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Chapter 2: History Of Magic By Gustavo

Gustavo had moved one of his chairs over to sit directly in front of the boys, facing them. Kendall, James, Carlos and Logan were leaning in, waiting for Gustavo to begin. Somehow, Carlos had gotten a hold of some popcorn to snack on while listening to the lecture.

"Let's start off with something easy," Gustavo began, "Bloodlines. There are three types of bloodlines in the wizarding world. The first one, pureblood, is where everyone above you in your family tree was born of only wizarding blood. There are no muggles as any of their ancestors. It's rare to find purebloods."

Logan raised his hand and Gustavo looked at him strangely, but then gestured for him to speak, "What are muggles?"

"People who can't perform magic," Gustavo answered before he continued his lecture, "The second bloodline is the most common, half-blood. It means that you've had some type of muggle ancestor, but you still have some wizarding blood in you."

Carlos raised his hand to everyone's surprise. He didn't bother waiting long as he just asked his question, "What's an ancestor?" Everyone but Carlos facepalmed.

"An ancestor is a person you are a descendant of," Logan explained. When Carlos still looked confused, Logan went on, "Like a parent, grandparent, great grandparent and so on." Carlos seemed to get this as he smiled and began stuffing his face with popcorn again.

"Anyways," Gustavo continued, "The last one, Muggleborn, is just that. They're born of muggles. No one above them has any wizarding blood."

"So that's all four of us then?" Kendall assumed.

"No," Gustavo told them to their shock. "Only Carlos." This caused Carlos to look confused, but Kendall, James and Logan to stand up and argue.

"But our parents-"

"How can we be-"

"I'm sure I would remember this-"

"QUIET!" Gustavo yelled. They shut up. "SIT!" They sat to wait for Gustavo to continue. He cleared his throat. "Your parents didn't tell you because of a law put in effect in America. If a family decides to live in a muggle-based neighborhood, then they must not tell their children until they are old enough to go to one of the two wizarding schools here in America. After the Salem witch trials, the American Wizarding Council decided it would be best to keep wizards and witches as quiet as possible, so they enacted this law. It's kept the American muggles from finding out."

"Isn't that against the American law that allows us to have freedom of speech?" Logan contradicted.

"Do you want to be burned at the stake?" Gustavo asked. Logan shook his head. "And neither did the American wizards and witches, so they accepted it. However, this caused a lot of wizarding families to move to new towns of their own so they could escape that law. Most wizards now live in wizarding communities. Your families didn't in both Minnesota and here."

"So, what are we?" Kendall asked.

"As I said, Carlos is a muggleborn," Gustavo told them, "Logan, you're a half-blood, just like myself and Kelly. Kendall and James, you are both pureblood."

"Naturally," James smiled.

"IT DOESN'T MEAN YOU'RE BETTER!" Gustavo screeched at him and James jumped. He took a deep breath and continued, "There are great wizards and witches that are half-blood or muggleborn. Take Harry Potter from England. He's half-blood and he is not just the only survivor of the killing curse, but he's also the wizard that took down the most evil wizard of all time."

"And who is that?" Carlos asked.

"WE DON'T SPEAK HIS NAME!" Gustavo yelled.

"Well, then why-" Kendall began.

"NO!" Gustavo screamed causing all four boys to jump. "He's dead anyways. No need to continue this. A great witch would be Hermione Weasley. Born Hermione Granger and is a muggleborn. She helped Harry Potter from the beginning along with her now husband, Ron. She was always top of her class and has invented many spells since she graduated."

"So, she's kind of like Logan," James observed.

"Except," Logan intervened, "I haven't invented anything, I'm not muggleborn and I'm not a girl!"

"It sounds like she liked school, so-" James explained.

"ENOUGH!" Gustavo interrupted. "I still have a lot to tell you!" The boys gave Gustavo their full attention. "Washburn Academy of Magical Arts is the school you will be attending in the fall." Kendall, James and Carlos frowned at this, but Logan looked delighted. "It was founded by four of the first immigrants from Europe."

"So the pilgrims," Logan added.

"No," Gustavo told them and Logan looked shocked, "There was immigration before that of wizards and witches who wanted to find a new place of their own, one just for magical people. They had heard rumors of another land mass and wanted to take it. Led by the four founders of Washburn, the group of mostly young people went off on broomsticks and found America. After checking around the entire land, they found a spot and settled. Children were obviously made and a school was needed. Thus Washburn was founded."

