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Chapter 1: Moving On

Hermione couldn't believe what she heard. Her ex-boyfriend, whom she had been with for three years, had just proposed to his new girlfriend after dating her for three bloody months. They only broke up about four months ago, but he seemed to have moved on so quickly.

Ginny couldn't bear seeing the look on her best friend's face, who looked shocked at hearing the news. She could see tears threatening to fall from her beautiful honey-brown eyes as her mouth gaped widely. Ginny felt helpless and guilty since Hermione's ex-boyfriend happened to be her own brother.

"I'm really sorry Hermione, even Harry, Ron and I were surprised to hear about it, and now both Ron and Harry hate him for doing this to you. And mum was not very happy about it, not even dad. I would have never thought that George could do this to you. I'm so sorry," Ginny apologized to her best friend as tears slid down Hermione's cheek. Her face was red from anger and she felt humiliated.

"No, Ginny, don't apologize. It's not your fault, besides it clearly shows that he never loved me. He finally found someone that makes him happy and that must be why he wanted to marry her so badly," Hermione spoke, her voice trembling as she shook from her anger.

Ginny could feel tears in her own eyes as she looked at her. She loved her best friend so much, she couldn't bear seeing her in pain, especially since her brother dumped her four months ago. They sat in a muggle café in central London where Hermione would spend most of her time, rather than in the Wizarding world, knowing that she couldn't spend her time in the Leaky Cauldron or in the Three Broomsticks where George and his current fiancée often were, drinking and eating happily.

"Hermione, I'm sorry that George is such a git, I don't know what he sees in that woman. Merlin, I loathe her and he is truly blind and stupid for leaving you, and this Janelle is no better. I wonder what he sees in her?" Ginny hissed angrily.

"Ginny, don't say that, he is still your brother and she is your future sister-in-law," Hermione said quietly.

"Sister-in-law? I rather have a troll as my sister-in-law than her. Heck, I'd be more than happy if George decided to marry one. Would serve him right," Ginny retorted. Hermione chuckled, and they both started to laugh. By that time, they had forgotten about the pain in their hearts as they laughed heartily, ignoring the looks people threw at them.

Packing her luggage, Hermione was determined to leave England to cure her broken heart. She planned to go anywhere but here and stay there for as long as she could before return to England one day.

Ginny stood at the doorway, watching her pack all her belongings as she couldn't stop her from doing it. She, Harry, and Ron had tried to talk to her, but somehow they knew that she had to move on instead of moping over George, whose wedding was within a month.

It had been two weeks since Hermione found out that George had proposed to his fiancée. Most of their schoolmates had since learned about it. Some congratulated him, but mostly sympathized with her, knowing that she had stayed and helped him a lot after Fred died during the war.

Hermione's plan of leaving England was only known by Ginny, Harry, Ron and Luna and the four of them swore not to tell anyone - not even to Mr. and Mrs. Weasley.

Hermione had been moving some of her belongings to her parents' house for the last few days, and now the remaining items would be left at Harry and Ginny's at Grimmauld Place. Ginny had been married to Harry for half a year now, and Ron had been dating Luna since after the war.

The 22-year old brunette had finally finished packing all of her things, leaving her flat empty. She already sought a buyer for the flat who planned to move in as soon as she moved out. The luggage for her trip was already packed and she planned to leave England in a couple of days.

Ginny couldn't help but cry after Hermione had finished. Hermione felt bad about leaving them behind, but she needed to move on and find her own happiness. She didn't want to live with the sympathy of others.

After checking her flat one last time to make sure she left nothing behind, the two of them returned to Grimmauld Place where Luna, Harry and Ron had prepared a farewell dinner for her.

Harry, Ginny, Ron and Luna looked around in awe - this was the first time the four of them had stepped into a muggle airport. Hermione had planned to travel using muggle transport instead of an international portkey. The four of them had apparated to Hermione's parents' house just hours before they sent her to the airport. Only her parents knew her destination and they had promised not to tell anyone.

Hermione had bought two mobile phones for them a couple of days ago - one for Ginny and Harry, and another for Ron and Luna. She taught them how to use it because she was planning on living in the muggle world and would be using muggle technology instead. At first the four of them were a bit reluctant on using muggle technology but somehow, in order to keep in touch, they agreed to use it and Mr and Mrs Granger had agreed to help them if they had any confusion.

After checking in, Hermione, her parents, and her best friends waited in the lounge area and chatted. She was pretty nervous since this was the first time she would be so far from home for such a long period of time. Her parents were sad and worried for her- She would be living alone in a whole new world where the culture and language were alien to her. She'd have to learn in order to live there and be a part of them. Luckily, she already had a bit of knowledge about it.

