Silver Solider Ranma

I do not own Ranma ½,Sailor Moon, Dark Stalkers, Gold Diggers or Tenchi Muyo some characters will be OOC this is my first Fic after reading a lot of fanfics from various sites and decided to put some of my ideas to story. Any Language translations I did thru Google Translate so I apologize in advance for any errors in translation.

The two cabbits and one pseudo cabbit made their way down stairs to find the dining room empty. Ranma cabbit sent Kou a message to relay to Ryo Ohki as he didn't have the mental connection a true cabbit would have with others only with Kou as they still had their partner link. He gave instructions to inform Ryoko of their little joke as he knew she would like to have a good laugh. Moments later Ryoko appeared in the room to see three cabbits the new one silver furred and bigger than Ryo Ohki and Kou.

Looking at the new cabbit with wide eyes she asked shakily "R-R-Ranma?" The silver furred cabbit nodded its head in confirmation.

"But how? I know you have the same abilities of me due to the Masu, but this?" she asked perplexed

"Miyah, miya, miy miyah mi" Ranma answered forgetting that his current form could not speak normal.

"Um I cant understand you, I don't know cabbit" Ranma got a look of realization before banging his head into the floor several times.

Ryoko chuckled at her friends antics, "Yeah great idea bad planning there Fuzzy"

Ranma stopped banging his head to glare at her before he started growing into adult human/cabbit form before responding.

"Bite me! So I forgot a few things, I'm still getting use to my new abilities I'd like to see you try to do better in my position." he fold his arms across his chest in annoyance.

Ryoko glanced up and down looking at her friends new form with a smirk making Ranma a bit nervous.

"What?" Ranma asks getting even more nervous as Ryokos' smile turns into an evil grin, walking closer to him making him take a few steps back.

"Well you did say to bite you and you do look tasty especially since your not wearing clothes which is another thing you seemed to have forgotten" she said her eyes flickered downwards for a second.

Ranma glanced down to see she was right and was furry but naked and was showing more than he intended by the glazed look Ryo Ohki was giving him while Kou looked a bit confused at her sisters reaction.

"Eep!" Ranma squeaked out before there was a pop and he was in cabbit form again in mid air this time and started to fall to the floor before being caught by Ryoko who was laughing.

In a subspace lab not far off Washu was on her back laughing so hard she fell off her floating cushion as her hidden cameras recording the interactions of Ranma and her daughter.

"Your more fun to tease then the princess but you at least take it as good fun instead of being a stick in the mud like Ayeka"

Ranma just stuck his tongue out at her before hopping onto Ryokos head and becoming invisible just as Sasami called out that dinner was going to be served soon. Ayeka walked past heading to the bathroom to wash up glaring at Ryoko "Monster woman" she muttered. Ryoko glared back and a growl was heard that made the princess scurry off a little faster. Ryoko was a bit surprised as she was not the origin of the growl.

"Ranma?" she asked after Ayeka had gone out of sight. Said person in cabbit form jumped down onto her shoulder and appeared as he nuzzled her neck and side of her head purring. Ryoko smiled and rubbed his head affectionately.

"Thank you, its nice having a friend like you." Ranma gave a furry thumbs up and nuzzled her again before jumping back on top of her head and going invisible again as Sasami entered with Noike carrying dinner Tenchi was behind them with Ryo Ohki on his shoulder, Mayuka was behind him with Kou in her hands. Mihoshi came inside from the back porch with Kiyone right behind her still in her GP uniform with a datapad and a frown on her face.

Setting the dish down she was carrying Sasami noticed something out of place. "Is Uncle coming for dinner?"

"He will be here Sasami, I don't think he would miss one of your meals without good reason" Washu responded as she came out of her lab while looking to the top of Ryokos head while sporting a huge grin.

Everyone gave her confused looks but just shrugged as they were distracted by Ryoko and Ayeka fighting over Tenchi as they usually do

Ranma still invisible made his way over to Washu knowing that it was pointless to stay hidden and climbed into her lap after she had sat down at the table and became visible again which Washu was the only one to notice as everyone had their attention of Tenchi and his plight.

