(A/N): The Marauders in Harry Potter kind of reminded me of the BTR boys. Kendall Knight is like James Potter because they're both like the leader, athletic and a little mischievous. James Diamond is like Sirius Black because they're both the ladies men, interested in appearances and immensely loyal. Logan Mitchell is like Remus Lupin because they're both the intellectual, cautious ones that try to keep their friends out of trouble. The only one that doesn't match is Carlos Garcia and Peter Pettigrew. Carlos would never betray his friends. Plus, both groups are four boys who are best friends that always seem to get in trouble. So, overall, that's what gave me the inspiration to write this.

Anyways, enough of my babbling and onto the disclaimer. Big Time Rush and the Wizarding World that Harry Potter lives in are owned by imaginative people who are not me.

Big Time Rush and the Marauders

Chapter 1: We're WHAT?

Kendall Knight was chewing on the end of his pencil as he stared down at his final exam. There were only a few more minutes left and he was checking over his answers. He sighed before dropping his pencil on his desk and relaxed back in his seat. Bringing his hand up, he pushed his dirty blonde hair out of his green eyes before he scanned over the room of eighteen year olds that were taking their last exam before graduation.

To Kendall's right was one of his best friends, James Diamond. The self-proclaimed pretty boy of the group brought his hands up into his long brown hair as he stared down at his own exam booklet. His hazel eyes looked worried because he was never that smart. Quickly, he pulled his hands out of his hair when he realized he was spinning his fingers in it. James would have pulled out his lucky comb to fix it, but it had been confiscated earlier in the exam by their teacher, Miss Collins.

The blonde looked around again only to have his eyes land on another of his best friends, Carlos Garcia, on his left. The usually helmet-clad boy was frantically flipping through the pages on his exam, every now and then stopping at a random page with his pencil hovering over it for a second, before he would shake his head and continue with the flipping. His black hair glistened from sweat as his chocolate brown eyes scanned page after page in desperation as though hoping the questions would answer themselves. Out of the group of friends, Carlos was always the one that needed the most help in school.

This led Kendall to look over to the other side of the room to see the last of the four best friends, Logan Mitchell, who was separated from the entire class by three rows of desks. This was not because he was caught cheating, but because Miss Collins knew that if the smartest person in the class was anywhere near the rest, they would cheat off of him. The raven haired boy was always the top of the class, even when the boys lived in Minnesota. He was the only one who was relaxed in the entire class, leaning back against his chair with a smile plastered on his face as his dark brown eyes stared straight ahead.

"Do you have a question, Kendall?" Miss Collins stood in front of Kendall's view, pulling him out of his daze. He smiled at his teacher and shook his head. "Then keep your eyes on your paper." Kendall did as she asked, sighing at how dreary it felt in the room. He knew that if the exam didn't end soon, someone, most likely Carlos, would scream and run from the room.

Seconds passed like hours and minutes like days as the time ticked closer and closer to the end. Kendall's head went back up and he wasn't the only one. The entire class seemed to stare at the clock at the front of the room as it ticked off the seconds to freedom. Each student mouthed the countdown, but didn't speak a word. Even Miss Collins watched the clock. The ticks seemed to get slower and slower until time seemed to stop at the last second, before it ticked over.

"Hand in your exams," Miss Collins told the class and everyone passed their exam booklets to the front. "And congratulations graduates!" The students cheered as they stood up, knocking over chairs and desks on their way to the door. They had to go slower once they hit the door cause not everyone could get through at once.

"Now, we can concentrate on being famous!" James told the group of friends once they had all met up in the Palm Woods lobby right outside the classroom. "No more school to distract from what really matters."

"You forgot your comb," Logan reminded the brunette harshly. James shrieked and ran back into the classroom to get it.

"Why so upset Logan?" Carlos asked. He had somehow gotten a hold of his helmet again and was wearing it. "School's done! No more homework and no more books!"

"But I liked the books and homework," Logan said, "I've always wanted to be a doctor, remember?"

"And I wanted to be a professional hockey player," Kendall added. "Dreams change Logan. We just have to take things one day at a time. You can always go to college later. I, for one, am really happy I never have to study for another exam."

