So at this point FanFiction-dot-Net doesn't have a character option for Original Characters. I'm sure I've seen it in other fanfictions... of course, I can't find it now, can I? *Sigh*

First of Atlantis, Fallen: Prologue

Whatever you believe, a Great Entity Created the Universe. Life was called forth. Water, Earth and Vegetation, Air, Fire, Animals, and Humanity sprang up upon a planet.

Life beyond this planet, outside of our world, was unknown.

While the Deities Blessed Life upon our world, they became jealous of their Creation and Cursed Death upon my people.

However, my people invoked the Deities' wrath…..

My name is Emrys; I am Arden, as my people have come to call my Gift. I am a Seer.

I have Seen the destruction of my people, the fall of Atlantis.