"So playing around with your new abilities and you chose a Cabbit form, you know that makes me want to take you to the lab again" Washu whispered as she scratched Ranma behind his ears. He looked up at her with a sad look on his face, ears drooping, eyes real big and watery and mouth quivering.

Washu looked at him for several seconds before she turned her head away. "Fine, you win this time but I want to hear how were able to change like that understood?"

Ranma cabbit gave her a thumbs up and a loud "Miyah!" before he realized he was suppose to be hiding and covered his mouth with his paws, unfortunately the jig was up.

Washu looked back at the table to see everyone looking in her direction most with confused looks other than Ryoko who was grinning, and the cabbits who were looking on in amusement.

"What?" Washu asked trying to look as cute and innocent as possible.

"We heard what sounded like a cabbit coming from you and it didn't come from Ryo Ohki or Kou and last we heard Fuku was with Seina on patrol out near the Renza Federation border" Kiyone responded with a frown on her face.

Washu looked down to her lap where the silver cabbit that is Ranma is sitting. "Well?"

Ranma turned to face the table and slowly raised his head to peek over the edge of the table with a sense of dread that things were about to get chaotic. The looks he got proved his point as before he had a chance to make a move he was picked up and smothered to a female chest. He struggled to get free but was unable to get any leverage with everything being squishy. After several failed attempted to get free his brain caught up to his actions and told him that he was trapped to a female chest and that he was pushing against was a pair of … Blackness enveloped him as he passed out from the thought that went thru his head at the revelation.

When he came to Ranma was still in cabbit form with Kou and Ryo Ohki cuddled to him on one of the chairs in the living room and the rest of the household was sitting on the other furniture in the room except for Washu on a floating cushion and Ryoko up in the rafters while everyone was chatting about what happened and the new cabbit in the house. While just laying there he picked up that the others did not know who he was and it was Mayuka who had grabbed and smothered him.

Sending a message to his partner, who jumped down with Ryo Ohki following they ran over and jumped onto the table getting the attention of the while room who looked towards him.

Accepting that his plans were shot now he morphed back into his birth form, clothed this time no way was he making that mistake again and still in Avatar form with all it did was make his hair silver.

"Uncle?! Ranma?! Brother?! Came out all at once from the group making Ranma wince due his heightened sense of hearing. Holding his hands up to hold off questions he knew where coming he took the initiative.

"I know what your all wondering and before you go asking. Yes I was a cabbit, I can change into any form that is a cat or catlike due to being blessed by two local deities of this planet and a technique I learned from them. The reason for my hair currently being silver is due to being an Avatar for the goddesses Bastet and Sekhmet which involves helping cats in need with shelter, food, healing, you get the idea, they are also family to me. That is how I am able to change into different cats by combination of being the avatar to a pair of cat goddesses and my training of the Neko Ken."

Ranma changed into a few different cats in hybrid forms while still in avatar form then again as a normal were cat using both male and female form.

"That is all I will say about this as I am still learning myself what it all means in the long run." Ranma then glares as Mihoshi "This information is not to be in any reports or I will assign you the most hated job on the station!"

Mihoshi nodded her head from behind Noike "I promise" she answered in a quivering voice.

Metal arms suddenly wrapped around him from behind and yanked him back into Washus' lab before anyone could do anything before the door slammed shut and several clicks were heard. The screen on the door lit up showing Washu in her lab. "I am going to busy for a while don't worry everything is under control."

"No its not!" Ranma yelled as he flew past behind Washu shirtless firing an energy ball behind him. "Your damn tentacles are trying to strip me…. AGAIN!" A explosion was heard off screen along with some swearing.

Washu chuckled "Here, this should calm you down" she thew a large ball of Red yarn the size of a grapefruit in the direction his voice came from with a look of anticipation on her face.

"That's just rude! Treating me like some common house cat that would be swayed by this!" Ranma growled at her from off screen.

Washu snaps her finger. "ACK!" came from Ranma "That is a special capture ball. You cant get free by teleporting or phasing thru it either" Rubbing her hands together and with an evil grin "Lets get those clothes off shall we!"

