Summary: When Ronald Weasley is placed in Slytherin in his first year at Hogwarts, no-one ever thought it was possible. Now, six years later, his life is about to change through the form of a bushy haired muggleborn. Considering she's the girlfriend of one of his brothers and her best friend is the Boy-Who-Lived, will the change really be for the better? Then again the course of true love was never supposed to run smoothly…

A:N/ I feel the need to point this out and I will only point this out once. Just because Ron is in Slytherin in this story, that DOES NOT mean he's got any Slytherin-ish qualities. He's not going to be some Draco Malfoy wanna-be. He will remain the same Roonil Wazlib we all know and love. 'Then why is he in Slytherin?' I hear you ask, well that is part of the mystery dears!

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To Be By Your Side

Chapter 1

First Glances and Meeting Again

"When I first saw you

I knew you had a flame in your heart

And under our blue skies

Marble movie skies

I found a home in your eyes

We'll never be apart"

Daniel - Bat for Lashes

Hermione Granger had always been an intelligent girl. It was considered a necessity being the only best friend of the one and only Harry Potter, whose life never seemed to be in peace. If someone had told her that she would make her first friend at Hogwarts after they saved her life from a troll, she would have questioned whether they were a son or daughter of Professor Trelawney. The reason behind her needing to be saved was; she'd spent the entire day crying in the bathroom after Draco Malfoy had called her 'a know it all mudblood' simply from being able to perform a basic Wingardium Leviosa charm on her first attempt. Although, the fact whether or not Harry really saved her was questionable. He had tried, bless his heart, but only managed to distract the troll from killing Hermione to try and kill him instead, by holding him upside down aiming to hit him with a wooden club. He had successfully managed to dodge it everytime until some professors had appeared managing to stun the troll before it did any more damage.

Despite the unusual circumstance, Harry and Hermione grew close to one another and had remained best friends ever since that day. That was all they were and had ever been. Of course, there were rumours of them being a couple but it had never crossed their minds. They shared platonic feelings, loving eachother like they were siblings. The rumours had died down ever since their fourth year at Hogwarts, when it became clear that Hermione was taken by one of the seven Weasley brothers.

It was this said Weasley brother that now had her questioning her intelligence at this moment in time. Hermione slammed shut her Hogwarts trunk filled with various clothes, school equipment and other necessities. She had finished packing for her departure to the Burrow the next morning, something which she had been dreading since she received that fateful letter from her close friend Ginny Weasley two days ago. She had received a much more positive letter three weeks previous inviting her to stay for the last two weeks of summer before her sixth year at Hogwarts from her boyfriend. She replied instantly wanting to write 'YES!' a thousand times over but settled for a polite acceptance. What her boyfriend however had failed to inform her of was that his parents had no idea of their relationship, which was what Ginny had taken the liberty of enlightening her of. It seemed that the only people aware of this relationship in his family apart from her, him and Ginny were a few of his brothers. A few! It wasn't even all of his brothers!

Needless to say, Hermione was now torn between giving a very late letter with a pathetic lie about why she suddenly couldn't make it or, going to the Burrow tomorrow to endure an awkward two weeks of pretending she wasn't in a relationship. Even though she had been in one for the past year.

She was well aware of the fact no matter how much she contemplated between the two she would end up doing the latter, ever being the polite nice girl she was. Although, if her so called boyfriend thought she was going to be doing this quietly, he had another thing coming.

It was with this thought in mind she confidently strode up the pathway to the front door of the Burrow the next morning, forgetting to observe the strange shape of the house she had never seen before. She barely knocked on the door before it was flung open and she was enveloped into the arms of who she assumed to be Molly Weasley.

"Oh! You must be Hermione! It's so nice to finally meet you. Ginny has told us all about you of course and we're simply delighted you're staying with us." Molly exclaimed, with arms wrapped so tightly around Hermione; a stranger would have assumed she was a member of the family. Hermione's eyes widened but she politely wrapped her arms back around Molly before pulling out of her embrace.

"The pleasure is all mine Mrs Weasley. Thank you so much for having me." Hermione replied, picking up her trunk after dropping it from Molly's hug. She stepped inside the house and couldn't help the grin that spread across her face. This was a place anyone could walk into and call it home.

