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Hope in the Ugly Reality
Chapter 11
By Kaoru likes One Piece

Luffy was pacing back and forth all over the hallway, he usually was very confident about stuff, but right now, he couldn't help being nervous while there were no news about how Nami was doing.

"For the love of Oda Luffy, be still for a second, just take a seat, she will be fine"

"But Usopp!" the black haired man complained and pouted like a child

"Calm down, you are not usually like this, don't you have confidence in her?"

"OF COURSE I DO!" Luffy shouted, and placing a 'thought look' all over his face took a seat while a thin line of sweat rolled down his chin.

A couple of minutes later, the black door at the end of the hallway opened, and out stepped Nami with a serious expression, she was dressed very simply, black pants and white dress shirt with the last buttons left open, revealing just enough of her ample bosom.

"What happened Nami? Did it go ok?" Luffy couldn't help to ask.

She approached Usopp and Luffy very slowly, always wearing her blank expression, and then she literally jumped into Luffy's arms and squealed "I'm IN! I PASSED!"

She was now an official member of the Straw Hat team, Usopp congratulated Nami and from the opposite end of the hallway several 'heads' peeked from around the corner.

"Guys I passed!" she repeated, and then the hallway was full of laughter and congratulations.

And congratulations where well deserved because Nami had just passed very rigorous examinations in order to enter the CP9 organization. Some people in the higher ups doubted Nami had the right qualifications to become a member, and objected Shanks and Luffy's decisions based on the biased position they were in, and other captains –namely Hanckock- had objected on the basis that you just couldn't go around saving 'whores' and adding them up to the team.

Ultimately, Nami enrolled in a special training regime, and had to pass a series of tests and trials. Of course she did it with flying colors, and had specialized on the Surveillance, Planning and Logistics department; she would assist Robin and Chopper while on field missions. Of course she received a course on basic combat skills and weapons, so she could defend or assist her team in case of necessity, plus, she was especially good with a bo staff.

Six months had gone by since she was released from Arlong's grasp, and she never imagined that she would end up working as a secret agent of sorts, but Nami was glad she accepted Luffy's offer, not only it would provide a career for her, she would also have the pleasure of taking out scumbags from the streets and earning a lot of money out of it. Not to mention, the trill of the missions and the possibility to have assignments all over the world…

She kept constant communication with her sister and she had even gone to stay with her in their mother's old farm for a couple of weeks to help … but she had found out that such a tranquil life was not for her, and soon she was back in the city and starting her training. Besides, Nojiko wouldn't be alone with Ace dropping by every other week to 'check on her'.

Nami grumbled, why did she have to end up with the 'dumb' brother?

Speaking of which…

"But SHANKS! That's sooo boring" complained Luffy for the tenth time. Everyone was over the Akagami family's country house, celebrating Nami's addition to the team.

"Luffy dear, you know I wouldn't ask you if it wasn't important but we are looking forward to this vacation… we weren't counting on getting invited to Saint Rosswald's daughter's coming of age party… and we can't have that kind of people offended".

"Who throws a party for things like that nowadays anyway?" Zoro rolled his eyes and tsked then he continued to drink his sake.

"Do you understand now Luffy? If we don't go they expect nothing less than my own heir and beloved son to attend" Shanks said with a melodramatic voice.

Luffy just rolled his eyes and huffed "Send Ace"

"He already ditched me"

"YOU ASKED HIM FIRST?" Luffy shouted outraged.

"OF COURSE I did! You always act like a beast on formal parties, and I didn't want to risk getting some of that people offended!" At this comment everyone, including Nami, started to laugh on behalf of Luffy that just blushed furiously and crossed his arms.

"that is.. not true!"

"Don't worry ma boy, I have a backup plan" and Shanks pinched Nami's cheek while saying "I'll send our new member on a special mission"

"So I get to babysit the moron…"

"hey!" Objected said moron.

"Isn't it wonderful dear? You will get to go to a ball party and dress up and all" Makino commented with a big, wide smile. Nami just sighed and her shoulders dropped in defeat. She KNEW just how important this vacation was for the older woman, her someday to be mother in law had told her in repeated occasions just how much work Shanks always had, how they never got to get vacations abroad, and so on, she was looking forward this so much that Nami couldn't bring herself to say no.

"Don't worry, I'll make sure he behaves… but I can't promise anything".

"Perfect!" Shanks said grinning, "Now that that's taken care of… when would you two marry? I want those grandchildren y' know"

Everyone face faulted and a very embarrassed couple had to stand the grandchildren jokes for several minutes to come.

