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Chapter 3-Reassurance

(Bella POV)

As I reach for Rosalie's face I'm not sure for what I am in store for. I grab her chin from behind and turn her towards me. When I have her fully facing me, I'm met with a blonde woman with dirt on her face, a crack going from the center of her left eye brow to where her nose and eyes have a gap between them. She has a cut on her lower lip and her fangs touch her chin. She looks scary but I know this isn't the Rosalie I know and love. She looks so upset, she probably thinks she's a monster but I need to reassure her that she isn't.

"Rosalie…Rose..." She's not responding, she is looking at the ground avoiding my gaze. I move her chin to force her attention to my face. Rosalie looks up at me, eyes back to their usual gold color, her fangs are still visible, but they aren't below her lips like before, but instead stop at the middle of her lower lip.

"I'm so sorry," Rose says, I look at her confused and she continues. "I'm sorry for being this monster that scares you; I wish I could be normal for you."

I take in what she says and pull her into a hug, my arms wrap around her neck and I lay my head on her shoulder as her arms in circle my waist. "Don't be sorry, I love you for who you are and to me you aren't a monster but an angel. You don't scare me at all, far from it actually, Rose. I feel safe around you and happy, that will never change as long as I have you in my life," I finish and look up at her. Rosalie appears to be soaking in what I said. She looks down at me and smiles, but weakly.

"Bella…that was the sweetest thing anyone has ever said to me, but it still doesn't change the fact that I see myself as a monster and I think it will take time for me to see otherwise." I look at her disappointedly but then she speaks again, "But with your help it can go by faster," she says with a genuine smile. I squeal a little and kiss her lovingly on the lips; Rose wraps her arms tighter around my waist to bring us closer but not hard enough to hurt me. She pulls away after a minute and I give little groan.

"Come on we have to go talk to them," Rosalie says. I pout and nod and she giggles and pecks me. Then we start to walk towards the house, before we go in I dash up in front of her and she looks at me confused and tilts her head slightly. How cute.

I smirk then say, "You look really hot with your fangs out." I poke one of them with my finger then wink at her and walk away, looking over my shoulder for her reaction. She looks at me shocked then smiles, licking the fang I touched. I blush and turn my head back and continue to walk in the house. Whoa! Can't believe I just did that, but it was totally worth it.

(Rose POV)

I watch Bella blush after I licked my fang and walk behind her. I make my fangs go back in my mouth so they aren't visible. She's becoming a little bolder. It's such a turn on! We walk into the living room where everybody is and I can see all of their emotions written on their faces. Alice is happy because I have found my mate and I bet she saw everything that went on outside. Jasper is conflicted by all the emotions in the house but gives me a reassuring smile. Emmett, well looks like Emmett, happy with a goofy grin, with his dimples showing. Now my parents were a different story, Esme looks conflicted for being happy with me and sad for Edward. Carlisle looks angry and disappointed.

"Bella I would like to apologize for Edward's behavior, if we had known he was abusive we would've did something about it." Bella nods and he turns to me. "Rose, I'm sorry for what I said to you earlier. It was unacceptable and I hope you can forgive me."

I look at him and started to walk to him. "Carlisle, I do forgive you, and thank you for being there for me and Bella," I say and hug him. He hugs me back and the he releases me and I go back to Bella.

After the seconds of silence, Alice and Emmett run over to me and Bella and hug us and squeal like the children that they are.

I roll my eyes as Alice picks me up to twirl me around as she says, "I'm so happy for you." When she stops and puts me down I smile at her and look over to see Bella being hugged by Emmett and thrown in the air like a baby. She's laughing and smiling with him; this makes me smile and chuckle at their antics. Upon hearing me, Emmett puts her down, when he puts her down he puts his hands softly on her shoulders and stares at her in the eye.

"Look, Bells, I'm happy for you and Rose and even though this totally kills my ego I'm cool with it." I roll my eyes at him while Bella laughs at him. He continues, "But a word of advice for you, she's wild in bed so if you need help—"

He stops there as I run over to him and clamp his mouth shut with my hand. I give him a glare and he looks at me with the, what? I didn't do anything look. I look at Bella who is blushing madly and holding in a laugh, I feel so embarrassed by these people I call family. I also hear two snickers behind me; I turn to see Esme and Carlisle holding in laughs. I playfully glare at them, but then smile. I'm glad to see Esme happy now.

After I release Emmett I go over to Bella and wrap my arm around her shoulders, as she starts to laugh at me. I pout and say, "What is so funny Isabella?"

She stops laughing to glare at me. "You know I don't like to be called that. You acting nice is a funny yet cute site."

I roll my eyes and look at her "You're making me soft," I say looking at my family who are smiling wide at me.

Bella wraps her arm around my waist and looks up at me and states, "No, I'm just making you, you."

I smile down at her and lean down to kiss her softly. I hear an aww from Alice, Carlisle and Esme.

"How cute," Jasper whispers to me and chuckles. I laugh a little at this. Then Emmett ruins the moment by saying "Show some skin!" and "Encore." I pull away from Bella and run to Emmett to put him in a head lock and wrestle with him while everyone else laughs.

(Bella POV)

I'm glad to see everyone happy about us and I love seeing Rosalie this way. She's being nice and playful, not the cold hearted, ice queen people see her as. Now if only I could shake off this feeling that we aren't going to be happy for long.

(Edward POV)

I'm in the tree watching my family play around and Bella, my love and mate, watch in enjoyment. This is bullshit that should be me not that bitch Rosalie, but I will let them enjoy this "family moment." I drop off the tree so none of them can hear me and run to where my plan will begin to get my mate back.