She didn't have much time to admire the living room before she was wrapped in another hug. This time though she knew the owner's arms to be of Ginny Weasley's and returned the hug instantly.

"Hermione! Sorry about mum, she's always overly emotional and enthusiastic about anything." Ginny explained, pulling away from Hermione as Molly shuffled into the kitchen, unaware of her daughter's comment.

"It's quite all right. She's lovely." Hermione answered, looking around. It was cluttered but not in an overly messy way. The majority of space in the living room was taken up with sofas and armchairs, no doubt needed when all the Weasley children lived in the house at some point. Apart from that, the only thing in the room was a coffee table that was covered in papers and magazines. The room burst of colour from all the mismatched furniture which only added to the warmth and appeal of the place.

Molly flicked her wand at the potatoes so they started peeling themselves. Hermione dropped her trunk and took a few steps towards the large fireplace, admiring the family photos. She smiled seeing one of the entire family in Egypt while the actual Molly walked over to the staircase.

"Fred! George! Ron! Get down here and welcome our guest!" She shouted, making Hermione blush in slight embarrassment at the prospect of laying eyes on her boyfriend for the first time in a month. She quickly remembered she was angry with him though and willed for her blush to disappear when the sounds of many steps came stumbling down the stairs. "I take it you've met them at Hogwarts Hermione?"

"Briefly." was all Hermione could think of without lying too much. Ginny snorted earning a slight glare from Hermione. The Weasley boys appeared and Hermione did her best to ignore the one she was getting close to furious with.

She was well aware of the fact that as soon as his eyes landed on her, he wasn't going to remove them. It was an especially hot day in Devon so she was left with no option but to wear denim shorts and a slightly small red t-shirt, unless she wanted to boil in the weather. Considering her and her boyfriend had only been together in Hogwarts before, (and the odd Hogsmeade trip in winter) he had never seen her so under dressed.

She discovered her assumption was true when she looked at him to see a mischievous grin on his face and he winked at her. She gave him a cold look as a response before crossing her arms under her chest.

"Where's Ron?" Molly asked, gaining Hermione's attention to see only the twins in front of her.

"Who knows?" Fred started, with an expression that wasn't to be trusted.

"Except himself of course." George continued with the exact same expression.

"Quite right Gred."

"Merlin, I hope you haven't been testing out some of your products on him again." Molly sighed exhaustedly, sounding like she had said this statement far too many times to know the answer already.

"Of course they haven't. Ron naturally has ears the size of quaffles." Ginny answered, before the twins could think about replying.

"You're really no fun Gin." George sighed.

"True. We could have had mum guessing for a good ten minutes about what we did to him-" Fred said, still grinning.

"-Before we gave in."

"If his ears aren't back to their normal size in the next five minutes, you can both say goodbye to the rest of your summer!" Molly snapped, pointing her finger accusingly at them.

"But mother dearest, there's no antidote to the potion." Fred grinned as Molly's jaw tensed.

"The effects should wear off in quarter of an hour though." George quickly added, not wanting to suffer from Molly's wrath for the second time that day.

"Afternoon Weasleys!" Arthur declared, walking in the front door unaware of the scene he had stepped in on. "Oh. Hello. You must be Hermione. Glad to have you here, I take it the portkey worked fine then."

"Yes thank you Mr Weasley. It's nice to meet you." She greeted him, shaking his hand smiling up at him.

"Oh Hermione dear! How rude of us. Fred, George take her trunk up to Ginny's room will you? I'm terribly sorry for you to witness that." Molly apologised, having forgotten Hermione's presence for the past few minutes.

"It's quite all right Mrs Weasley." Hermione replied, as Arthur hung up his coat and kissed his wife's cheek. They shared a loving look for a few seconds, not needing to say any words to show their adoration before they both moved to the kitchen.

Hermione couldn't help the smile that spread across her face from seeing the couple. She felt almost lucky to witness such a simple scene that showed a moment where you just knew the couple would always be together.

"Please dear, call me Molly. Ginny, why don't you show Hermione around? I need to have a talk with your father about Fred and George." Molly said, the look of contentment now gone from her features.

"Will do." Ginny said smiling, and gestured for Hermione to follow her up the stairs.