Some days later, the evening of the party, Nami glanced at her reflection on the full length mirror on her room and sighed, she looked beautiful, elegant, refined, her hair was up on a bun leaving a few waving strands down, she had a pearl neacle and a tight red spaghetti dress with a very high cut on the side that reveled her long stylish legs beautifully, the only thing that didn't match was the lack of her smile.

"You look beautiful, and you should smile, it's not every day that Luffy agrees to take you somewhere fancy with the promise of behaving"

Robin said to Nami's reflection. The older woman knew what was bothering Nami, after all, the younger girl had had her share of fancy parties in the past. Back when she still worked as an 'executive escort' for Arlong she used to go to such parties all the time with politicians and rich business men.

"I rather be on the ship with you guys having a barbecue and watching Luffy stuff his face while Chopper screams for a doctor"

At this both women started to laugh whole heartily.

When Luffy picked Nami up for the party her jaw literally dropped to the sight in front of her…

Deep red silk dress shirt, black slacks, a TIE and a matching jacket, but he was frowning and looked unhappy.

"Makino forced me to wear these stupid shoes", he said with a scowl.

Nami just laughed at his antics, sometimes instead of twenty six, Luffy acted like he was five. Nami just shook her head thinking what good and hard work Shanks and Makino had made raising Luffy, even with proper education he behaved like a little wild thing, for a moment Nami had to wonder what would be of Luffy if he had stayed on the streets with Ace instead. She shook that thought away and just climbed into the car.

"Aren't you going to tell me I look beautiful or something?" She told her boyfriend, offended as any woman would be after so many hours of preparations.

"Huh? I sorry, you look nice" he said more as a mechanism of defense than a real praise.


"Look Nami I really don't care how you look; I'll love you anyways" he said casually while the car started.

Her eyes glazed over and she looked away from him, glancing out the windows towards the streets, with a barely audible, chocking voice she uttered…

"That still is no compliment… moron"

The party was just as Nami expected it to be, on a mansion, full of stuck up people that believed they were God's gift to humanity. They were introduced into a big ball room with glass chandeliers, beautiful windows with a view of the garden, marble floors; on a corner a small orchestra was playing classical music. Arranged against the walls opposite to the windows there where tables with appetizers of all kinds and shapes. She took Luffy's arm, preventing him to run off towards the food, he frowned in disgust.

"But Nami, I'm hungry!"

"You always are, and besides I bet Makino fed you before coming here, am I right?"

"Yeah… but I'm only sixty percent full"

"I'll get you something later when everybody starts to get drunk and won't care about your manners anymore, ok?"

Luffy didn't look convinced but nodded nevertheless.

Nami knew this kind of party's protocols so she chatted with everyone that recognized Luffy as Shank's son, keeping her captain and boyfriend in check and good behavior.

"I'm bored" he complained for the fifth time. Nami just patted his hand and smiled, he was behaving, as bored and hungry and against Luffy's nature was being in a party like that, Nami knew the only reason he was being good was because he didn't want to disappoint Shanks.

"Then come, take me dancing" She pulled his arm and he didn't have any choice but to follow.

"But Nami! I don't wanna dance I don't know how and this dance looks stupid and boring"

"Oh really, any old guy here is brave enough to go out and dance and you are telling me you can't?"

Luffy growled at her, she just KNEW where to hit to make him do her bidding; he frowned and watched the old guys' feet. One two, step, one two, step…

Luffy smiled, the movements were easy for him, and after all, he was a fighting genius.

He took Nami swiftly and started guiding her swiftly across the dance floor, and as clumsy as he was with other kind of things, he didn't miss one step while dancing, not when he had been challenged.

He would show Nami he could dance better than any of those old farts.

Nami was glowing, she couldn't believe Luffy was guiding her so perfectly, and they made a beautiful match it seemed, because a crowd had formed around them, and people stopped dancing instead to watch this young couple, even the birthday girl was forgotten, the poor thing still ugly in spite of the very expensive dress, the professional makeup and stylists her parents had hired for the occasion.

A fat, ugly, dark haired man in his mid-thirties picked his nose while watching Nami and Luffy dance, he smirked, and his sister, Saint Shalulia, the honored girl of the party, stepped next to him.

"Ugly bitch, isn't she? But the man next to her, he looks cute, I'll ask papa to get him from me" she smirked.

"I know the girl…"

"Really? Was she one of father's gifts brother? Because I don't recognize her from any of the noble families" Shalulia asked while never taking her eyes out of Luffy.

"She was my favorite toy" he answered, swallowing hard in excitement, a thin line of mucus sliding down his nose, an evil, perverted smile shadowing his features.

To be Continued (soon!).

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