Before anyone could say anything else, James came skipping back to them, "My hair is perfect again. We can go." Kendall and Carlos shook their heads at the appearance obsessed boy before they walked with James to the elevators. Logan looked longingly at the classroom door for a second and then ran to catch up with his friends, joining them in the elevator right before it closed.

If the boys had waited a few more seconds, they would have noticed an owl fly into the lobby. It flew past shocked teens and landed right onto the manager's, Mr. Bitters's, front desk. Mr. Bitters came out of his office to find the bird sitting there. When he shooed it away, it flew over top of him, a line of poop hitting his suit jacket. He stared down at the poop, disgust evident on his face, before he left the lobby, back into his office.

Kendall, James, Carlos and Logan burst through the door to their apartment, 2J. They found Kendall's mom, Jennifer Knight, had already set up their lunch on the table for them. It had mini corndogs and fish sticks. These being Carlos's favorite foods made him in an excellent mood as he practically flew to his seat and dug into the food. His friends quickly joined him knowing that if they waited too long, all of the food would have been inhaled by the Latino. Not long after the boys had settled in, Mrs. Knight and her other child, Katie Knight, had joined them.

"This is crazy!" James began the table conversation, "Who would have known that two years ago all of our dreams would have come true?" More like James's dreams came true. Carlos, Logan and Kendall had other dreams, but two years ago, they joined James to audition for Gustavo Rocque, a music producer, and his assistant Kelly Wainwright. But when Gustavo preferred Kendall's singing over James's, Kendall had convinced Gustavo to take all four of them and make them into a band. The road to their fame is now in the past.

"You say that every time we have something big happen to us," Logan commented, "When we had our first concert, when our album went platinum, when a song hits number one, would you come up with something else to say!" Logan bit off a piece of fish stick aggressively as he stared down at his plate.

"What's up with Logan?" Katie asked everyone.

"Logan likes school," Carlos answered, "Today was our last day."

"I thought that I'd be on my way to college to become a doctor right now," Logan added. "I'm not in the mood to eat." With that, he got up and went over to the couch to relax.

"A lot of things are going to change now, aren't they?" Kendall asked the people at the table.

"More than you know," Mrs. Knight replied knowingly. All heads turned to stare at her, even Logan looked over from the couch.

"What do you mean, Mom?" Kendall asked her. Everyone leaned in, waiting for her response.

"Oh, nothing," Mrs. Knight smiled at them and continued to eat, ignoring the stares that she kept receiving.

Suddenly, the door opened. Everyone looked over and saw Kelly Wainwright standing in the doorway with her usual clipboard. She walked in and told the guys, "Gustavo wants you at the studio. Let's go." The boys quickly made their way out of the apartment, Logan following slowly behind.

Once the door shut, Mrs. Knight got up and walked over to the window. She watched as an owl swooped past and gave a small smile as she mumbled, "Yep, everything's going to change for those guys."

Making their way through the hallways of Rocque Records, Kendall, James and Carlos seemed to be in a great mood, practically dancing as they walked, while Logan scowled at everything in the building. He wasn't in the mood to sing today. Kelly noticed this and gave him a sympathetic look right before they turned the corner to find Gustavo waiting for them.

Gustavo gestured over to the couch in the hallway outside the recording room, "DOGS! SIT!"

Not wanting to get Gustavo madder than he obviously already was, the boys sat on the couch. He and Kelly stared at them and they stared back.

"So," Kendall broke the awkward silence, "Why are we here?"

"When we should be celebrating our last day of school!" Carlos added.

"QUIET!" Gustavo yelled at them. They shut up quickly. Gustavo turned to Kelly, "Does he really have to be here? I mean, he's not supposed to know."

"They'd tell him anyways," Kelly responded, "And it's not like we could get him to leave. He'll stick by them no matter what." Gustavo groaned at this while the boys just wondered which one of them the two adults were talking about.

"I guess we can't delay this anymore then," Gustavo gave in. He turned to the confused band still sitting on the couch, "Dogs, there's something we need to discuss now that you're done with school."

"Do we get to go to college?" Logan asked.

"NO!" Gustavo yelled. Kelly laid a hand on Gustavo's shoulder to get him to settle down. He glanced at her before looking back to the boys, "Anyways, there's something else that you need to be taught."

"Ooh," James piped up, "Is it a new dance routine?"