"Aren't you going to give us more detail?" Logan asked, excitement evident on his face. His friends groaned.

"It's already bad enough we have to learn this," Carlos complained, "Why would we want more?"

"You can learn more at school," Gustavo told the boy. "I just needed to give you the rundown so I can tell you the four founders. The houses of Washburn were named after them. These four founders were all descendants of the four people who founded the British school, Hogwarts. The founders of Hogwarts were Godric Gryffindor, Helga Hufflepuff, Rowena Ravenclaw and Salazar Slytherin."

"So, the descendents have those last names too?" James asked.

"WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO JUST LET ME TALK?" Gustavo yelled. The boys jumped again. Gustavo took a deep breath and continued, "No. Hogwarts was founded long ago and, eventually, the names died out. Slytherin's descendant was Gregory Gaunt, Hufflepuff's descendant was Tabatha Triggs, Ravenclaw's descendant was Barbara Bristow and Gryffindor's descendant was…" He paused at this. It was obvious he knew, but he didn't want to say it right away. He took a deep breath and gave the name, "Kyle Knight."

"WHAT?" Kendall stood up, his eyes wide open in shock. His friends were staring at him, their surprise was only surpassed by Kendall's.

"Does that mean that Kendall's royalty?" James sounded very jealous.

"Wizards don't technically have royalty," Gustavo told him, "But we do have famous wizards. And Kyle Knight was one of the most famous American wizards. I would tell you more, but you don't need to know it."

"But I want to know more!" Kendall pleaded, "I actually agree with Logan that I want to know more."

"You'll be taking a class at Washburn called the History of Magic," Gustavo assured, "You'll learn more then." Kendall sat down in a huff. "Anyways, there is one more thing about bloodlines that I have to tell you. This regards James."

James lit up at his name, "Am I famous too?"

"Not in the wizarding world." James pouted again. "But you should know this. Every Diamond in history has ended up in the House of Gaunt. They usually marry people from the House of Gaunt. The House of Gaunt is where most evil wizards have come from." Kendall, Logan and Carlos suddenly scooted away from James a little at this. James furrowed his eyebrows. "The Gaunts are known to be mostly pureblood. They hate muggleborns and think that they shouldn't practice magic."

"I don't think that though," James told Gustavo, "I mean, Carlos is a muggleborn and he's one of my best friends." Carlos smiled at this. He, Kendall and Logan all relaxed back to their places after James's words.

"Yes, well, just so you know," Gustavo explained, "Now, about the difference between American wizards and the rest of the world."

"We're in the land of the free?" Carlos suggested.

"NO!" Gustavo yelled, then seemed to think better of it, "Well, yes, but that's not the difference. Other wizarding schools around the world have their kids start at the age of eleven, but in America we start at eighteen."

"America is always behind," Logan noted, shaking his head.

"It's not because of delays," Gustavo told them, "We used to start with eleven year olds. It's because after the Civil War, schools became segregated in America, but there was no separate wizarding school for African Americans, so they were brought to Washburn and there was madness. Most of them being muggleborn made things even worse. After riots at the school, they stopped admitting students, finishing up with the students that they had. This was to let magical kids and muggle kids learn to coexist in muggle schools before coming to Washburn and, hopefully, be more mature. They opened back up to allow students once they reached eighteen, the cutoff kids were then let in. The other American wizarding school did the same thing. It did help the students. There were fewer fights recorded after the age change."

"Wait," Logan commented, "So this would mean that they started with eighteen year olds in," He paused to do the math in his head, "1971 cause that's seven years after the Civil Rights Act of 1964."

"No," Gustavo shook his head, "1884."

"But that would mean-" Logan began.

"Yes," Gustavo nodded, "Washburn was technically the first integrated school in America. It's just, no one could actually say that, cause it's a wizarding school."

"But that's long before other integration…" Logan tried to see some sense.

"Parents were warned and some paid extra to send their kids to other countries, but most were fine with Washburn since they went there themselves. Wizards and witches have always been at the front lines of civil rights movements in America. Probably because we can't tell others about us."

"Fat lot of good studying history did in school then," James looked angry.

"I think that this is the first calmish conversation we've ever had," Kendall addressed Gustavo.

"It's weird," Gustavo mentioned.

Suddenly, Kelly came back into the room with Arthur Griffin. He was an older man that was CEO of the company that owned Big Time Rush, the boys' band, and Rocque Records, Gustavo's record label. For the first time, they saw him walking around without assistants.