"So what have they done this time?" Arthur asked, sounding like he really didn't want to know the answer. After a few steps, Ginny heard her parents mumbling and figured it was safe to talk.

"I'm guessing you won't mind waiting for the grand tour till later. Once you've had a good shout at him." Ginny said, referring to Hermione's boyfriend.

"You know me too well." Hermione answered, as Ginny stopped walking in front of her room. She opened the door and Hermione walked in as Fred and George just finished putting up the cot she'd be sleeping in. Fred turned to George and pulled him into a tight hug.

"Good luck." Fred said, and walked over to Hermione placing a hand on her shoulder. "Please let him live at least Granger. I've grown quite fond of him."

"Wish I could say the same right now." Hermione said, as he walked out and closed the door. She faced George with her hands on her hips and glared at him with as much anger as she could. She couldn't deny the small part of her that was happy to see him, after being apart for the longest time they had been since they'd been together.

He was stood about a foot away from her and the mischievous gleam in his eyes wasn't leaving, despite the fury practically radiating off of her.

"You can act as angry as you want but it's not going to change the fact that all I can think about is how good you look right now." George admitted, taking a few steps towards her.

"Oh no Mister! You're not getting out of this that easily!" She snapped. "How dare you even consider inviting me around to stay with you for two weeks, when you haven't even been courteous enough to inform your parents of our relationship! If that's the way you want to play it then I'm going to act as only your sister's close friend whether or not your parents are in the room! I refuse to fall into this perverse idea of yours of us sneaking around behind their backs!"

"Hermione, can I at least try to get out of this?" He said hopefully, taking another step towards her. He took another glare as a 'yes'. "No doubt my mother greeted you with a hug worthy of Hagrid's, thinking you were just a friend of Ginny's. Can you imagine what her greeting would have been like if she knew you were my girlfriend? She would have instantly assumed we were getting married and wouldn't let us out of her sight for a second."

"You know I wouldn't care about that." Hermione answered, as he stood a few inches away.

"Yes, but I would since she'd never let me in two feet of you. And I'd quite like to be able to snog the brains out of my 'oh so intelligent girlfriend' once in awhile." He grinned waggling his eyebrows suggestively.

"George, can't you ple-" He had clearly decided he'd waited far too long and had crashed his lips on hers. He placed a hand on the small of her back pulling her closer to him and used the other to glide to the back of her neck. She contemplated pushing him away, putting her threat to good use, but figured she could let one kiss go. After all, it had been a while since they last kissed.

She felt him glide his tongue over her bottom lip skillfully and gave into it, wrapping her arms around his neck. She was surprised to hear him practically growl into her mouth pushing her back against the door. She let her head rest against it breaking the kiss, raising an eyebrow at him.

"Someone's eager aren't they." She said, smiling coyly as his hand swept from her back to her hip. He gripped his hand tighter hearing her and looked in her eyes.

"That tone of yours isn't helping." He replied, letting his hand slide lower where he lightly stroked her bare thigh with the tips of his fingers. She did her best not to show the shivers it caused to go through her and swept her hands to the front of his chest.

"Too bad. That's all you're getting till we're back at Hogwarts." She answered, grinning evilly pushing him away gently and pulled open the door.

"Oh no. I'm not letting you get away that easy." He snapped playfully, pushing the door shut with his hands on either side of her head. She pressed herself against the door as much as possible so no part of him was touching her.

"If only there was something you could do so we wouldn't have to wait so long." She innocently started gliding her fingers across the collar of his shirt back and forth staring at a freckle on his neck.

"I really hate you sometimes." He said huskily, making her knees weak as his lips drifted down towards hers again. Her hand found the door handle and she pushed it down.

"What a romantic thing to say to your girlfriend the first time you see her in over thirty days." She joked, and pulled the door open, quickly fleeing the room before he could pull her back. She drifted downstairs to find Ginny smirking on the sofa.

"Oh yes, looks like all you did was yell at him." She remarked, and Hermione unconsciously started flattening her hair and correcting her clothes.

"So Hermione, Ginny tells me you're the smartest witch in Hogwarts?" Molly asked from the kitchen, not hearing Ginny's comment.

