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Summary: When a chemical agent is released into Cuddy's and House's bloodcells, interesting things happen… HUDDY!

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Chemical Childhood
by minnie313

Chapter I:

It was 10 am in the city of Princeton, New Jersey and Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital was, for once, quiet. Which is very strange, because, as you well know, in this hospital, the one who makes the rules is Doctor Gregory House, world-renowned diagnostician and jerk extraordinaire.

Now, this man has a peculiar way of practicing medicine which inclines him to do everything and anything to save his patients. It IS true that they are people that no one else can diagnose and so, the various diseases they could have remain untreated unless HE takes their case. Hence, it IS understandable that he would do everything he could to save them or at least, diagnose them, isn't it? The problem IS his methods border on unethical. THIS is why the board of the hospital makes the Dean of Medicine, a Doctor Lisa Cuddy, a curvaceous, clever and compassionate creature , supervise him.

It was one of those days when House had a case and his team, composed by Doctor Chase, a cute Aussie, Doctor Cameron, a thin brunette with a desire to fix every broken people, and Doctor Foreman, a quite self righteous afro-american guy, was looking for him. Or more exactly, Cameron and Chase were looking for him as House was making Dr Foreman do consults in the free clinic of the hospital.

The two ducklings were walking down the hospital hallways, desperate to find their boss for an insight on their patient's diagnosis. Indeed, they tests were inconclusive and, well, their boss WAS a world-renowned diagnostician, maybe he would have an idea. Forget they had worked for him two years and a half… But back to our story. As I said, they were looking for House. He had a lot of hiding places in the hospital: the morgue, the roof, the coma guy's room, the cafeteria, his friend's (Dr Wilson) office, for example, and even unusual places like the clinic (and he was always trying to avoid it). Wilson had no idea where he was and Cuddy, who usually had a knack for finding him had disappeared too.

After a moment, and an inconclusive search, Chase and Cameron arrived at the lab. It was one of the few places where they hadn't searched yet.

"Cameron, you really think he's here?" Chase asked.

"Well, it's one of the few places we haven't searched yet… maybe he's here?"

At this moment, they heard a child crying.

"What the Hell!" Chase said.

They entered the lab to find two children around the age of 6. A boy with amazing blue eyes and ruffled black hair and a girl with black curly hair and clear blue eyes. The one crying was the girl. She was partly hidden by the boy who was apparently apparently trying to comfort her, holding her hands and whispering her stuff. It seemed to work as, after a little while, the girl stopped crying. Chase and Cameron recovered their observation and the shock of seeing children in the lab registered.

"Children?" Chase exclamed.

"What are they doing here?" Cameron cried.

"And their clothes! Oh my God! they're House's and Cuddy's" they said in unison.

And indeed, it was their boss and their boss' boss' clothes that the children were wearing. They looked cute in those overgrown clothes but two questions stayed: who were they and where were House and Cuddy? It was Cameron who launched herself as the boy asked them suspiciously who they were and what did they want:

"Errr, I'm Doctor Cameron, this is Doctor Chase, who are you two kids?"

The little girl cocked her head to the right and answered in a little voice:

"Hi… I'm Lisa, he's Greg. Where's my Mommy?"

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