"How are my new students?" Griffin asked the band. The guys looked confused. Griffin caught this and continued, "Oh, did Gustavo not tell you? I'm your headmaster!"

The boys looked at each other with wide eyes for a second and then let out an earsplitting scream.

Carlos stopped, looking confused as he asked, "Wait. What's a headmaster?" The other boys stopped as they looked at Carlos, wondering how he could have graduated on time.

"It's like the principal," Kelly explained. At this, Carlos screamed and the other boys joined in again. The three adults shook their heads at the screaming teens.

"MOM!" Kendall yelled out as he, Logan, Carlos and James burst through the door to 2J. The teen boys found the red-haired, fragile looking woman sitting at the table, waiting patiently for them. She didn't even twitch as she heard her son scream. Gesturing to the seats, she waited while the four boys sat.

"Did you get your letters?" Mrs. Knight asked, knowing that the boys wanted to talk about it.

"Yeah," Kendall spoke up as all four held up their letters, "Even Carlos did."

"I thought he would be a muggleborn," she admitted. "He's always had that magical hook to him." Carlos seemed to take this as a compliment as he smiled.

"I have something important to ask," Kendall looked his mother directly in the eye, "I know you've kept this secret from me for years, but what happened to my father?"

"I see that Gustavo told you about Washburn's history," Mrs. Knight replied. She looked down at her hands as she interlocked her fingers together, seemingly preparing for what she had to tell them. "Yes. Your father was a descendent of Kyle Knight. He was everything that exemplified a Knight. Brave, loyal, daring, chivalrous. He was a lot like you."

"What happened?" Kendall was getting impatient.

Mrs. Knight sighed, "Work happened. While I was at home, caring for you and Katie, your father was out doing what only a few wizards are selected to do. Work for the American government. He was a part of a special force to keep muggles safe from those dark wizards that were willing to torture them. He died protecting one. Logan, your father saw the whole thing. They were partners, so it was hard for him too. After that, your father quit and came home, knowing that he wouldn't be able to work as well without Carson by his side. Your parents helped me so much during that time."

"What about my parents?" James asked, "They're a witch and wizard too. Did they help?"

"Your parents," There seemed to be some coldness to Mrs. Knight's voice. "Were barely helpful. Your mother at least sent me a fruit basket, but your father told me that it was his own fault for protecting muggles. Your parents were both Gaunts and me being from the House of Knights means that we don't normally get along. We tolerate each other for the sake of you kids. If it was up to your dad, all of you wouldn't be friends."

James just stared, unable to say anything. Carlos spoke up instead, "What about my parents?"

Mrs. Knight smiled at the Latino daredevil, all the coldness gone, "Oh, sweetheart. Your parents are muggles! They thought that Carson was lost in the military. But, yes, they did help as best as they could. They and the Mitchells would watch Kendall and Katie while I was at work."

"So, if Carlos's parents are muggles," Logan started, "Then shouldn't we let them know that their son is a wizard?"

"Yes," Mrs. Knight assured, "We're leaving tomorrow to tell them along with Gustavo and Kelly."

"Mom," Kendall spoke up again, "Does Katie know?"

"I'm telling her tomorrow before we go," Mrs. Knight assured him, "Now remember. If you go out in public, do not tell anyone about this. Don't even make any innuendos."

"What's an innuendo?" Carlos asked.

"Yeah, I don't know that one either." James admitted.

"An innuendo," Logan explained, "is like a hint. So we can't say that we're any different than anyone else."

"Exactly," Mrs. Knight told them, "Blend in. You can't stand out too much or something bad might happen."

"Like what?" Kendall looked confused, "What could muggles do to wizards?"

"It's not what the muggles would do, it's what the Agency of Magic will do. They're our government. They can forbid you from going to wizarding school, break your wand, force you to never use magic again and, in extreme cases, send you to Alcatraz."

"But Alcatraz doesn't take prisoners anymore," Logan pointed out.

"It doesn't take muggle prisoners anymore," Mrs. Knight corrected him. "It's much bigger than it looks to the nonmagical eye. Those parts that the muggles see are used for tourism, but there are floors above it that house wizards and witches that have done evil things. It's guarded by dementors." Mrs. Knight shivered at the thought. Then, she smiled at the boys, "But I don't want you to think about that. Go have fun." With that in mind, she left the boys to think things over.

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