Silver Solider Ranma

I do not own Ranma ½,Sailor Moon, Dark Stalkers or Tenchi Muyo some characters will be OOC this is my first Fic after reading a lot of fanfics from various sites and decided to put some of my ideas to story.

The next two weeks went by quickly as Ranma got into a routine involving sleeping at home, get up at sunrise, workout for two hours, shower and get dressed, have breakfast with Yusao and Kou, Transport up to the station, work till lunch reading or listen to reports, Trying to figure out a solution about the three tribes from China, have lunch on Fumiko with a different handful of station residents everyday except Yusao who served the meal and drinks, Lt Sakura or Noike was always at his side unless their duties kept them from doing so but one or the other was always there.

Lunch was relaxing and fun for all involved, Ranma got to know about the people working for him and vise versa talks included working on the station, family, hobbies likes and dislikes and to some embarrassment love life/interests

After lunch was back to the station for inspection of each section of the station every other day. While at the hanger he got his hands dirty with the techs doing repairs on the ships learning the ins and out of GP and Jurian tech. Stopping at the kitchen he went over the menu with the cooks helping them plan meals or offer ideas to have meals prepared from around Earth. The Armory was a short visit to see how some of the troops and GP officers used their weapons and was impressed with their skill level as Lt Sakura along with Detective Kiyone instructed others on the use of the blaster pistols and rifles. Both women noticed him enter the target range and called for a cease fire, everyone stopped but one blonde women who kept shooting.

"MIHOSHI!" yelled Kiyone startling the blonde who jumped as she turned towards and pulled the trigger at the same time sending a laser bolt down the firing line. Everyone cringed waiting for the shot to hit one of the two women or the man standing near them. Kiyone saw the bolt heading straight towards her face but knew she could not move quick enough before it hit and closed her eyes.

After a few seconds and nothing happening she opened her eyes to see a hand in front of her face glowing blue with wisps of smoke coming off. Kiyone turned to see whose hand had stopped the shot to see it was Ranma who stopped it.

Everyone else stood in shock and awe at the man who saved the GP officer from her ditsy partner. They watched as Ranma stormed up to Mihoshi and grabbed the blaster pistol out of her unresistant hands as she was in shock at what almost happened to her partner.

"Detective Mihoshi", Ranma spoke in a stern voice but the blonde did not respond as she just stood staring at her partner in shock. Ranma stood in front of her blocking her view making the women blink as she looked up at his face with a blank look on her face.

"Mihoshi" Ranma spoke in a more gentle voice, as he put a hand on her shoulder, "You need to be more careful and be aware of what goes on around you including orders given."

Mihoshi nods her head as her eyes tear up and she grabs him and begins bawling. "I almost shot Kiyone!" she wailed into his chest making him a bit uncomfortable with everyone watching.

"Shes fine Mihoshi, why don't you and Detective Kiyone take the rest of the day off, this was just an unfortunate accident that you need to review and not have happen again, we will talk about this later OK?"

Mihoshi slowly stopped her crying and looked up at him with a grateful look on her face. "Thank you" she said as she gave him a quick hug and ran up to Kiyone, bowing to her and apologizing before the two left.

Ranma watched the two women leave before turning to the rest of the people in the room, "Let that be a lesson to everyone, pay attention to your surroundings" He said as he glanced at everyone who nodded in return, "Dismissed!"

Ranma stood silently looking at the gun in his hand as the room emptied except Lt Sakura who walked up to him as he continued looking at the gun without acknowledging her presence.

"This is a standard GP sidearm? Ranma asks out loud as he glances to Sakura who nodded in response.

Walking up to the firing line he reset the hologram targets and fires until the energy clip runs dry. Looking at the pistol, he shakes his head and set it down.

"Not to bad for an energy based weapon, not much power and to light for my liking but if its standard issue then it must work for the GP."

Pulling one of his sidearms from its holster and flipping a switch on the side with his thumb he aimed and fired watching the target explode and the back wall showed a dented black scorch mark

"I prefer mine, takes care of business and makes people think twice" he grins at the look on Sakuras face as she stares down the firing range at the scorched wall.