"Well, I wouldn't say that." Hermione replied, blushing and walked into the kitchen as Ginny boiled the kettle.

"Don't be so modest dear. I've heard many remarkable things about you and not just from Ginny. You must be important when the Daily Prophet is mentioning you on an almost weekly basis." Molly continued washing up dishes as Hermione got out some mugs and started preparing them all a cup of tea. Ginny got out another tea-towel and started drying the dishes Molly washed.

"I wouldn't believe everything you hear about me in that, they seemed to have it in their heads I'm the love of Harry's life." Hermione persisted, hating the attention she appeared to still be receiving. She had expected it to die down after five years of being a close friend of Harry's but apparently not.

"Which she certainly isn't." George declared, entering the room making Hermione's head whip around to give him a warning look. Fred quickly appeared by his side with a devilish grin.

"Oh yes. Tell me George, how do you know so much about Miss Granger's life?" Fred asked cheekily, making Ginny snort. Molly momentarily stopped washing with a perplexed expression but quickly tried to keep a casual act. Hermione put the tea on the table and smiled at Fred appreciatively. It seemed almost clear now that George wasn't willing to unveil their relationship yet to his parents so she settled for the next best thing.

That was until a loud roar and stomping down the staircase was heard.

"FRED! GEORGE! WHEN I GET MY HANDS ON YOU I'M GOING TO BLOODY KILL THE PAIR OF YOU!" A male voice shouted at the top of his lungs, before appearing in the kitchen.

"Ronald Weasley! You won't use that language in my house unless you want me to wash your mouth out with soap again!" Molly snapped, twisting half her body around to point a threatening soapy finger at him.

"But mum! Look what they did! I'm covered in boils." He grumbled angrily, as Fred and George shared an amused look. Hermione looked revolted seeing the pus exploding out of the large red boils covering his arms and neck.

"Fred, George, put him back to normal right now or I'll never consider that insane Joke Shop idea of yours." Molly warned, flicking her wand at a pan to boil dangerously close to the twins.

"But mum, that does depend on your definition of normal." George piped up grinning, causing Hermione's eyes to roll.

"Exactly, if by normal you mean Ronniekin's usual state then that's easily done." Fred continued, and Ginny shook her head sighing before taking a long gulp of tea leaning against a counter.

"Yes, but if you mean normal as in sane, then that simply can't be done. It's not our fault our brother turned out to be such a gangly freak."

"Oi!" Ron snapped outraged. It was clear that even though Ron was considerably taller than the twins, the bigger threat remained with the elder brothers.

"Stop it you two. Hermione, have you met Ron?" Molly asked, suddenly realising the likelihood of her meeting Ron was unlikely.

"No I don't think so. Nice to meet you." She said, smiling warmly at Ron as he seemed to notice her for the first time. His striking blue eyes blinked a few times before answering.

"Yeah. You too. Now, you two get these things off me! They're really starting to itch." Ron whined, quickly turning his attention to the mucus now oozing out of his skin.

"Fine. Here, just take a sip of this and you'll be back to your 'normal' state." Fred said, throwing a small bottle that Ron caught and immediately took a gulp of. The mucus and boils seemed to disappear back into his skin leaving only red marks in their place. He sighed in relief and Ginny giggled before sipping more of her tea. Hermione gave him a sympathetic look, finishing off her tea to help Molly with washing up.

"Right, getting back to the topic of discussion. How is it George you know so much about Miss Granger here?" Fred asked. George sighed, clearly hoping the topic had dropped. Ginny couldn't help the small noise of amusement come out of her as Ron looked between George and Hermione. Something seemed to click in his brain and he sniggered, enjoying George's suffering.

"I'm sure he'd be able to answer if he wasn't so busy staring at Hermione's arse." Ginny announced, making Hermione nearly drop the plate she was drying and Molly flashed around. She saw where George's eyes were, despite how quickly he tried to hide it. She promptly stalked over to him, clipping him over the ear as Ron chuckled.

"I will not have you objectifying this poor girl while she's staying! Do you hear me?" She snapped, as George nurtured his ear. Hermione hesitantly turned around tucking some hair behind her ears with her cheeks aflame. "I do apologise Hermione. It seems the men in this house have forgotten their manners. Upstairs now George! And if I so much as see you glance inappropriately at her again I'll make sure your eyes will never look at any girl again! Understand?"

