Silver Solider Ranma

I do not own Ranma ½,Sailor Moon. Or Tenchi Muyo some characters will be OOC this is my first Fic after reading a lot of fanfics from various sites and decided to put some of my ideas to story. Constructive critique is welcomed as it will help me know if I am doing OK or suck lol Major thanks to Greenicedragon1789 for his help with correcting errors with this story.

Ranma was sleeping deeply but not peacefully as he was seeing images, tossing and turning and mumbling incoherently as a whole lifetime of memories was resurfacing from his past with the strongest emotional ones being the most prominent. The failed wedding, the fight with Saffron, the Magic Mirror incident, the Magic Mushrooms, all the fights with Happosai, Pantyhose Taro, Kuno, Herb and all the others over the time in Nerima.

The fights with the fiances bring up a lot of bad emotions especially the day when he first met Akane when she first wanted to be friends and then betraying his emotions when she found out about his curse and all the name calling and the dang malleting over anything he did or didn't do, finding out that his best friend Ukyo was a girl that was suppose to marry him or kill him. Then there was Shampoo and Cologne with their magic, potions and other tricks to get him back to their village.

Getting the curse at Jusenkyo changed things with his life, to become a girl scared the hell out of him even though he would never admit it losing everything that made him male was a nightmare though later when he found out about what being female includes did not help. Only a few things have made him happy in life, Martial Arts was the main one, the others not as big but none the less made him happy and smile.

Kasumi who was always nice to him and helped him when ever she could from a kettle of hot water to even just to listen to him and talk to kept him sane during his time in Nerima. Dr Tofu was the other with his medical help and knowledge was a good friend and sensei to him with pressure points and knowledge on the body

Then the worst memory the Neko Ken he still gets nightmares from remembering the time he was subjected to the multiple times being thrown into the pit, the biting, scratching, howling and hissing of the cats made him shiver and thrash in bed. As the nightmare continued he was whimpering for help calling out for help to be saved from the pain, "Please save me papa." he kept repeating as he curled into a ball trying to protect himself.

In another room Kasumi woke up hearing Ranma talking in his sleep and heard what he was saying and hurried to his room to wake him up and comfort him. When she reached the door to his room he was saying something different that made her pause as he was whimpering "Help me Kiva help!" Kiva? Thought Kasumi, who was she? Ranma never mentioned her or said that name before. She opened the door and just as she reached Ranma he screamed "KIVA!" the scream scared Kasumi so bad she fell on her rear and woke up the rest of the house which lead to the usual with Nabiki coming to the door threatening him for waking her, Akane running in screaming "Pervert!" and malleting into the floor.

The only thing not usual this time was Kasumi scolding her sisters for her action "Nabiki! Akane! That was not a nice thing to do to someone who had a nightmare!" Nabiki just grumbled and went back to bed but Akane being the stubborn one had to defend her action" he was being a pervert! Calling out another girls name!" she huffed and crossed her arms and smirked. Kasumi frowned at her and sighed thinking how much longer can this go on? "Akane go back to bed and we will talk about this tomorrow" Akane just huffs angrily and stomps back to her room and slams her bedroom door in anger. Sighing and shaking her head Kasumi goes into the kitchen and grabs towel and makes an icepack and heads back to where Ranma is unconscious and places the towel on his forehead and the icepack on top to prevent the cold water from making him change and cradles his head in her lap and waits for him to wake up


Ranma is standing in the woods looking at a scene that he remembers but also doesn't make sense. He can see his pop on his knees lamenting the loss of his son who was on the ground wearing a torn and shredded bloody karate gi. [what is going on!] he thought as this could not have happened as he was looking at this like he was someone else. Ranma looks down at himself and realized what was wearing looked like a uniform of some type most likely military was all black with silver trim on the cuffs collar and on the edge of the front flap that buttoned in front on left side.