Sakura finally found her voice and asked "Sir is there a stun setting on that sidearm of yours?"

Ranma had a puzzled look on his face" Stun setting? I never really looked, I have always used this setting for as long as I have had it." He looks at his gun more closely and finds something. "Huh… it does have a stun setting,"

Sakura gives him a deadpan stare "Maybe you should use that setting more often sir"

"Guess maybe I should, oh well I think we can call it a day, I'm heading home to take care of some local issues and will be gone for a while,Your in charge while I am gone if you need anything contact Noike and she will contact me on anything that requires me personally." Before she has a chance to respond he teleports away leaving her alone.

Ranma appears in the backyard of his home in Tokyo to be greeted by Yusao in her Jurian robes smiling. Welcome home Lord Ranma" dinner will be ready in a couple hours if you require anything else? She asks waiting for his response with a warm smile.

"Just something to drink and a lite snack, I will be in the study, thank you" He says as he walks into the house patting her on the shoulder as he passes her.

In the study he sat at his desk bringing up his wrist computer and checking his messages and emails which there were only a few, Dr. Tofu thanking him for the new medical knowledge he left for him and wanting to meet up again to discuss a few things,

Another was from Ami letting him know there was a meeting at the shrine the next day in the afternoon attendance was mandatory by "Order of her highness" Ranma just snorted at that part.

The last one was from Gina Diggers asking when he was going to visit as she wanted to know more about his past and his experiences with history and other odds and ends of things, she also mentioned if Brianna ever asks if he wants to work out with him to just say no and that shes has been ranting about her spy Peebo going missing and that someone hacked her computer and that Brianna's' also gotten hacked because of it and if he knew anything about it. The last half of the email was from Tiffany who was again wanting him to come visit and that he promised to and had yet to come.

Ranma quickly responded to the emails telling Dr Tofu he will visit him when he could either at the college or somewhere else of his choosing, to Ami he informed her he would attend barring anything that would prevent him from attending and Gina he wrote back he would visit very soon as he did make a promise to Tiffany and he would discuss the Peebo and hacking problem with her and her sister in person.

Closing down his computer her noticed that Yusao patiently waiting on his right with a tray with tea and some rice balls and a handful of mochi for him.

"Perfect timing" he said as he leaned back in his chair watching as she set the tray on his desk and served him a cup of tea and putting the tray of snacks in front of him.

"I hope this will do for how till dinner is ready?" Yusao asked as she handed him the cup of cold tea which he accepted with a smile and took a long sip of the sweetened green tea.

"That hits the spot, thank you Yusao. Ranma looks at his housemate with a smile, the woman blushes and bows "Its a pleasure to serve you Lor-" she stops with the scowl he gave her, "I mean Ranma" he smiles "Like I said no need to be so formal unless its around the others"

Yusao bows again "Understood, I shall remember that, will there be anything else?" Ranma shakes his head "I look forward to dinner, please call me when its ready" Yusao nods "I will" She bows then leaves the room while closing the door to give him his privacy.

Taking a few more sips of his tea he casually ate the rice balls while he sat in his chair while staring at a painting on the wall of the palace on the Moon he had painted a long time ago.

"So are you here to observe me in my home, deliver a message, or kill me? Ranma spoke causally as he glanced up at the ceiling to the black clad ninja hanging from the ceiling above his desk.

The ninja let go of the ceiling and after a twist in the air landed on the other side of the desk, Ranma realized it was a kunoichi as he saw a flash of skin showing well toned thighs that belonged on a women, the abundant endowment as well as his heightened sense of smell told him by the pheromones that it was female. Silently she had reached into her outfit and retrieved a scroll and a small box with the Gold Chrysanthemum on them and placed both items on the desk.

