Naruto, Sasuke and Hinata arrived at the training field to find Kakashi wasn't there yet.
"He's late", said Naruto. "Why is he never on time?"
"M-maybe he has something important he has to do first", stuttered Hinata.
"Sorry I'm late", said Kakashi when he finally arrived. "I got lost on the path of life".
"So, what's this about the survival exercises?" said Naruto. By way of response, Kakashi took out two tiny bells, connected by a
red string.
"Your goal will be to take these bells from me", said Kakashi. "You'll have 'til midday. If you fail to aquire a bell by then, you will not only fail to qualify, you will also not recieve any lunch. You will then be tied to a post and will watch as I eat my lunch".
"That's why he wanted us to skip breakfast", said Sasuke, before he noticed Naruto seemed oddly unperturbed by this.
"Good thing I ate breakfast anyway!" said Naruto. "I can't fight on an empty stomach, so Mewtwo-sensei told me to eat breakfast despite what you said".
'There he goes mentioning this "Mewtwo-sensei" person again', thought Kakashi. 'I really will have to get to the bottom of this sometime'.
He noticed Hinata had her hand raised. "Yes Hinata?" he asked. "Um... Kakashi-sensei... Why are there only two bells?"
"Since there are only two bells, one of you is guaranteed to go back to the academy", said Kakashi. Hinata and Naruto looked shocked at this, while Sasuke simply glared at Kakashi.

"Come at me with everything you've got", said Kakashi. "If you aren't prepared to kill me, you won't get a bell".
"Ready?" he said, about to announce the beginning of the exercise, but Naruto ran at him. By the time the blond genin had reached him, he was nowhere to be seen. Naruto felt a kunai to his throat.
"I didn't say start yet", he stated. "Don't be so hasty".
The silver-haired jonin paused before he spoke again.
"Alright, you may begin", said Kakashi, before immediately vanishing in a puff of smoke. The three genin set off in different directions to try and find him.

Hinata activated her Byakugan as she ran to search the immediate area for Kakashi. She hoped she could get a bell somehow; if she didn't, she would be separated from Naruto (unless he couldn't get one either, which she hoped wasn't the case).
She immediately sighted their masked sensei and hid herself to avoid detection.
"Well, they seem to have mastered keeping themselves hidden", said Kakashi, until he noticed Naruto standing right in front of him.
"I've found you, Kakashi-sensei!", said Naruto. "And now I'm going to take one of those bells from you!"
"You talk big, but can you follow up on it?" asked Kakashi, taking something out of his bag, which turned out to be a strange orange-covered book. Kakashi opened it, holding the book with one hand as he read.
"Why are you reading a book?" asked Naruto.
"Why? Because I want to see what happens in the story", said Kakashi as if it were obvious.
"Fine by me", said Naruto, placing his hands on the ground. Kakashi's one visible eye moved from the book to Naruto in interest.

'Is he going to use some kind of jutsu?' thought Kakashi.
"Earthquake!" cried Naruto, and immediately the ground began to shake. Kakashi leapt into the air to dodge the attack as the ground around Naruto cracked slightly.
'Is that an Earth-style Jutsu?' Kakashi asked himself, just as Naruto threw a kunai at him. Naruto grinned as a bell was cut from the string, only for the bell, along with Kakashi himself, to disappear in a puff of smoke, replaced by a neatly-chopped log.
"Dammit! Where'd Kakashi-sensei go?" said Naruto as he searched the area for Kakashi.
"Don't let your enemy get behind your back", said Kakashi's voice from behind Naruto. "Secret finger jutsu: One thousand years of Death!"
And with that, he poked Naruto in the posterior so hard it somehow sent him flying into the air.
"That wasn't a jutsu! You just poked me!" shouted Naruto as he got up off the ground.
Kakashi was about to say something but suddenly several kunai and shuriken stabbed into his side and knocked him off his feet. Naruto looked in the direction the projectiles had been thrown from to see Sasuke.
"What do you think you're doing!" yelled Naruto. "You just..."
He stopped suddenly when Kakashi vanished in a puff of smoke to be replaced with another log.
"Not again!" cried Naruto. "Where'd he go now?"
"I think he went that way" said Hinata, emerging from the undergrowth. "But I don't think any of us are strong enough to get a bell off of
"Then maybe we could work together to get the bells", suggested Naruto.
"Like I'd need your help to get one", said Sasuke, before running off in the direction Hinata had mentioned.
"M-maybe we could still work together", suggested Hinata.
"There are only two bells", said Naruto. "Alright, that seems like a good idea".