The buttons were silver as well and on the pants a silver stripe went down the side of the legs, his boots were a cross between dress and combat with adjustable straps on the front. Ignoring what he was wearing he walked up the his pop and yelled "Pop! What the heck is going on!" Genma looked up at him with a panicked look and demanded "Who are you?" Ranma was confused and was about to answer when another voice spoke" I am Fleet Admiral Takeshi Katsu of the Nemesis Space Fleet, Who are you and what have you done to that child?" Genma looks at his son and at the stranger and growls out "none of you business I am training my son and you should leave!" Ranma is confused at what is going on trying to figure out why the voice came from him when his view changed to look at the scene from a different angle and see the person who he was standing in front of his father and gasps at what he sees.

The man it tall standing at 6ft with same haircut like he has now but the ponytail is down to his shoulder blades and looks older at around 25 to 30 years old. Shortly after he finishes looking at the stranger confronting his father they charge at each other and fight at a fast pace that lasts for a few minutes until that stranger nails a wicked kick to his fathers head knocking him to the ground. Ranma watches as the stranger walks up to the young boy still laying on the ground and kneels down and puts two fingers to the throat checking for a pulse after ten seconds he slights shakes his head and lowers his head slightly and whispers" May the Goddess welcome you and keep you safe young one".

Meanwhile Genma gets up and using the Umisenken sneaks up to the stranger and before Ranma can shout a warning the stranger gets knocked out from behind. Standing up Genma looks down and comes up with an idea and pats down and checks the stranger for anything of value and comes out with a bag that makes a sound like metal clinking and a small device with a small screen and a couple buttons on it. Opening the bag he discovers its half full with gold coins and chuckles with a smile on his face and shoves it under his gi.

Looking at the device wondering what it was he pushed buttons randomly when the screen comes on and a women face appears and says "What can I do for you Admiral?" Genma looks at the screen with amusement as the womans face shows shock that who she was seeing was not the Admiral and demands "Who are you and what have you done with the Admiral?" a sadistic laugh was the only response she got before Genma smashed the device against the rock. Ranma can only watch as his father ties up the man with the left over rope that was sitting near the pit then his father walks over to the backpack and rummages around and pulls out a spare gi from the smaller pack and something white from the larger one and walks back to the tied up man and shoves the object in the mans mouth and makes him swallow it.

Seconds later the man starts to shrink and size and gets younger in looks till he looks about the age of the boy, Ranma knows that his father used a magic mushroom but why would he do that? What was he planning on doing now? And then he thought one final thing before everything faded out [If the kid is dead and his name was Ranma that means the strange man is me! That means I am not Ranma and pops is not my Father!]

{End Dreamscape}

Kasumi watches the young mans face who still has his head in her lap wondering when he will wake and gets her answer a few seconds later when she witnesses his eyes opening while some tears roll down his face "Are you OK Ranma?" Kasumi asks with a concerned look on her face.

"Kasumi?" the young man replies she nods her head. The young man sighs and closes his eyes "I don't know, I just dreamed or maybe it was a memory but what ever it was I need time to think about it before I can tell" He opens his eyes and looks at the women who has showed him so much kindness since he met her and gives her a small smile.

"When I figure out what it means I promise to let you know OK?" Kasumi gives him her trademark smile and responds "OK I trust you will do that Ranma thank you". She gets up and as she heads out of the room and goes to close the door "Goodnight Ranma" and closes the door she hears him respond thru the door "Goodnight Kasumi"

She walks back to her room and as she gets back into bed wondering [who Kiva is and how is this women connected to Ranma?] In the other room Ranma sat on his futon going over what he dreamed or was it a memory either way it raised questions and doubts in his mind [Am I Ranma or am I Takeshi Katsu? Also he said Fleet Admiral that is military and naval but Nemesis Space Fleet? Space!? Was he/i even human?] he decides to think about it later as he lays back down and goes to sleep, the box that is on his dresser glows white for a few seconds and then dims out.