Ranma reached out and picked up the sealed scroll and broke the seal of the Gold Chrysanthemum and read it to himself


If you are reading this then you are still alive and I hope you have succeeded in the mission to help a close friend of yours to find her stolen son and to bring her dishonorable husband to be held accountable for his actions. I am sorry that I could not see you again in person as it is time for me to join my ancestors as well as my two youngest daughters before me. Do not grieve old friend, I have lived a full life with all the good and bad that comes with it, and I thank you for the loyalty and support you have provided to the Throne over the ages and my family will continue to keep your secret as it always has over the centuries that you have been watching over us all as well as the people of Japan. I hope you will keep helping where you can. I have one last mission for you, investigate several areas around the country that have been having unusual "Phenomenon" happening that I feel you are suited to check out, if any show to be a threat to the nation of Japan and people deal with it how you see best as you have in the past. The box that come with this scroll has your credentials, ID as well as all papers registering you to carry weapons as you have in the past updated, along with details, map of locations and photos on a flash drive. Once you are finished report to the throne about your finding, actions and any pertinent information that is needed.

My last wish before I go is this, Live your life for yourself, you have served my family for so long without having one of your own even if your have been like a member of our family you need to make your own, find a woman to love, marry her, have kids above all be happy.

Until we meet again,


Ranma rolled the scroll back up and set it on his desk. "Till we meet again my friend" he whispered a single tear rolling down his cheek before looking at the kunoichi still standing on the other side of his desk.

"Do you have any idea what this scroll was about?" he asked the woman shook her head in the negative. "Who told you to bring it to me?"

The woman pointed to her throat and shook her head. "Mute?" she nods her head. Pulling out a pad of paper and a pen he slides it to her. She writes out {Head Spy Mistress} Ranma hums "So Choukou retired and I take it his granddaughter took over?" The woman nods her head.

"Do you have the location to where he now lives? She nods her head and writes on the pad again {Family Hot Springs in the mountains}

Ranma nods his head, "I am not surprised, well I will not keep you any longer" He stands and bows to the Kunoichi "Thank you for delivering the scroll and box to me"

The Kunoichi fidgets for a second before writing on the pad again {I know its not my place and against protocol but are you the Katsu that Choukou-Sensei talked about when he worked in the palace?}

"Your right it is against protocol, but to answer your question I am Katsu Kamiki the Emperors Tanto" Three clicks are heard from the box on the desk as the lid popped open revealing the contents inside. "Voice locked, very clever as expected of you my old friend." Ranma says with a chuckle as he responds to her question, her eyes got big as she quickly bows her head and body "Please, none of that now" he says to her as he wraps a handful of Mochi and a gold Oban coin in a cloth napkin and hands it to her. "For the trip back and thank you" With a nod and a puff of smoke she was gone.

Grabbing the scroll as well as the box and storing them in his subspace pocket, Ranma grabs the tray and cup and head out of the room to return them to the kitchen while making plans to make a trip to visit some hot springs in the mountain as well as a few stops on the way before heading to Atlanta. Ranma as he was walking into the kitchen was thinking how things were simpler before getting his memory back but then also remembered the negative aspect of that life and how it was never his decided that it was not the life anyone should have. Dinner was delicious as Yusao had prepared foods from his home world as they discussed various things from station operations, to what Yusao knew of Jurai particularly the royal families, how Yusao was dealing with things on Earth, and finally his plans for the trips he had planned to make after the meeting tomorrow afternoon.

The next day started early at dawn with Ranma doing kata in the dojo while Yusao prepared breakfast and a bento for a snack for the three of them of course Kou had a box full of sliced carrots for hers. Breakfast was eaten quickly before Ranma did some things in the garage then stored a few dozen items from his bedroom armory in his personal storage by this time was lunch which was quickly eaten before him and Kou left on his motorcycle heading to the meeting with the scouts at the shrine.

At the Shrine

The scouts as well as the three Mau were relaxing while waiting for the meeting to start they were just waiting on two people, Setsuna who usually shows up last minute or not at all and Ranma.

Rei was trying to keep Usagi from her manga, Makoto was discussing with Minako about who was better, Mamoru or Ranma, Ami was on her computer doing research about Ranma in the Silver Millennium, Hotaru was petting the Mau cats while her "Parents" were cuddling in the corner. Setsuna appeared behind Usagi as usual to scare the girl when her plan backfired when she was goosed from behind making her screech in surprise and launched across the room and landed face first in to the snuggling couple.

