Chapter six

The power of the ragnarock system

With three months passing since they had started training and with Joe training Ichika the training had came along really good so when it came time Joe had said since you had used heeros gundam you had been installed with the zero system and it looks like that you ready to try and go against the girls again okay I sent a signal to Chifuyu to let you come back in your new form and which I would call your second shift okay but remember don't take them lightlycuz I heard that they are good now but now I need you to defeat them with all I recommend you hide your face so heres an extra helmet I made just incase I ever need to look different and if you win which I am sure you probably will I will upgrade your suit but there is a catch though if you do this new system will require me to train you ok so go and break a leg

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While the alarm had gone off in the school with the five girls call for by request as they were the ones that were selected to protect the school and with this Chifuyu had remembered what wrote on the note that she had received saying to treat it as a real attack and to just keep on the real alert that not to worry that if Ichika had revealed hisself to the girls that it was his business that Joe just wanted to check out how his training had been going and let him continue his training afterwards. With that brought up Chifuyu had shown on the screen the unknown IS coming at high speeds of 5000mph the suit will be here by 5 mins so suit up and get ready for battle.

Back at the gundam pilots

Okay now we got the machine responsible for the escape of Heero Yuy and Joe Reysko escape what happen is that they are fugitive in another dimension lady Une with this data we can rebuild it and hopefully recover these two subjects and be able to arrest and bring them back for questioning and be able to use their gundams for our own use like it is supposed to be and this new system that I saw was almost like the wingzero system we used to see but it somehow different we need to finish this and take that new technology.


Now with the battle beginning the girls trying hard to kill Ichika unknowingly to them it started off when Ichika cut cecilias rifle in half but as charlotte was going to surprise the IS she had a feeling that she knew the kind of technique the suit had used with that he started to slash at charlotte when he finally cut her wings and helped her down afterwards the next person to get attack was laura but with the four IS in front of them Houki had order that the suit state its name or they would not take him as easily as they did as this was said Ichika replyed in an unopened channel laughing and evil laugh saying that was easy I thought yall weren't even trying but you might be just little kids in that suit because to me that was 1% of my power come on hold back i am disappointed that you even thought that I could not handle my own Houki, Cecilia, charlotte, Rin, and Laura as he said their names their eye opened widely now come at me before I attack you myself with that angered Houki rushed at the suit without her even knowing the suit had disappeared and had dropped her off with charlotte but with the wings intact in order for them not damaged and with that he attacked laura next with her shield she brought up not having any effect he slashed at her suit that she finally couldn't blockand left her with the other girls and with rin remaining with Cecilia charlotte called for them to stop attacking as the unknown IS came to land the golden hair beauty walked up to him and asked for him to take his mask off for her obeying her orders he did with that she started to cry as to why the other girls couldn't see until charlotte took the mask completely off until then was he recognized as Ichika as the girls came to hug him for him being gone for three months but afterwards he told them I'm sorry girls I have to leave okay with that he restored all their armors as if they were never in a battle now wingzero system activate then and a light started to envelope around him as wings had came out of the suit like the wingzero he flapped his wings and the jets started power up as he noticed behind him the girls were following him as Ichika remembers that Joe had made that helmet for a reason for him to escape by any means so as he went upwards they tried to follow with him as Ichika went through clouds he started to dive and with that he dove into the ocean and the girl right behind him almost close to snatching him he did one thing not many knew how to do he re emerged and from that he had decided to go to a speed that when he had gone to he would be atleast five seconds ahead of the women of death for he had seen this trick once before and before long Ichika had made it to the barrier that had kept the island a secret for a while and with no traces of Ichika the girls continued to search for their beloved.

