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Chapter 1

Sam stood awkwardly as the workers carried her belongings into her new, two bedroom, one bath, apartment. She wanted to help carry boxes into the place, but the workers smiled and brushed her off, saying, "Don't worry about a thing, Miss Samantha. We are almost done."

She sighed and once they were finished, they left her to put away her things and customize the place with what she had brought from home. The first things she did was take her acoustic guitar from its protective case and neatly set it in on a guitar stand in the corner of the living room, smiling fondly at its light wood face and dark wood body and neck.

She then placed picture frames of her family on a shelf that was provided with the apartment along with the other furniture. There was a picture of her mother and father holding Sam as a baby, one with her grandmother watering her rose garden, one with her and her huddled next to her two best friends, and one of Sam wrapping her arms around her little brother's neck with glee filled grins on their faces. She stopped to smile at it warmly, touching the boy's brown hair as if she could really feel it on her fingers. It made her so happy to look upon her sweet brother's face, but also made her feel the usual sorrow and grief that came with looking at his picture. She couldn't stand to look at it anymore, so she put it with the other pictures of her family and continued taking things out of the boxes.

Taking all of her belongings from the boxes and putting them away was tiring, but she felt extremely accomplished when she was all finished.

Actually, she already felt accomplished.

Sam had managed get a once in a lifetime scholarship to the prestigious Ouran Academy. In only one week, she will begin her first semester of high school. It seemed strange to her that the school year starts in the beginning of April in Japan, rather than the end of August, but she figured that it was going to be one of the many cultural differences she was going to have to get used to.

She worked and studied very hard to get where she was. She could still hear her best friend's concerned preaching.

"Y'know, you're looking a little pale. Maybe you should go outside instead of studying all day!" Paige, her friend, and cousin, would always say.

"Sam," Austin, her other best friend would say, "quit being a worm and come to the movies with us!"

Now that she knew for a fact that she wouldn't be able to see her friends very often, she wished that she did at least take a study break to spend more time with them. It was unnerving to think that she wouldn't be able to see her friends and family until the summer holidays.

But, of course, moving from her family in America to her own apartment in Japan paid by the school to allow her to attend was going to need some getting used to. The school automatically paid for her rent and bills, but they promised that every month they would send her an allowance check to pay for her food, toiletries, etc.

She had already received her first month's check when she arrived and planned to cash it in and go grocery shopping for her empty refrigerator before it would get to be too dark.

With a map of the city in front of her, she wondered around the streets, looking for the grocery store marked on her map when she noticed two small children tugging cutely on their mother's skirt for her attention.

Sam smiled as she gazed affectionately at the children and didn't pay attention to where she was going until she ran right into someone in front of her, causing them to fall down.

"Hey, watch where you're going!" the boy snapped, helping the girl he was with up.

"Calm down. It was just an accident," the girl with him said.

Sam gasped. "I'm so sorry! Are you okay?"

The girl with short brunette hair and the boy with light auburn hair she was with only blinked at her in response.

"Did she just speak English?" the boy quietly asked the brunette, making sure he wasn't just hearing things.

Sam's eyes widened when she realized that she accidentally spoke in English rather than Japanese. Luckily, she came to Japan knowing how to speak it. She spent three years studying it once she decided she wanted to attend Ouran Academy for high school and caught on to it quickly. She still wasn't completely fluent, but she knew enough to not need a translator and was positive that living in Japan will only help her with becoming fluent in the language quickly.

"I'm sorry! I'm from America, so I'm still not completely used to speaking Japanese all the time," she replied in Japanese. She turned to the brunette. "Are you okay?"

"Oh, yeah, I'm fine. Don't worry about it," she said nonchalantly.

"Actually, um, do you mind telling me where I can find the nearest grocery store?" Sam asked.

"It's farther down this way," she said, pointing to the direction Sam was already going. "You'll eventually see it on the right if you keep going."

"Thank you so much!" she thanked her and quickly ran off to where she was directed.

She followed the brunette's directions and found the store like she was promised. She spent only a portion of the money she had to buy her needed groceries and toiletries since she knew better not to spend everything all at once in case there would ever be an emergency.

She walked out of the store with two huge bags and noticed the sun setting and that hardly any people were out wandering from shop to shop now.

"I'd better hurry back before it gets dark," she thought to herself.

She began to walk hurriedly toward the direction she came from when she began to hear footsteps creeping up from behind her. She turned around from paranoia, but saw nobody. Instead of making her relax, it made her even more anxious as she continued on. She still heard the footsteps and they got closer and closer until she felt a hand aggressively grab her by the mouth and pull her into a small, narrow alley in between two clothing stores she had just passed, pinning her against a wall, making her drop her bags.

She tried to scream, but she could barely be heard, for the man's mouth muffled every sound she made from her mouth. She felt his hands go straight to her pockets, where she kept her money, and realized what was happening. She was being mugged.

She gazed at the mugger in horror to attempt to get a good look at his face, but the alley's walls clouded the setting sun's remaining light too much to distinguish anything besides shaggy hair and raggedy, torn clothes.

"Shhh. I don't want to have to hurt a pretty girl like you," he murmured in her ear. He then slid his free hand to her thigh, hinting other intentions.

The touch alarmed her. She started to squirm to loosen his hand's hold on her mouth and let out another scream. This time it wasn't muffled, but loud and piercing.

He growled, obviously not pleased with what she had done, and threw her against the hard ground.

On the ground, she could hear her heart beat obnoxiously in her ears and couldn't control the amount of oxygen her lungs cried out for.

"Hey!" she heard a different voice yell.

She then heard the quick pitter-patter of running feet before everything went black.

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