Looking at her watch, she realised it was time for her to say goodbye. She hugged her best friends as they cried their hearts out. Ginny and Luna couldn't hold in their tears and it seemed they would never stop flowing, while Ron and Harry tried to stay strong and not cry in front of her. Hermione, too, couldn't hold her tears as they slid down her cheek non-stop. She then hugged her parents while they cried in their embrace. After saying goodbye, Hermione entered the international gate, determined to stay strong, and promised that she would come back again one day.

"Japan, here I come."

23-year old Kyoya Hibari strolled around Namimori town and most of the people who knew him walked aside, giving way for the strongest and most dangerous man to pass by. Hibird flew around and hopped on Hibari's head, nesting itself nicely amongst his black hair.

As he passed by a cake house, he heard two familiar voices belonging to none other than Haru Miura and Kyoko Sasagawa, and from their conversation, Hibari heard Haru's excitement about her friend coming and moving to their town and that she cannot wait to welcome her. She asked Kyoko to help her buy some goods and make a simple party for her friend. Hibari then left, it didn't concern him at all.

After a nice, long stroll, Hibari went straight back to his place. As he passed by an empty apartment not far from his, he noticed that it had been cleaned and decorated as if somebody would move in soon. He was about to leave when he heard familiar voices coming from inside the apartment and couldn't help peeking inside to see who was making the ruckus, only to see Tsuna, Yamamoto, Gokudera, Chrome, Bianchi and Ryohei busy decorating the place.

"Nee…why are you crowding here and what are you people planning to have here?" Hibari spoke in his calm, yet dangerous, voice, which startled almost all of them. Yamamoto nearly tore an origami paper and Tsuna choked on his drink. Bianchi left to the kitchen, God only knew what she was doing there. The group stared at him nervously for a moment when Tsuna decided to end the silence.

"Nee…Hibari-san, are you here to help with the welcoming party as well?" Tsuna stammered as he eyed Hibari nervously.

"Hmm… What are you talking about? What welcoming party? Is it the one that Miura girl had been talking about?" Hibari responded, his emotionless face showing no interest at all.

"Yes, that's the one. Did she tell you about it?" Tsuna asked again.

"No, but I heard about it earlier today when I saw her and that Sasagawa girl at the cake house," Hibari answered nonchalantly. He was still standing in the doorway when he heard two female voices approach the apartment.

"Aree...Hibari-san, are you here to help as well? We could use some help at the moment," Haru said. She, Kyoko, Fuuta, I-pin and Lambo were holding paper and plastic bags full of groceries for the party. Hibari moved aside, giving way for them to enter and followed them from behind as they put the food and such on the table, while Bianchi and Chrome helped arrange them.

"No. So, who's the welcoming party for?" Hibari was a bit curious since this person would be his new neighbour soon. He never showed interest in another's business, but he couldn't help but look around the house. It was nicely decorated, simple, yet mesmerizing, and the wall was painted in a light blue color, a calming color.

"Oh, it is for my pen friend. She is a foreigner and decided to live here for a couple of years. She plans to work here as well, so she asked me to find a place for her and I happened to stumble upon an advertisement saying that there's an empty apartment here. Did Tsuna tell you about this?"

"No," Hibari answered simply. "So your friend is a girl."

"Yes. How come you know we are going to have a welcoming party here?" Haru asked. She was a bit confused at the moment, so were the rest of them.

"Because I live nearby, so I don't want any of you disturbing the peace here." Hibari responded, causing them to stare at him with eyes wide open. Sweat dripped and jaws almost dropped to the floor.

"Hagi…eh, that can be great news. Hibari-san could be her friend here and help her a bit," Haru exclaimed happily. The others couldn't believe what they were hearing.

"What are you talking about, Haru? You don't seem to worry about your friend being with Hibari, which is bad news. Oh I pity her already," Tsuna thought nervously.

"Not interested, and I will appreciate it if she didn't make any ruckus here, or I'll bite her to death."

"And we will appreciate it if you didn't do that to her," Tsuna's mind began to ramble, worried for Haru's friend.

After a few hours of decoration and preparation, with slight help from Hibari, they finished. Afterwards, Haru, along with Ryohei and Tsuna went to the airport to pick her up as her flight should be arriving in less than two hours, while the rest finished their final touch. Surprisingly, Hibari was willing to stay there for a while. He wanted to learn more about this friend of Haru's.

Hermione's flight finally arrived at Namimori, Japan. After long hours of flight, her body had finally given up and her back was sore and stiff. She couldn't wait to get out of the aeroplane and meet her friend. Luckily, Hermione had a friend from Japan so she was not alone, even though, at the moment, she was still struggling with her Japanese. At least she was a lot better than last time.

