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I keep getting the same dream every night. Of a boy with grey hair covering his left eye and his pale white skin, it almost looks like its glowing. He tries to reach for me, but every time I cant move. He looks so lonley. I try to scream so he could hear me, but I cant speak. He starts walks away . As much as I call for him he won't turn. Then slowly, my vision starts getting blurry. After some time I wake up. I keep thinking it might be a sigh or something. But I try to not to put too much attention. it's a dream after all.

I'm about to start my second day of school at Humming James H.S. It's a pretty small school, but its known for its beautiful view of Crystal Lake. The first day wasn't so bad. I have nice teachers and the classes don't seem that hard, yet! The uniform isn't too bad either. Its black pants or skirt with a baby yellow collar shirt with a tiger on the side. Its fun when people never figure out that you wore the same thing twice.

"Maria!" I heard someone call my name, as soon as I turn Ive been hugged. "Maria! Have you seen the new boy?", its Ginger.

"What new boy?" since it's a small school we know almost everyone, so it's kind of the news when someone new comes in.

"I don't know much about him, but-", she came closer to me, "he is extremely handsome", she whispered to me.

"Show me!" Ginger and I walked to where he was waiting for his class, which surprisingly was my first period. He had like a smoky grey colored hair and with, wait, a bandage on his eye. "He looks intimidating", I told Ginger.

"You got that right" Ginger biting her lower lip. " I gots to go, 2 minutes before the bell rings".

"Okay, bye bye" I smiled and looked at the boy again. We made eye contact, but I looked away. The bell rang and I just walked as fast as I can to the classroom. I find my seat, which is all the way in the back. I don't mind, but sometimes its hard too see but its okay. I see the boy sitting in the empty chair two seats away from mine. I didn't know that I was staring at him till Paul pointed him out.

"Cute, Huh!", Paul said.

I just stayed quite. He knew I was turning red, he just laughing.

"Class please take your seats class is about to begin . Please take out the sighed sheets I- wait, we have a new late student. Sir, can you please stand up and introduce yourself", said the teacher.

He got up from his seat and spoke, "I am Ciel Phantomhive".

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