The screen turned off as Washu walked off screen but not before they heard Ranma call out for help like a man doomed.

Everyone in the living room just stared with blank faces at the now blank screen for a short time before Tenchi clapped his hands three times before praying and mumbled "Better him than me, but good luck Uncle"

Two days later Ranma with Kou on her shoulder was walking down the streets of Nerima wearing her battle suit under black pants and emerald green silk shirt instead of the usual red under her leather trench coat and sunglasses and hair in a ponytail along with Lt Sakura who was wearing her Jurai military uniform with sidearm walked into the Cat Cafe before the dinner rush. Reports from the soldiers stationed around Nerima reported the cafe open again with Shampoo and Mousse running it with the rest of the amazons as waitresses and cooks. Looking around saw she only a few customers and two waitresses ,one with light Green hair and the other Black, both wearing matching purple knee length cheongsam dresses with gold trim. Ranma cleared her throat to get their attention which she did when everyone in the place stopped to look them.

"Welcome to the Nekohanten would you like a table or a booth?" one of the waitresses said in a heavy Mandarin accent as she approached.

"Table is fine thank you, We would also like to talk to Xian Pu about a few things of importance."

"Who are you to ask of Amazon champion like you someone important?!" sneered the other waitress as she carried a tray with two glasses of water and menus to the table.

"Ranko Kamiki the one who fought and defeated the last remaining elder of your people when she attacked me for as she put it? Ah for telling an Amazon what to do by a weak outsider" Sitting back in the chair with a grin on her face with her hands behind her back. "Defeated her in two moves, well three if you count when I had one of my troops shoot her with a stun shot to keep her alive to stand trial." Ranko lets out a snort of amusement, "Weak outsiders have been kicking Amazon rear for a while now"

Before the waitresses could attack a female voice called out in Mandarin "Tíngzhǐ!" {Stop}

Ranko and her companion know thanks to Washu called out for the Amazon waitresses to stand down. They hesitated until the owner of the voice walked out from the back of the restaurant to be none other than Xian Pu as she told them again to stand down as she walked up and sat down opposite of Ranko.

"What do you want?" She asked with a tone of anger in her voice and a scowl on her face.

Ranko tilted her head back looking at the ceiling "That is a question with many possible answers, some you more than will not like but like I care if you do or not." Looking back down towards Xian Pu she smirks at the girl and then t o the waitresses who were barely keeping from lashing out.

"I came here to inform you that the Elder will not be returning as she is currently on her way to a prison facility where she will spend the rest of her days."

"YOU LIE" yelled both waitresses as they drew weapons from thin air, a pair of Jian from the Green haired one and Bonbori from the other and took a step towards the table but stopped when LT Sakura stood and pulled her blaster pistol from its holster pointing it at the waitresses as it charged up with a whine sound.

"Lieutenant stand down" Ranko commands while never taking her eyes of Xian Pu who was looking between her fellow Amazons and the one holding a weird looking gun at them.

"Yes Ma'am "LT Sakura lowered her pistol aiming it at the floor but not holstering it nor taking her eyes off the waitresses.

"Xian Pu I suggest you get your girls to back down as well, There has been too many deaths of your people I don't want anymore to lose their life unnecessarily" the sadness in her voice was obvious to everyone.

"Bǎ nǐ de wǔqì yuǎn" {Put your weapons away} Xian Pu said to her waitresses.

The waitresses tense up their knuckles popping as they tightened their grips on their weapons.

"Wǒmen yīnggāi shāle zhèxiē tǎng zàiwài rén" {We should just kill these lying outsiders}one of the waitresses muttered under her breath, Rankos hearing picked it up though.

"Nín zài zhèlǐ de wàidì rén yàmǎxùn" {You are the outsiders here Amazon} Ranko spoke shocking the Amazons. Switching back to Japanese "I did not lie about the elder, Xian Pu was witness to her defeat"

Xian Pu confirmed the statement with a nod of her head "Zhège nǚrén zhǎnglǎo jíbài" {Elder was defeated by this women} The clangs of weapons hitting the floor was proof of their shock to the news.

