where the little pest is hiding now." The scientist picked through the broken pieces trying to see if anything was salvageable from the pile.

The clone sneered hatefully at the scientist, kicking him away from the mess that he had created. "There's something special about this clone if it has survived this long and was chosen to come into existence by that digimon's DNA integrated into him. You lowly scientist know nothing except perfection that you do not question the why something would happen. And for the programming of the clone, why would I want to do that when I can make him work for me without even him knowing he's doing something wrong? I have plenty of almost useless programmed clones on my team as it is. I don't want another one." Stomping one more time on the useless data, the clone turned and walked out the room, slamming the door behind him.

"Foolish pawn. You have no idea what that particular digimon DNA can do to the child. You will be very lucky to get him to work for you without that digimon interfering. This would make a very interesting test. So very interesting."

A clock chimed two in the morning as a tear in space grew in a secluded park. Unknown figures tumbled out of the tear creating a massive dog pile on the slightly damp ground. "Oh will you guys get off me?" The person on the bottom could barely breath.

Multiple groans answered them as more, smaller figures jumped out of the rip on top of the dog pile. Scrambling for air, everyone rolled away in different directions, hoping not to squash the cargo that they carried in their packs. With a hack like cough the rip spit out a computer casing which one of the forms were barely able to catch before sealing itself close. Leaving the travelers stranded. "Ok? Where are we?"

"Who knew that traveling dimensions could be so tiring?"

"Ok team. I know we're beat but let's find a safe place to camp for the rest of the night and begin searching tomorrow." Multiple loud groans answered him in turn.

A black shape sniffed the air rapidly. It had been following the scent it had caught at a local high school. It had not been easy as the scent it was looking for was almost buried under the scent of fresh baked bread and trees. Not to mention lots of peanut butter. A clothesline on a second story on top of a closed bakery caught his attention. Towels were drying on the line but one towel carried a heavy scent of sweat.

Sniffing a loose, standard, light green hospital pants that had large bloodstains on it. Sniffing the bloodstains deeply, the form sniffed the towel once more.

A large grin split his snout nearly in half. "I've finally found you little clone. This time you are mine." The insane glint in his eyes shinned brightly as he forced himself to digivolve.

Cold, gold eyes snapped open. Rising from the floor he was sitting on while leaning on his tamer's bed, Guilmon turned to the open window as he caught the scent of a twisted digimon from that one place. "So the hunt has finally begun."

Turning to his tamer, Guilmon fixed the blankets and placed the imp digimon closer to the tamer's digivice and his chest. "You better protect him if I am busy." He grumbled.

Gently moving his tamer's bangs from his face, he studied his chosen partner's sleeping face. "I'll try my best to allow you to live your life this way as long as I can. It is not enough of what you deserve but you will understand." With one last look, Guilmon quietly dashed out the door.

The screaming stopped as his voice finally gave out. Reliving his memories of his original while also going through shock therapy did not help. What was truly unraveling his mind was that he was reliving through all the memories of the long six years he suffered on the table under the hands of the demented scientist digimon. He swore that when he had enough strength he would kill every scientist that came across his path.

The shock therapy stopped as the door to the room opened. Something entered the room, barking orders for everyone to vacant the room. It must be someone from higher up with how fast he could hear the digimon scrambling to obey the order. When oppressing silence finally allowed him a few minutes of rest, he gathered what strength he had to turn his head to see who had interrupted his 'treatment'.

He should not have bothered as the person quite literally got into his face. "Hey there. I know you're not feeling the greatest but let's get you up off that table hhhmmm?" A large, irritating smile filled his vision.

He could only twitch, as the straps holding his down were undone. A hand appeared in his face, which he prissily accepted, as he was too weak to lift himself up. "Hi. As you know through your memories, my name is Tai. Until I can find a more suitable name, please call me Tai. As you know, I am the leader of our group and I was the first clone created. You are the last making you the 'baby' of the group." He glared as hard as he could at the clone in front of him.

Gathering what little strength he had left, Matt had to concentrate hard. "Where…Brother?" A wet coughing fit nearly cut him off.

A napkin whipped away the blood that dribbled down the side of his mouth. "Man those scientists really have it in for you."

Matt could only choke out a soft growl, as he was too weak to do anything else. "Hey no worries man. In fact, you can even say that I did you a huge favor. Free of charge of course." The Tai clone smiled kindly at him.

Matt tried to wrack his brain over anything he would count as a favor done to him. His eyes shined with suspicion as he made eye contact with the other clone. "That's right." The clone's smile quickly changed into a smirk.

"I destroyed all the data and samples that the scientist collected to use to try and make a successful clone of the original digidestined, T.K." The smirk transformed into something vicious as Matt became instantly alert.

"You're right on that one, too. Your cloned brother is special and I will not allow them to destroy him until I find out why. Hell, not even then. I feel as if this clone is worth keeping. There're just two things I need from you." Tai smirked at the bed ridden clone as he leaned against the metal table.

Matt gritted his teeth as his glare deepened. "I just want you to follow me and when we find your brother I want you to keep him from running away until we can properly talk to him. Can you do that for me? Maybe we can convince him to become part of our family?"

Matt could only raise an eyebrow at the grinning loon leaning in front of him. "No, you're right but you can keep him with us. Right older brother? That's what we big brother's do. Keep the younger ones in line."

Thousands of plans ran through Matt's mind as he imagined what he would do once he had his brother in his possession. Smirking to himself, Matt made sure to keep eye contact as he nodded his consent. Taking the blonde's shaking arm in hand, Tai shook their hands once as a malicious smile promising much bloodshed nearly split his face in half. "Welcome to the team, Matt. My second in command."