George winked at Hermione but hurried upstairs with Fred quickly following. Molly looked positively livid by this point and stormed up behind them, whether that was to shout at George or tell Arthur of their antics, no one knew. Ron glanced at Hermione laughing slightly to see her entire face the shade of his hair.

"I'm sure Hermione didn't mind that much." Ginny said under her breath, just loud enough for Hermione and Ron to hear. Ron continued chuckling and Hermione promptly glared at her.

"You're one to talk Miss Ginny Potter." Hermione replied, remembering Ginny mention how overprotective her brothers were. Ron in particular. Ginny quickly returned the glare before Ron's fist clenched.

"What was that?" He muttered, through gritted teeth. Ginny gave Hermione a desperate look, making her sigh.

"Nothing. Just Ginny had a minor obsession with Harry in my second year, its long finished with though." Hermione said, telling a slight white lie. It was clear to anyone who had eyes that Ginny was still infatuated with 'The Chosen One'. Hermione hoped that her explanation wouldn't lead to any violent outbursts from Ron. Seeing his expression unchanged she added, "It was unrequited. He was only twelve and nothing happened."

Once she saw his fist unclench, Ginny smiled at her thankfully.

"I'm just going to finish unpacking a bit more. It was a pleasure meeting you Ronald." Hermione said, feeling some tension in the air and headed upstairs.

"Unpacking, that's an innuendo I haven't heard before." Ginny shouted to Hermione, which she mentally remembered to get back at Ginny for later.

"Funny. Right, what's this about you and Harry Potter!" Ron snapped, presumably he wasn't going to let the 'Miss Ginny Potter' off so easily. Hermione had only just got to the first landing when a door was flung open and a hand dragged her inside the dark room. "Honestly George, there are more polite ways to get a girl into a room other than dragging her in."

She pushed him away as the door naturally closed behind her, crossing her arms.

"Sorry, I was going for the whole daring, mysterious type thing so many girls are into." He answered jokily, which failed to get a smile out of her.

"George, this whole stupid sneaking around thing was your idea wasn't it? Why are you making it blatantly obvious to anyone who's got a brain that there's something going on?" She asked agitated.

"Mum's reaction was too funny to resist honey." He whined, and she gave him a harsh look.

"How many times must I tell you to stop using those ridiculous pet names for me? And it was not funny in the slightest. She looked ready to rip you into a thousand pieces." She snapped back.

"Who cares? Dad's talking to her now so she will have calmed down by dinner. Anyway, I can't help it. It's not my fault you're too sexy for your own good." He smirked pulling her towards him by her hips. She unconsciously blushed and looked down at the ground embarrassed. He moved her hair to one side and placed a light kiss at the base of her neck making her flinch back.

"No, you want to act like nothing's going on. Then nothing will be going on." She snapped, and he sighed before smiling at her cheekily.

"Fine! You win. Tomorrow I'll tell everyone. Happy?" He asked, and she beamed at him.

"Oh, how ever will I thank you Mr Weasley?" She smiled seeing his expression.

"I can think of a few ways."

After a few minutes of passionate snogging, Hermione found herself on George's bed with their limbs tangled together. She worried if they kept going at the rate they were, she'd end up doing something she certainly wasn't ready for. She pulled away only to have his lips fall to her jaw and down her neck. His hand was resting on her waist underneath her t-shirt whilst the other was stroking the thigh of her leg draped across him.

"George." She managed to gasp out which he took as a pleasurable whimper since he moaned in response pushing his pelvis into her more. Her eyes widened feeling how excited he was. "How come I've never met your brother before?"

That made him stop. He pulled his head up and looked her in the eyes in disbelief.

"Hermione, you're seriously thinking about my brother when we're doing this?" He half joked, breathing heavily. She sighed, looking at the place her hand was on his neck.

"No I just…I'm not ready to go any further than this yet and I'm afraid if we continue without a break I'll-" She started rambling, and chewed her bottom lip before he lifted his hand up from her thigh to tuck her hair behind her ears.

"Hermione, it's okay. I understand. So, what'd you ask me again?" He said, with a reassuring smile.