Pulling out two scrolls and placing them on the table, Ranko stood up while LT Sakura holstered her sidearm and stood slightly behind Ranko.

"One of those scrolls is from the Elder the other is from Ranma, I will be back sometime soon to discuss the matter of where you will live. Ranko bows slightly and walks out her companion following while keeping an eye on them till they were out of view.

It was a few blocks away from the cafe with Kou in her arms petting the cabbit before Ranko spoke. "Thank you" she said glancing sideways at her escort.

"Ma'am?" Lt Sakura asks with a puzzled look on her face as she walks next to her superior officer while continuing to watch the surroundings for any threats.

Shifting back to male, Ranma continued walking while petting his partner "What you did in the cafe, I know you were doing your duty protecting me, even though I can take care of myself it… reminds me of better times from my past, it felt good to be cared about like that again.

"Permission to speak freely?" LT Sakura asks as she looks at Ranma as they continued walking to their destination being the Tendo residence.

"Lieutenant, I always want you to speak freely at least in private, after all we must keep proper decorum around the troops" Ranma said with a smirk as he turned to her.

Blushing she continued "Yes of course, I am glad to be of help, and of the trust and faith you and Lady Seto have in me, my parents were shocked but proud when they learned of my new posting working with a member of one of the royal houses directly."

Ranma chuckles, "Well my mother is probably being over protective of me, but with what happened I don't blame her and I did feel bad about what happened during our first meeting." he finished scratching the back of his head with one hand while his partner snickered which from a cabbit sounded weird.

Turning even more red with embarrassment she tried to change the subject. "I noticed where we are heading, may I ask what reason we have to visit there?"

Ranmas' face became stern and his hands balled up into fists so tight his knuckles popped. "Mr Tendo was released from jail couple days ago on bail and has been causing some problems that need to be addressed even with Auntie there and Kasumi informed me I had a package that is addressed to me from Happosai since he does not know my home address."

Arriving at the gate to the Tendo residence Ranma rang the bell and waited. Moments later it was opened by Kasumi her usual smile got brighter at seeing who was at the door.

"Ranma! How nice of you to visit, please come in, Auntie and I was having tea." she stepped aside to allow him and his companion to enter, as he stepped past Kasumi his partner Kou jumped onto her shoulder from Ranmas' and started rubbing her cheek against Kasumi making the women giggle.

"Kou-Chan its good to see you too, please go with Ranma and I will bring you some carrots." Said cabbit jumped back to her partner with her little fluff tail wagging and a look of glee on her face.

"Kasumi" Ranma said getting her attention as he gestured to the women with him, "This is Lieutenant Sakura my Liaison officer to the troops from my home worlds military, and my 3rd in command."

Lt Sakura bowed to Kasumi "Mam"

Kasumi returns the bow, "A pleasure to meet a friend of Ranmas." she lead the group further into the house to where Nodoka was sitting having tea chatting with Nabiki and Akane while Soun was reading the paper and smoking a cigarette.

"What are you doing here you pervert!" Akane growled out while she stood up with her fists clenched ready to hit him.

"Akane!" Nodoka spoke out with a stern voice, "They are guests, you will show them respect"

"RANMA!" Soun shouted forming his demon head technique to scare said person, which failed as the demon head disappeared as suddenly as it appeared due to the gun pointed in his face.

Nodoka had her sword half way drawn by the time the gun was pointed at Soun, who was now sweating at the weapon pointed at him or the look on the women holding it no one was sure.

"Mr Tendo I think it best you not do that again as my associate has little tolerance for the stupidity of Nerima than I do." Ranma stated before looking to Akane who looked ready to attack, "That means if you draw that mallet of your Akane and she will shoot you."

Akane growled and glared at her ex fiance and the women with him, "Hiding behind some floozy using a cowardly weapon, just like you as usual to cheat you pervert!"

Ranma groaned and glanced at his companion who was now had a look of restrained anger on her face. "Sir? Permission to respond to the insult?"

