The love and despair of a young princess

I was by the sitting room when my mama and a young man arrived.

I stood and asked: "And by God who are you, Sir?"

The young man answered: "I am Lord Derby. Who are you, my lady?"

I said with a curtsy: "My lord, I am but the princess."

"You are the princess Emma?" The Lord Derby asked.

"Yes, I am but a princess, my lord." I answered with a nod.

My mother said: "Emma, this is the lord of Derby and he wishes to marry you."

I said: "Mother, I am honoured but I must be pardoned."

I hurried out of the parlor, and up to my chamber. Just as I entered my chamber, I heard a voice call from my balcony: "Princess."

I went out to the balcony and saw a man clinging to the front of the balcony, I said: "Who are thou, sir?"

"I am but the lord of Derby, Your Grace." The man answered.

"What are thou doing on my balcony?" I asked.

"I was hoping to talk you some more. Knowing if you would if I were not a lord accept me?"

"I would not accept a man without him being honest and true, either lord or lad."

"But I was true; I told you who I am. But in the world of eternal night, I could not see the light which was the blessing in disguise of you, kind lady, Lady of my heart."

"Kind sir, you forget that I have niether accepted your attentions or your proposal. But I know if my most devoted heart was given, break it would whilst I was the one hoping for eternal love."

"The love you talk about is what has brought me here today, my lady. Whilst I have seen you from a distance I have loved you with all of my being and hoping to show those affections which are forbidden. But the love I feel for you, my lady, are true and strong and I hope to someday prove it to you, and win your love."

"You say much, but I do not hear it, since you do not speak it, but tells it. If you have to talk so, then tell me of those feelings which is inside of you."

"My lady, I love you, your eyes, your rosy lips and the tender look in them, as you look upon something which pleases you, and the deepness of your soul, which is so clearly seen in your eyes, who are like an ocean."

"You my lord have observed a great many things about me."

"All I tell you is that I love you, and wish for someday to marry you, if my feelings are repaid."

"They are repaid, since I have seen you too from a distance, but never known who or what you were, my lord. But say the words which will make yours in the future." I answered as I looked into his deep soft brown eyes.

As we talked, we drew nearer each other, only in search of understanding and acceptance of the feelings we both were sure belonged to us.

Suddenly his lips touched mine, and it felt like heaven, and all the stars in the heaven was dancing and singing in our praise.

The kiss stopped and the lord Derby said and kneeled: "My lady, Emma, will you be my wife?"

"Yes. But then you have to show me again, that I am yours, and will be yours forever more."

Which he did, drew me nearer and our lips touched as two lovers met for the first time, sweet and chaste and yet so full of passion.

Authors Note:

Anything you recognise is William Shakespeare's work. I hope you enjoy.