Meanwhile, Sasuke and Kakashi faced each other.
"I'm not like Naruto or Hinata", said Sasuke.
"Is that so?" said Kakashi. "Why don't you show me?"
Sasuke ran towards Kakashi and attempted to punch him, but Kakashi grabbed his arm. He spun round and attempted to kick Kakashi in the head, but Kakashi blocked the attack with his other arm. Both ninjas leapt back away from each other, and Sasuke began forming hand seals.

"Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu!" shouted Sasuke, firing a large fireball from his mouth. Kakashi seemed to be engulfed in flames and burned to a crisp... until it turned out to be another log.
'He can use Fire style Jutsu?' thought Kakashi, obviously surprised. 'Then again, it's not as strange as that Earth Jutsu Naruto used; I didn't even see him form any hand seals'
Sasuke realised Kakashi was right behind him just a second too late.
"Earth Style: Headhunter Jutsu!" announced Kakashi. Sasuke was pulled into the ground until he was buried up to the neck.
"You're right, Sasuke; you are different from Hinata and Naruto", said Kakashi, looking down at Sasuke's head. He looked fairly ridiculous buried like this with only his head showing. "But different isn't always better. In fact, I'd say that Naruto's jutsu are probably more impressive than yours".
"Hey, Kakashi-sensei!" cried a voice. Kakashi looked round to see Naruto just in time to dodge a thin, sky-blue beam that Naruto fired from his mouth in a similar way to Sasuke's Fireball Jutsu.
The beam went on to hit a tree, freezing the bark solid.
'Ice?' Kakashi thought to himself, clearly surprised.
"That's just the first one", said Naruto. "Psycho Cut!"
As he spoke, his eyes glowed and suddenly a tree next to Kakashi had a deep cut in it, as if someone had slashed it with a sword.
'Where did Naruto get all these jutsu?' thought Kakashi. 'And how did he...'
His thoughts were cut short as he noticed someone reaching for the bells from behind him.
"Trying to take the bells while I was concentrating on Naruto, were you?" said Kakashi, grabbing Hinata's hand as she reached for the bells.
"Ice Beam!" cried Naruto, firing another ice-blue beam at his sensei.
Kakashi only just managed to dodge the attack and he had to release Hinata's hand as he did so.
"Now I've got you! Psycho Cut!"
Naruto's eyes glowed again. Kakashi was about to perform another Substitution Jutsu, but suddenly found he couldn't.
'Hinata must have blocked my chakra points when she was close',
thought Kakashi as the bells flew away from him and Hinata caught them
"Great job Naruto!" called Hinata, holding up the two bells.
"It was you who made it all work, Hinata", said Naruto.

"Well, it looks like you learned what this exercise was about", said Kakashi.
"We did?" said Naruto.
Kakashi sighed. "Teamwork, Naruto", said Kakashi. "You worked together to get the bells from me, so you two have passed".
Kakashi turned to Sasuke. "As for you, you thought the others beneath you, so you..." he began, but he was interrupted.
"Sasuke was part of our plan too", lied Naruto.
"Is that so?" said Kakashi. "Well in that case, all three of you pass".
Kakashi really knew they were lying, but he said nothing about it. 'With any luck, Sasuke could learn something from all this' he thought.

Later that day, Mewtwo heard the whole story from Naruto.
"So why didn't you let the Uchiha go back to the academy?" asked Mewtwo.
"I dunno, it just didn't feel right", said Naruto. "I guess if I hadn't, we wouldn't have had a full team for missions".
"I see", said Mewtwo. "Naruto, I'm going to be away for a while. I don't know how long, so don't bother asking".
"Why? What's going on?" asked Naruto.
"Something's... come up in my own world", said Mewtwo. "I gave a few matters to sort out".
"I thought you couldn't get back to your world", said Naruto.
"I've been making preparations for a long while now, and I should be able to go back now", said Mewtwo. "But I'll be back, I promise".
Naruto nodded. He had never heard Mewtwo "promise" anything before.
"One more thing before I go", said Mewtwo, taking out a small red and green box. "I want you to open this only when you have mastered
Psychic and Hyper Beam".
Naruto nodded and Mewtwo handed him the box before teleporting away.

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