Ranma stood behind Usagi with a huge grin on his face, "Been wanting to do that for so long, was so worth the wait"

The girls minus the three in a pile all burst out laughing seeing Setsuna scared out of her wits for a change as Ranma came around to face Usagi before speaking to her.

"I have come as requested your Highness, how may I serve?" it was how he greeted back when the Queen summoned him back during her rule in the SM.

Smiling, Usagi gestured to an empty chair near where Hotaru was sitting, "We have some questions we would like some answers we hope you can give unlike a certain scout who shall not be named."

"Setsuna" was coughed by someone in the room getting a few giggles in response and one glare.

Ranma was petting Kou while mentally preparing for what he may be asked knowing what he might happen today prepared with a few contingency plans in case things went south.

"Well first of all what was up with those two you fought with a few days ago and what happened to them?" Usagi asked while the rest waited for his reply while Ami had her computer open recording the meeting.

"I know nothing bout the younger of the two other than she is of the same species as the older one whose name is Morrigan Aensland, who at the time I met her was around 13, wandering in a small town in Scotland in an alley cold and hungry, so I took her to an inn, fed her and stayed the night." he spoke while he had a far away look while remembering.

"I had he sleep in the bed while I took the chair nearby, woke up in the morning with her cuddled in my lap. After eating breakfast I asked her where she lived so I could take her home but she refused to tell me. So I gave her some money, wished her good luck and left to continue on my way."

"Wait, you left a little girl behind all alone?!" Usagi and the inner scouts yelled at him in disbelief at the thought of him being so callous towards a young girl.

Ranma raised his hand to get them to be quiet. "I could not just take a young girl with me traveling and as far as I knew at the time she lived in the village. Did not matter anyways as she followed me as every morning I would wake up with her snuggled against me in my bedroll. After a week of trying to get her to go home and her refusing I gave up and let her travel with me. Six months we traveled together, talking about many things, from places I have been and the people I met, even a bit about my past although she thought they were just stories, and even taught her how to fight to defend herself. A month into our travels she started to call me uncle, I was shocked of course but it warmed my heart at the time to be cared about again by family even if not by blood."

"What happened after the six months you were together?" was asked by Ami as the rest waited to hear his answer.

Ranma took a few moments before responding "One night while we were bedding down for the night she told me she enjoyed traveling with me and thanked me for the time we spent together, kissed me on the cheek and said goodnight. The next morning when I woke up she was gone. I assumed she went back home and continued on, hoping she would be all right, which obviously she is although I did not know about her being a succubus, would explain why she is still alive today."

"Anyways I dropped her back off in Scotland after I made a side trip to one of my vaults to relocate the contents to safer unknown location"

"What do you mean by still alive today?" Minako asked, "Sounds like you were not expecting her to be alive"

Ranma looked at everyone "I didn't" the girls gasped but before they could say anything he continued "The reason why I thought that was when I met her it was the year 1691." The looks on the girls faces showed the utter shock hearing that tidbit.

"Umm how did you figure out shes a succubus?" Minako asks while leaning forward with an intense stare.

A raised eyebrow was her answer at first before Ranma decided to answer the question. "Well living for as long as I have and experienced over the millenniums when I was not in cryo sleep on the planet I met many people and creatures, from angels, dragons, demons, gods and goddesses to unicorns, some are now extinct, most moved to a different dimension/world granted some remained and are hiding in remote locations all over the world some even right among people in plain sight."

Ranma then got uncomfortable with his next response "Plus she tried to seduce me on the last night before we parted ways and she showed me her true form"

A quiet voice spoke up," Did she seduce you?" Everyone turned to see it was Hotaru who was beet red from asking.

Ranma answered without hesitation, "She tried, believe me did she try" he shuddered at the memory. "I was able to resist and denied her, she made a promise she would get me someday one way or another, and you saw shes still trying."

"Then we need to hunt them down and destroy them." Haruka vehemently spoke up as she stood up with an angry scowl on her face with Michiru nodding with her partners opinion.

"Why?" Ranma asked while mentally hoping he would not have to consider these girls, friends from his past as enemies but was for naught with the answer he received.

"Why? Because they are not human, they could be a threat to the future of Crystal Tokyo and should be eliminated before they can be, that's why!" Haruka yelled at him as she had her henshin stick in her hand.

