Hey guys its Jordan and this is my first fic. If its terrible I'm sorry, Its a song fic that may end up being continued if you guys like it and want some more to it. Criticism is alrighty with me and it could help me be a better writer, who knos? Pairing of Rosalie and Bella.

Disclaimer- i do not own anything twilight related. I do not own the lyrics either. How the story is set up is by the movie the lion king 2 simbas pride haha yea its kidish but hey im 16 im still a kid. SM owns the characters and Jack Feldman owns lyrics.

Rating- is T for now may go somewhere else if I continue it

AN: I think beforeyou read this you should go to youtube and search lovw will find a way lion king 2 and click the first one to get a feel for this fic and listen to the song as you read it. Its your choice :)

Love Will Find A Way


I'm not in love with Edward anymore, so I ran off thinking love is nowhere to be found. After being alone for a while I drift back to Cullen home thinking about Rosalie. Why Rosalie? She hates me? I think to myself…then it comes to me I love Rosalie. Ever since the first time I saw her but I was too scared of her reaction. She's so beautiful what she want with an ugly girl like me. I think as I sit on a tree trunk that is the midway point if the Cullen residence.


I'm sitting in my room..alone. Emmett and I broke up after I finally told him I was a lesbian. He wasn't upset at all, he accepted me for whom I am and said "As long as your happy I'm happy and I'm glad you discovered who you are Rose." I smiled thinking of him and the big grin on his face. He was more like a best friend to me than anything else. So I am sitting her thinking of this girl. Her brown hair that cascades down her back and her shinning brown eyes that make my day brighter. I was thinking of Bella Swan. Sure she used to date my brother but as I expected she wasn't in love with him. I'm afraid if I tell her how I feel she will turn me down. I get up and jump out of my window and start to walk outside. Thinking of Bella.


I sit there thinking what if we start to date and love each other. Will her family accept us or shun us? I start to think of everything that would stop us from being together the people in this world who think being gay is terrible, in this perfect world where would we fit in? Then I feel the need to express myself so I do as I walk to the house once again.

(Bella starts to sing)

In a perfect world

One we've never known

We would never need to face the world alone

I walk past a pair of rabbits loving on each other with no care for the world, I look at them and then turn away sadly, thinking that can never be me and Rose.

They can have the world

We'll create our own

I may not be brave or strong or smart

I look around and see a rock to sit on. I jog to it.

But some where in my secret heart

I get on top of the rock and look into the sky.

I know

I look into the sky and see stars in the shape of an R it makes me happy then I feel sad because there is no B beside it, I climb down from the rock and walk.

Love will find a way

Any where we go

I'm home

If you are there beside me

Like dark turning into day

I walk to a river and look into it and see a reflection of me and Rosalie together, I am suddenly happy, then a leaf comes down making the image disappear along with my happiness. I look up from the water and look into the dark skies, feeling sad I keep walking.

Some how we'll come through

Now that I've found you

Love will find a way

I sit down 50 feet from the house on the grass thinking of Rose.


I'm walking and I see Bella, sadness is seen in her face. I'm sad and scared to talk to her. (Rosalie sings)

I was so afraid

Through walking I was thinking of how the family would react if we became an item. Me loving someone could possibly destroy this family that I love so much. I am frightened of what they will think of my love. My love for Bella.

Now I realize

Then something goes off in my head what if they don't accept us? I am still going to love her no matter what, she is my mate, my mind, body and soul.

Love is never wrong

And so it never dies

I walk to Bella with a smile on my face.

(Rosalie is singing to Bella now)

There's a perfect world

Bella hears my voice turns to see me.

Shining in your eyes

She is happy; she smiles at me with love and adoration. I smile back with same love.

(Both are singing to each other now)

And if only they could feel it too

The happiness I feel with you

Bella runs to me and I run to her(in human speed) with the happiest smile on my face.

They'd know

We come together and I pull her into a loving hug and she hugs back with as much passion as me.

Love will find a way

Any where we go

we're home

We pull away from the embrace and she kisses my cheek. If I could blush I would. The she jogs away from me with "come hitter" look. I smirk devilishly and go after her in my vampire speed.

If we are there together

Bella suddenly stops, making me stop so I do not run into her. She smiles and waits for me to be right beside her, which I am a second later. I pick her up and take her to my side of the meadow and I sit down with her. I put her in my lap.

Like dark turning into day

Some how we'll come through

After I put her in my lap I lean over and pick up a violet rose and hand it to her.

Now that I've found you

Love will find a way

Bella looks at me sweetly and mouths "It's beautiful." We lock eyes with one another and smile lovingly at each other.

I know love will find a way

Bella puts her head under my chin and nuzzles my neck. I am surprised at first but I embrace it and put my chin on her head and rub her back as I rock us back and forth.


I come from under Rose's chin and look into her eyes. She stares back with slight confusion on her face. Then I say it "I love you Rosalie." She looks at me excitedly and says "And I love you to Isabella." I smile at her and lean up to her lips and she leans down to me I close my eyes and press my lips to hers. Even though they were cold I could still feel the warmth in them and they were so soft. She separates our lips and takes us to the ravine. She puts her forehead into mine and looks into the water to see our reflection and says "Look we are one." I smile up at her and at that moment I feel content.