"How come I've never met your brother before?" She repeated, with a small smile.

"Well he is the famous Slytherin Weasley." He replied, hoping that was enough of an answer.

"Oh." Was all Hermione seemed to be able to get out.

She'd heard about the Slytherin Weasley, she doubted there was anyone at Hogwarts who hadn't heard of him. But that was pretty much all anyone ever had heard about him. In his first year at Hogwarts, when the sorting hat was placed on his head, it was unnatural. The hat took nearly quarter of an hour to decide which house to put him in, and when it yelled "Slytherin!" there was not a sound from anyone. Someone from the wizarding world's most famous blood traitor families, had gone into the muggle born hating, Voldemort loving house.

If Hermione remembered correctly, he seemed just as confused as everyone else and it took him a few minutes before he managed to stand and hesitantly make his way towards the table where many of his enemies sat. The Great Hall was quiet for another few minutes until Professor McGonagall reluctantly called the next student up and the mumbling began. Rumours were the next day; his parents came in and complained that the Sorting Hat must have put him in the wrong house. Nothing about Ron Weasley said Slytherin at all. Dumbledore had admitted that whilst the Sorting Hat's choice was odd, it was final and there was nothing he could do. Another rumour was that he was taken out of school for a few weeks because of it and the Weasley's attempted to home school him. It wasn't possible though and he came back. His time at school went unnoticed though and soon the hype that surrounded his being in Slytherin died down as quickly as it began. He was never seen outside classes or meals, except for when he was seen with one of his siblings.

It seemed his presence was practically invisible until his third year when Sirius Black broke into the dungeons and allegedly attacked him. Later that same year, he was found in the hospital wing with a mangled leg from another attack by Sirius. He explained Sirius was after his rat who was actually an animagus of Peter Pettigrew. Although, the people who actually believed him seemed to only be his family, Harry, Hermione and Dumbledore. And the only reason Hermione believed him was after she saved Sirius with Harry. Once fourth year began, he went back to his invisible presence.

He never made any friends, classed as a blood traitor no one in his house was willing to go near him so they merely ignored him. Others weren't willing to befriend him for the mere fact he was a Slytherin and therefore evil. The only person who gave him any attention, aside from his family, was Harry on their very first train ride to Hogwarts. Harry remembered how Ron explained that Slytherin was the house of the enemy and was quickly confused as to why he was placed in it. When Ron didn't make any attempt to talk to Harry after his sorting, he assumed he wanted nothing to do with him and let him be.

"Hermione?" George said, breaking her train of thought and she looked up at him dazed.

"Yes, sorry. I was just thinking, since he's a Slytherin. He doesn't have any issues with me, does he?" Hermione asked nervously, twiddling a loose thread of George's shirt with her fingers.

"Merlin no! Hermione, he has nothing against muggleborns. We spent months trying to figure out why he was placed in that house but there seemed to be no explanation for it. He's never acted nor will he ever be a Slytherin." George said, and Hermione sighed in relief.

"Okay, I'm sorry I assumed. I wasn't sure, that's all." She replied, and smiled at him to show that she was fine.

"Stop apologising already." He joked, and pulled her closer to him as he lay back so half her body was on top of him.

"But there must be some kind of an explanation for it. I've never heard of the Sorting Hat placing someone in a house they didn't wish to be in. When Harry was being sorted he told me that the hat tried to sort him into Slytherin. He said he didn't want to be in it so it placed him in Gryffindor."

Hermione informed George, as an explanation to her confusion.

"Oh, I didn't know that." He replied slowly, not sure what to make of it. "Ron never wanted to be a Slytherin. I'm positive of it."

"I know. I'm simply worried there's some bigger reason for his being in Slytherin." She started twiddling the piece of thread again but George wrapped his fingers around her hand, stopping her. She glanced up into his eyes seeing a smile.

"Hermione, I think you've been hanging around with the likes of the Boy Who Lived for too long. Seriously, there's nothing behind it. It's been five years and nothing's happened. He's the same brother I've had for the past sixteen years." She looked into his comforting coffee brown eyes and smiled.

"All right." Hermione said, letting it drop and leant down softly kissing George. After all, it was probably nothing. Right?

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