Ranma sighs and shakes his head sadly, "So because of being a supposed threat to the future and not human gives you the justification as judge, jury and executor to kill everyone and anything that falls under those two stipulations?"


Ranma turns to Usagi, "You agree with his lunacy? That what she says is true?" the blond just lowers he head and nods "Everything that we have encountered not human has tried to kill us, and Crystal Tokyo must happen the future of this planet depends on it.

"Your wrong" Ranma says as he slowly stands up. Getting everyone attention. "I have seen all the information, the future is not set in stone, and what your striving for is a fools paradise."

He points at Haruka who is ready to transform and attack him. "By her definition anything not human is a threat, if that it the case then why is Luna and Artemis still alive, they are Mau, so not human, same with Setsuna, shes not human as shes from Pluto and still alive, Feronia is a Mau, so not human and then there is Me."

"What?!" the inner scouts and Hotaru say shocked at what he said.

"I am not human, I was born on another planet that was not part of the Moon Kingdom, I am Jurian by birth therefore not human yet I had served your mother faithfully for many years till her death."

"So why do we get to live when other non humans get the death sentence?"

Usagi just sat dumbfounded at his speech unable to answer, where as Haruka had one as she transformed along with her partner but before they could call out an attack a dozen lasers were dotting their bodies, specifically the head and heart areas stopping them in confusion as people in assault armor/gear appeared out of thin air attached to the lasers.

"I will let you decide, as of this moment the future you were trying to achieve will not happen, I will not allow you to wipe out most of the planets population for some sick dream that is on par with what Beryl tried to do, this planet, this very system is part of Jurian territory, besides myself there are several Jurian royal family members living on this planet as well as a few people who make anyone you have faced past or present a joke and I refuse to let you piss them off for some deluded dream achieved thru mass murder."

He turns to Setsuna with a scowl on his face," As for you Guardian of the Gates" he said with an angry tone, "You need to remember that when Serenity ruled she did not wipe out non humanoid races, two thirds of her kingdom were non humanoid races!"

"Before I go I will leave you with this thought, you will be monitored, change the path your taking now, as if you haven't by the time I return from my business trip then I will be forced to resign my oath to the line of Serenity and become your enemy, and believe me you do not want that, I don't want that either as you represent the last of my friends and loved ones from my old life please don't make me an enemy"

After finishing his say he vanished along with Feronia and the troops leaving the girls shocked and stunned at what to do now.

After a few hours of discussion on his visor with Noike, Yosho and Washu, Ranma and Kou were was on their way to the next destination Yokohama which took 2 hours due to traffic and stopping at a park for snack that took longer than expected as Kou played with some kids while he chatted with a few of the parents. He could have just teleported straight to Tenchis like Feronia but wanted time to think and enjoy the simple way to travel.

Arriving at the front gate he saw the Guardians in their usual place slightly covered in moss and vines, something that irked him a bit to see two loyal "people" in such a condition. So pulling out a brush, a couple rags and some auto wax he got to work cleaning them off and waxing them till they had a new sheen to them while they protested that someone of his station would lower himself to cleaning them, just humble guardians of the princesses.

"I don't care about my station and my cleaning you up, you are warriors of the crown, you should always look your best, show pride in your duty, look the part. Besides its a small token of thanks for you keeping my sisters safe."

Putting his supplies and bike away he walked thru the gates before the gates leaving the two to continue to guard but now with more pride in themselves.

Walking the wooden deck towards the house Ranma can hear Ryoko and Ayeka fighting in the house again probably something to do with his nephew again. Nephew, niece, half sisters, brother in law, adopted sister sister in law all have one thing in common he thought he would never have again family. He smiled at that thought as he opened the patio door being distracted by the thought he did not see the bolt of energy fired at Ryoko by Ayeka miss as she ducked and was nailed in the chest, throwing him clear off the porch into the lake and unconsciousness.

Sorry to the readers of my story, and I thank you for your patience on the wait, life has left me little time to write. I was able to finish due to being in recovery after being in hospital for a few surgeries and am not in rehabilitation so I have time when not in therapy to write.