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He nodded and said, "after you".

Still in shock, I snapped out of it and said, " yup", and head towards English AP.

I hope this day goes smoothly, without me doing something stupid.

We spend the whole day together and he was so gentle and kind and just magical! We even sat next to each other class we sat next to each other and he would make witty jokes. But of course I had the occasional clumsy trips and said something stupid. I am just happy he didn't make fun of me.

But in lunchtime we unfortunately we had to part because the principal asked for him to have lunch with him. Which wasn't creepy at all, nooooo. We each class we sat next to each other and he would make witty jokes.

At the last class of the day, we said our goodbyes and he wished me a safe trip home.

Like any normal kid who already start driving and go home. I had to stay after school late because I had to wait for my step mother to pick me up. She comes a picks me up like 7 pm because that is the time she gets off work. In the meantime I just chill in the library. Do homework or stuff. 'if only I could afford a car'. I checked myself in the liberty and began my homework.

buzzz buzzzzz buzzzzz

I hear a buzz and look at my phone. It was a text from my step mom

Step-Mom -.- :

Can't pick you upa, too drunkk to drivee,

wak home

Frustrated I looked at the clock and its 7 : 30.' I guess I went to sleep and didn't even notice the time. I could've gone home a long time ago'.

They turned off all the lights from the school, "They closed the school, great". I start finding the exit.

Crash! I from hear a distance, ignoring it, I keep walking.

As I start to walk I hear the noises getting louder and louder. All the sudden I hear a laugh.

" IF THIS A PRANK IT'S NOT FUNNY!" I scream. But no response. I walk and then all the sudden I feel that there is someone behind me.

Without thinking I start running, not turning around, just like sweet brown said, " I ran fo mah life". But then I hear getting louder and louder footsteps. I tried to lose him by going into different halls and rooms. I've see scary movies, I know my facts.

I looked behind me and check no one was there. I went to the nearest class room and hid in the closet. I covered my mouth to make sure I want making any noise. But suddenly I hear footsteps coming from the hall. The door opens and I hear the footsteps coming closer and closer. 'Shit Shit Shit', I bit my lip.

Awaiting for my doom the closet door opens. And I see the principle?

" Ms. Maria are you ok?", he asked.

"OOOOHHH principle I am so glad to see you, I-" from the corner of my eye I see blood dripping from his forehead. "principle your bleeding".

" Ohhh am I?" he said. He touched his head, his hand was filled with blood. He brought his fingers to his mouth and licked his blood. I shiver ran through my back. Suddenly his voice got deeper and eerie, " Ms. Maria, you naughty girl, the school is closed". He grabbed and pulled my wrist and brought me closer to him. I was so close that I could smell the stench of liquor and feel the his hot breath.

" Please let me go-" I felt his arm making its way to my chest. I panicked and started screaming and kicking, anything to get away from him.

He laughed and made his grip tight and began to suck on my neck. I felt my neck wet and my body to tremble. The more I scream the tighter the grip would be and I could only screamed in pain.

"PLEASE! ANYONE! PLEASE HEEEELLP MEEE!", sobbing he laughed even more and pulled me to the floor. He punched my face over and over again. I felt the blood trickle in my cheek. All I could do is cry and scream. I felt so weak, so helpless.

"No one can hear you my dear, its just-" he pulled out a knife from his pocket, I froze and began hyperventilating, " and me". He ripped out my shirt and bra and left me bear. He began to rub his knife in my chest back and forth.

I closed my eyes and I hear a familiar voice.

" Let her go", I open my eyes and saw Ciel. He had a gun placed on the principles head.

"Oh Mr. Phantomhive it's so good to see you! look I let go!" He dropped me and I immediately began to crawl towards the exit, but he grabbed my leg.

" I said, LET HER GO!", his eyebrows were arched and pressed the gun to the principal's head.

He pulled me in closer, " But look Mr. Phantomhive! we can share! look look! shes a virgin! and looks good enough to eat! we can share!", he said.

He didn't respond.


"so thats what you did with the other girls" said responded.

The principle let got of me and grabbed Ciel's gun and tried to take it away from him. Ciel was a lot stronger, he hit the principle on his neck and immediately made him fall. The principle described tried to grab his knife but Ciel kicked it away.

" Maria", Ciel looked at me,"Close your eyes", he softly said. But as soon as I close my eyes I heard a gunshot. THUD.

"You sick bastard" said murmured.

When I tried to open my eyes, Ciel pulled me back and immediately covered eyes. As soon as I felt his cold hands touched me I begin to break down. I turned to him and hugged him, still with my eyes close.

He wrapped his arms around me and whispered to me "I'm sorry, I'm sorry".

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