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Chapter 1: prelude.

As the blackwinged angel gundam was coming into the atmosphere with wings wrapped around the gundam to prevent the burn up from the heat waves from the entering right behind Joe could see the five gundam pursuing him as he Joe was ready to use the light and darkness cannon(like the wing zeros double buster rifle but with two extra cannons that fire a dark and white beam which show the light and darkness) and fired it with the bright and darkness the wing zero dodged but the other four gundams got caught in the blast resulting with the gundams being put out of commission . "Damn he took out my shields and parachute and now I can't reenter the atmosphere without repair my gundam will burn and blowup in the reentry ". The same goes for us we are going to have to rely on Heero Yuy.


As the battle of the machines went on Joe had been coming through the atmosphere to fast and the recoil reducer on the light darkness cannon had fallen off due to damage sustain from the fight. Heero started to talk to Joe asking as to why he had betrayed the preventers. Because with the way you are going war is going to be imminent and we will kill more and repeat our history do you really want that to happen how many more Heeros or Joes do you want to make I didn't like going through the same procedure you went through we are brothers don't you have someone you want to protect also you have Releena and I have my Reina but you know since you're a preventer I will have to destroy you. While readying the light and darkness cannon with the buster rifles Joe looks beside him and sees the blue and red buttons and remembers what scientist B told him only to use this when your gundams about to be destroyed from the use of the light and darkness cannon but use that after you push the blue button as a flashback starts to show


So what does the b stand for bitch Said Joe as he was kick in the face while Scientist blackwing yelled at him about how her name was asked to be called blackwing but due to identity issues that she had to be called that name. Okay let us get serious here Joe Look at my new creation for you Said blackwing. What is it well in japan they call these IS and these machine are used for woman in competition as fun but you know I modified it so you can use it, It also go for a life support system for which you can use for when your mobile suit is getting blown up or when you push these buttons look the blue is an E.M.P wave that will wipe you off of radar so you can leave without notice and the red button will self-destruct your gundam but as long as you have this life support you will be able to survive the blow even from the blowup and debris while this is happening let me explain I made this IS to look exactly like you gundam and same feature also it will act like an IS there is a limit that will disappear once you start training in your gundam but you know the only limit is that you will not be able to kill in this IS as the rules say for more thing is that I made a separate identity for you to hide in japan and be in a special school in which you can enroll for the rest of the years while you hide. Right as Joe was leaving Joe Said "hey blackwing can you do me one favor maybe two put a sensor on my gundam for when my gundam explode your cell phone will text telling you so that out plan can go into effect and my other favor is that when this does happens can you gather the rest of my gundam and rebuild it with the same mods like you did but I would like you to add a E.M.P mode to the cannons so anyone caught near my blast or possible get hit and survive they will be immobilized for at least ten seconds but only after the destruction and my escape to japan I will be back to try the IS and be back for my gundam cuz I am about to run away from the preventers so I will not be able to contact you after this prepare my stuff to be ready I have my reasons to do this also promise me this protect Reina for me as I will cannot go on living if she gets killed.

Flashback end

As Joe was getting ready to shoot he remembered that he was not going to see Reina for a while and so he said his goodbyes for now and fire the shot which the power of the recoil had shutdown all the systems in his gundam and almost annialated the gundams main functions and power resulting with the destruction. So the zero system left me enough power in order to activate the procedures and now that my passport and license have been remade for my trip to japan now to push the blue button okay here comes the E.M.P five seconds later the wingzero had shut down and started to fall down okay for the red button alright here we go now for the last one I'm glad that b had made this life support otherwise I would have died earlier now to commence then he pushed the red button next thing you know what had happened was the green alloy on the face and body had turned red and blackwinged angel started going into the sky before self-destructing as this happening Joe Had snuck out of his gundam and started his journey to japan in his new IS that has now trusted him.

What wonders await you in this story

why did joe destroy his suit and why is he acting this way

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