"STOP INTERRUPTING!" Gustavo screamed. They flinched at this one. Gustavo was angrier than usual that day. "What you need to be taught, actually what three of you need to be taught is not something to do with being famous. This is a different type of art, one that not everyone is able to do. Kelly and I can practice this and so can three of you."

"Why not all of us?" Kendall couldn't help but interrupt.

"I'LL TELL YOU WHY!" Gustavo yelled, any calmness he had before out the window, "BECAUSE THREE OF YOU ARE-" He was interrupted yet again, but this time, not by one of the boys. This time, it was by an owl that flew past everyone's line of sight and landed on a seat.

Gustavo and Kelly stared at the owl, confusion etched on their faces. Kendall, James, Carlos and Logan stared too, but they were more dumbfounded than confused. The owl dropped what it was holding onto the cushion of the seat. Before any of the boys could see what the envelopes said, Gustavo swiped them up.

The boys strained to overhear what Gustavo was telling Kelly, "Why did they send letters? I specifically said that I would be schooling them." This caused the boys to shiver at the thought of Gustavo as their teacher.

"I don't know," Kelly responded, "Something must have happened. Let's look through them."

Gustavo looked down at the envelopes in his hand, not realizing he was reading off the names of the people they were addressed to, "Kendall." He flipped to the next one, "Logan." He went to the third envelope, "James." He put that one behind the others, not expecting the fourth one, "Carlos. Why did they send one for Carlos?"

"He could be one then," Kelly commented.

"No," Gustavo shook his head, "That's like a one in a billion chance that three people of their blood would make friends with someone like that before this school."

"Well," Kelly reasoned, "We do tend to know when we meet one another."

"True," Gustavo agreed.

He opened his mouth again, but was interrupted by Kendall, "Can someone please tell us what's going on?"

Gustavo and Kelly looked at each other before she shrugged, "You might as well give them their letters. You know as well as I do how persistent they can be." Gustavo groaned again, but did give each of the boys their labeled envelope.

The boys stared down at the front of the envelope, each one labeled with their name, The White Couch, Rocque Records, Los Angeles, California. There was no stamp, no return address and no zip code listed, although the weirdest thing that the boys thought of this was that it was delivered by an owl.

Turning it around, there was a wax seal with a big 'W' in the middle of it. They didn't pay much attention to it though as they opened their letters. Quickly pulling out the parchment, they glanced over the first words.

"Dear Kendall Knight,"

"Dear James Diamond,"

"Dear Carlos Garcia,"

"Dear Logan Mitchell,"

They continued reading their letters together, "We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Washburn Academy of Magical Arts." They looked up at Gustavo and Kelly, "WHAT?"

"Originally, I thought it was just three of you," Gustavo began, "But it looks like it's all four of you. You're all wizards."

"We're WHAT?" The boys yelled, standing up off the couch.

"WIZARDS!" Gustavo screamed at them like they were incapable of processing thought.

"Like spells and potions and flying on broomsticks?" Carlos asked.

"Yes," Kelly confirmed.

"But that's impossible!" Logan insisted, "There's no such thing as magic!" He looked over at the owl though and began to doubt what he just said.

"What about being famous?" James looked as though his dreams had been shattered, "We can't just disappear and go away to some magical school!"

"You'll still be able to work on music," Kelly assured him, "You just will only be able to go on tour during summer!" It didn't seem to help James though. He sat down in a slump, pouting.

"Kelly," Gustavo addressed her, "Go get Griffin while I talk with the dogs alone." The boys' eyes went wide at this, but Kelly did as she was asked. He turned to the boys. "You dogs may want to sit down for this." Kendall, Carlos and Logan joined James on the couch. "There are some things you four need to know before you meet other wizards. I'm going to tell you about bloodlines, Washburn's history and the difference between American wizards and those around the world."

(A/N): So, how is it so far? Yes, they're not going to Hogwarts, but that's because they're American, not British. As for the age, I've got an explanation for that in the next chapter. This one, unlike my other stories, I can see an end because there will be seven of these, one for each year. Maybe even an eighth if people like it. I won't be able to update it every day because each chapter takes a lot more work than my other one, A Rush of Dog Days (which centers mostly on the girl OC rather than the boys). This story will stand on its own, but will have references to both Big Time Rush episodes and things that happened in Harry Potter. So, although it's not necessary to know both parts, I recommend that the books are read and the show is watched.