"Granted, no weapons, nothing permanent, don't hit her lower abdomen she is pregnant other than that anything goes" A gasp was heard from Soun when he heard this while Lt Sakura handed her gun to Ranma with a feral grin "Thank you Sir"

"Ha!, letting a girl fight for you pervert, I will show everyone that I am the best martial artist when I beat her then"


Akanes' rant was cut off by a backhanded slap to her face by Lt Sakura that sent her reeling into the backyard.

"You insult me, then you insult my commanding officer, shut up and fight!"

Akane yelled as she lashed out to kick the women but she missed as Lt Sakura dodged the slow kick and lashed out punching the inner thigh of the raised leg, then used her other fist to uppercut Akane in the jaw throwing her backwards onto her back unconscious.

"HOW DARE YOU HURT MY.." Soun started to yell out but stopped as again a gun, the same one was pointed at him this time by Ranma who was not even looking at him while doing so, "Akane insulted both guests to your home, as her father you did nothing to address this, you as her father did nothing but side with her every time in the past, one day she will insult the wrong person if she continues as she is and I will not be there to save her anymore, thats for Ryoga to do now.

"But the schools!" Soun whined while looking pitifully at Ranma about to break out the waterworks.

"THE SCHOOLS ARE DEAD!" Ranma yelled at him making Soun fall down in shock.

"Happosai named me Grandmaster and has retired there is no schools to join with Genma in jail there is no Saotome school left, if you keep this stupidity up I will have no choice to take more severe action, one the Amazons have already experienced when they kept pushing." Ranma handed the gun he had back to Lt Sakura who clicked on the safety before holstering it.

"B-b-b but the schools" Soun kept falling back into his stubbornness

"Mr Tendo as Grandmaster of Anything Goes I here by disband the Tendo school of Anything Goes, the only two practitioners are nothing more than bullies and thugs and end the Saotome/Tendo agreement. The last three remaining practitioners will be notified of this schools disbandment, Good day"

Ranma turned and headed for the front door with LT Sakura right behind him, reaching the front door stood Kasumi holding out a large package. "Here is the package I told you about"

Taking the package and storing it in hidden pocket space he smiled at the eldest daughter. "Thanks Kasumi, I'm sorry we could not stay longer but between Akane and your father I felt it best we leave before things get worse."

"I understand, and I am ashamed of father and Akanes actions." she said while looking down at the floor before being pulled into a hug making her squeak in surprise.

"You have nothing to be ashamed about Kasumi, you have done the best you can under the circumstances, all I can say is to start to live your life, do what you want, go to med school, go out and make friends, maybe go seduce the Doc while you at it." Kasumi who was blushing in the hug went atomic red with thoughts about seducing Tofu. She backed out of the hug stuttering "Oh My" over and over as Ranma and his companion smiled at her before Ranma place a hand on Lt Sakuras shoulder and disappeared as Kou waved bye to her from Ranmas shoulder.

Ranma, Lt Sakura and Kou reappeared in the backyard of his home and let out a groan "That could have gone better" he said as he walked into the house. "Yusao i'm back!" he called out as he entered the living room and sat down onto the couch, Kou hopped off his shoulder onto the back of the couch as Ranma laid down on it tired she hopped onto his chest and curled up as he layed his hand on her petting and scrathing her making her purr.

"Welcome back Lord Ranma" Yusao spoke as she entered the room and glanced at him, "Bad day I take it?" A nod was the answer, "Shall I make some tea, maybe some warm sake " she asked helpfully and with concern.

Ranma shakes his head, "Not right now, just gonna take a nap, wake me up in a few hours or whenever dinner is ready please. Yusao nodded her head and went to the closet to get a blanket, when she returned Ranma and Kou was asleep, She draped the blanket over them and went back to the kitchen where Lt Sakura was waiting to talk with her about the day.

Another Chapter finished, the next chapter might be a while due to a great upheaval in real life called moving into a new place where I will be going is unknown at this time, but once I do and things have settled down I will be back on this story, I refuse to let it go unfinished like so many have, lol till next time keep reading and enjoying works of fiction written by those who make the time to write them.