So as I see you have the compassion to help your friends which is really chilverous but now we will take a break for today as I can see they are going to explore here for a while why don't you let me handle the situation alright it is my turn to have my fun okay . As Joe had took off Ichika had put his suit back Joe had finally made his appearance as the girls had tried to scold Joe but right as this happened Joe got his buster rifle when he fired his cannons at the girls who in return dodged as they have seen this tactics before but this time Joe had used his wings to blend into the clouds and with that he noticed that something was coming at him as he noticed the attachments he recognized that they were like his old cannons with that he let them attach to the buster rifle to make the rest of his gun complete with that he detached his old attachments and sent them to go to Heero with that he read the letter that explained blackwings death and with that he sent the other attachments with as said in the letter with that he had shown up in front of the girls again they looked at him as Joe showed up with his new gun he yelled out the words ragnarock system activate with that his suit had turned to a bright red with his wings turning a burning black and with that Joe took his rifle and as the rifle was powering up all the girls had decided to charge up and with a tear going down joes eye he fired the rifle with the power combining (don't cross the beams lol) a white light had formed with the girls being hit from the beam all the suits had went to zero and their is had disappeared with that they started to fall down Joe had no choice with that he started to gather the girls and with the girls flustered by how brave he is when they finally saw how he had saved them a blonde hair girl had started to cry as her heart started to beat when he finally landed the girls started to question as how he hid the entire island with that the girls were asking if they could come they wanted to train but with that Joe said to go back to Chifuyu but if she says no they were on their own finding this island. When the girls went to ask Chifuyu if she would allow them she said okay but there was a catch they had to escape the academy fully guarded and they would be expelled if they did not escape and came back with Joe Heero and Ichika with that they barely made it out with the last transmission they left to Joe he had brought down the shield for the reason of letting the girl see the island aand with that they had saw the whole entirety and the way Ichika had lived with that way for the last three months . okay ladies today Ichika will not train with us for that reason is that I gave him a day off I think four against one can be tiring but for now you will be tested to see if you can stand the system that Ichika had trained with for the last three months called the zero system which is a highly powered system which can drive a person mad as a example when I first used this system I went berserk and started to destroy minor colonies so as you have heard I have been a mass murderer for the fact I had no control but I will not show mercy for this class even though you are all hot women and with that all the girls started to turn red but you know I need to see if you can handle the system first hand so Heero if you can do the honors and call the wing zero while rebuild Ichika's training dummy that he had destroyed okay first up is Houki . yes sir now I need to put on Heeros life support for the fact my system is a bit more difficult to handle for it uses a different system but with this system you will be able to have better reflexes basically your suits will pilot like Ichika but after today Heero will be training you and to tell you something he is not as nice as I am.

One day later

Okay Ichika time to wake up uagggh said Joe wow I thought that I secured the room when I left last night but dang this little girl made it in here wow what was her name now oh yeah laura she is like a ninja well I better pick her up and take her to her room as he picked her up he felt something missing on her she felt too soft in the blanket as he looked down to see a pair of underwear on the floor he was like oh shit when the next thing he heard was my wife your awake as he hit the floor hard as he was put in a arm bar he instantly afterwards countered the bar with a leg twisting move with that the girl tried to kiss him when he said laura I am Joe not Ichika with that she started to freak out and went into a blush the supersoldier turned plain white as she reacted to a common mistake but then Joe said not to worry as he had a girlfriend that would constantly wrestle him and then afterward she would really wrestle him to the ground with that she said care for a new partner as her face turned red and then Joe said what as she prepare to put him into a suplex with that being done Joe wondered what did he do that all girls that want to date him wanted to wrestle as a form of foreplay as she started to go after Joe charlotte had entered the room and had asked to talk to Joe for a second as Joe ran he was running and with charlotte right beside him and a naked and wrestling addicted laura after him. While running Joe used his cloaking ability to hide hisself in a nearby forrest that was in the middle of the jungle with that he had made a hologram that fooled laura but with charlotte seeing him she hid with him and was able to know where Joe was after what seemed like 50 minutes the hologram finanly lost laura and with that charlotte had talked with Joe asking why he did what he did as he talked to her he replyed by saying well as beautiful as you are I really will tell you the truth well at the school I had thought that I should help Ichika at some point he came to me and asked me to be partners and so what I did was ask him if he wanted to be as powerful as I was with him ancious I took him as my underling forwhich heglady came to have kept growing stronger to protect his friends and plus I don't want Ichika to win just because of me what I did though was give him my past experience which he could used for hisself except the system that you all is using is less compared to how good mine was and when you start traing with that she said but I don't care about Ichika anymore to tell the truth nowis

Joe I l….

With that he heard aha I found you my new wife OHH GEEZ GOTTA RUN CHARLOTTE. Ahhhhhh with that Joe ran so fast he would make a chaetah proud.

With that Joe had took Ichika and told him to follow his signal and with that he gave him a computer within five seconds Joe had transformed into his IS and flew away with a naked white girl after him.

When Joe had checked the computer it came with coordinates that Joe had put coordinates to a position that Joe had put for an island that Joe had made like this island a training ground as he saw the coordinates Joe heard a voice come out the computer and tell Ichika I don't have very long to say cuz this little girl is after me so listen closely I messed with your IS so I will fix it when I meet you just stay calm cuz what I am doing is going to go against byakushikis will hate me but I know you can speak to her as he heard that a pink haired girl appeared beside asking what was happening he told him you have gone through your second shift so you will be able to see her and she can project beside you but now I am about to say this code and this will activate a certain control code that will make you freak out but just don't worry but be prepared be cause I am about to say it okay here it is code 57632992hjdhh2877389884093u

With a sudden case a flashing of a light had shown on Ichika and then he was suited in byakushiki and took off with the pink haired girl screaming shortly behind she finally went back into Ichika with this he appeared at an island that was similar to the island before but was quieter and had no girls on it but with this island I never expected to see these machines here why are there giant machines here with that he had heard a laughter from a female who had had started to creep her out she laughed at his reaction as she said allow me to introduce myself my name is Scientist Blackwing …

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