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Chapter V:

Then, they returned to the hospital. Cameron needed the other three to pay her back their part of the kids' stuff and it had to be decided where they should stay…

It was now past 10 pm and Wilson was returning to his bedroom, relieved that the evening was over. Not that he didn't found the two kids cute or great, but they had so much energy that he was completely exhausted.

Indeed, it had been his house that had been deemed the most appropriate for them to move in for the time being. It had also been decided that as long as they were little children, they would go to the kindergarten nearest to the hospital. They had already been enrolled there under the names Lisa Carter and Gregory Hanton.

The children were sleeping on the couch in some sort of a makeshift bed and, by now, Wilson was more than probably asleep too. Lisa was curled up against Greg and he was holding her protectively, an arm round her waist and one around her neck.

Had you been around to witness their entire evening, you would certainly have found them extremely cute. Indeed, after a most quiet dinner, Wilson, Lisa and Greg had watched Mary Poppins. Wilson had kept a little smirk the whole evening, Greg had enjoyed himself thoroughly and Lisa, Lisa had been the most enthusiastic. It was quite normal, after all, she absolutely loved this movie.

Greg's enjoyment hadn't, however, come from the movie. What had had him in such a merry state was Lisa. Or rather Lisa's actions during the movie. Indeed, for each song, Lisa got up from her place next to the 8 years-old boy on the couch and sang in tune. She even danced. To Wilson but especially Greg, she was awfully cute but a bit ridiculous, the good kind of ridiculous, the one that makes you laugh just from happiness. And Greg laughed. More than he had done in years. To that, she pouted. She looked just as cute and he chuckled as he put her back on the couch. After all the excitement had quieted down, the children had quickly fallen asleep on the couch and Wilson had covered them with a blanket.

Lisa was now wiggling a bit to get closer to the source of warmth that was Greg but he pushed her away and she jerked awake, feeling the loss of his comforting warmth. She heard him mumble in his sleep as he was trashing from side to side.

"Dad, please, don't hurt me"

Even though she was young, she understood what it meant. His Daddy was a bad guy and he hurt him. Her eyes filled themselves with tears. She was hurting for her "new" friend and she began to try waking him by shaking him. But Greg kept trashing in the makeshift bed and crying out to his father to stop hitting him. Lisa began to shake him harder, all the while whispering him that it was just a nightmare, "to please, please wake up", that his father wasn't there.

He finally jerked awake. Being on his side, she was nearly thrown off the couch.


"Greg, you okay? You had a nightmare and…"

"Yeah, I'm okay"


"Listen, I-I've nightmares often, OK?"

"Cuz of your Dad?"

"You… heard? It was erm only a memory, sometimes he punishes me but erm I… always deserve it…" Greg smiled weakly, ashamed.


"Listen, it's nothing, OK? Plus, I won't see him again for a long time as they don't want us to see our parents."

"I'm glad!"

"But what about you pa…"

"I'm glad cuz you won't have to see him again! I don't want you to see him anymore! Not ever!"


Greg couldn't say anything. She wasn't as smart as he was but she had still picked up something about his father. For a 6 years-old kid, she sure was smart. She had understood right away… He was ashamed of that fact, he should have hidden it better. But now, she knew, she would pity him, she would…

As if sensing his thoughts, Lisa climbed on top of him.

"Greg? You're my friend. You're the bestest guy in the whole world! And I like you!" She whispered urgently as she hugged him then kissed him on the cheek.

She liked him?

He looked at her, surprised. From the rare glimpses he could see of her light blue eyes, the light that shone there wasn't expressing pity. All he could see at the moment was pure unalterated affection like children only can give you.

"I like you too, Lise" He whispered back.