After she checked out and retrieved her luggage, Hermione took her mobile phone out and sought her friend's phone number to inform her that she had just arrived in Namimori.

"Where is it? Haru Miura...Haru Miura, ah here it is," Hermione exclaimed to herself as she dialed her friend's number.

Hermione and Haru had been pen friends for quite a long time. They started in her third year and even though she was a year older, she didn't mind at all. She found that her friend Haru was an interesting person - she loved cosplay and such and was quite active as well. She often wrote and once told her about her love interest of a certain brown haired boy, but then decided that they were better off as best friends. She even wrote about her friends and life in Namimori, which had caught Hermione's interest when she broke up with George and had decided to move there after finding out about his engagement.

Haru knew that Hermione came from England and that she was a year older, which made her the same age as Ryohei, Kyoko's older brother. She loves reading and during her school years she used to be called a know-it-all and bookworm, though after finishing school she laid back a bit and cooled down from her reading and hardworking attitude. She still enjoyed it, but she also learned to enjoy herself more than she used to. She even knew about Hermione's relationship with her ex-boyfriend and was aware that they had broken up months ago. Hermione told her that she planned to move to Japan so that she could move on, but hadn't mentioned the real reason she decided to move there.

Haru, Ryohei and Tsuna were waiting patiently when her mobile phone rang. She hurriedly picked it up, noticing it was her friend calling her. She must have arrived. Quickly, she answered the phone as Ryohei and Tsuna glanced at her.

"Hello, Hermione-chan," Haru greeted her friend as both Ryohei and Tsuna moved closer so they could listen, too.

"Hello, Haru-chan, I just arrived. Where should I meet you?" Hermione responded.

"Meet us at the lounge area, we will wait for you there. I'm coming with two friends. See you then," Haru replied and she ended her call. She then turned to both men and informed them that Hermione had arrived and will wait for her at the lounge area. The three of them then walked towards the lounge area to wait for Haru's friend.


Hermione pushed her trolley through the busy airport, looking for Haru and her friends. She was struggling a little, her body still feeling strained and tired from the long hours of flight. She wanted to call her parents and best friends back in England to tell them she had arrived safely in Japan and was now looking for her friend, but decided to do it later as she strolled through the airport.

She wore a beautiful white shirt and tight, black jeans with dark brown boots and a jacket to match the boots, her hair was now slightly wavy and long with beautiful ringlets at the end. Her physical appearance had changed from plain, as claimed by George, to more feminine since the break up, and now she looked more confident and felt a lot better than she used to. She was still a simple girl, but better than before.

After a while of searching, they finally met when Haru spotted Hermione pushing her trolley around the lounge area and quickly greeted her pen friend. She introduced her to both Tsuna and Ryohei as they greeted her warmly and helped her pick up her luggage and other belongings to put in Ryohei's car. Hermione learned that Tsuna was the same age as Haru and Ryohei was the same as herself. The two boys were very friendly and she already felt welcomed and mesmerized with their friendly manners. The four left the airport, going back to Hermione's new apartment, where the rest were waiting for them with a simple welcoming party.

Hibari sat on a single couch, helping I-pin, Lambo and Fuuta write welcome notes. He usually hated crowding but somehow those kids didn't bother him much compared to the adults, who stood slightly apart from him. Kyoko and Chrome helped Bianchi arrange the food on the table once Nana Sawada arrived with some home cooked meals for the welcoming feast.

As they were about to finish, a knock on the door was heard, announcing their arrival and Fuuta hurried to open the door.

Haru entered first, followed by Tsuna and Ryohei, and as they pulled luggage and belongings, they could see a brunette behind them who was still standing outside the apartment. Once Hermione entered, they all cheered and gave a warm welcome to her, startling her somewhat. She hadn't expected a welcoming party for her.

Some of the men blushed when they saw her, namely Gokudera and Yamamoto, while Hibari looked as if he were analysing her, with a little yelow bird nesting in his hair. Hermione managed to recover from her shock and gave them a beautiful, genuine smile. Gokudera leaned on Yamamoto, melting into her smile which made her blush as she thanked them for welcoming her here.

Haru then dragged her around to meet everyone and, much to Hermione's surprise, everyone was indeed nice to her and welcomed her to Namimori. She could see the house was nicely decorated and food was prepared by everyone. Some kids ran up to her and gave her a hug, making her almost squeak, though she really liked it. Their hospitality had touched her heart and she thanked everyone, feeling tears in her eyes, but she managed to keep them from falling.


They had a great time, even if it was just a simple party. After midnight, when everyone had gone home, Hermione realized there was only one person who was still there. He was the quietest person in the group and hadn't interacted much with the rest. She remembered Tsuna had called him Hibari-san and he mentioned that Hibari didn't like crowding, noise and disruption very much. As he was about to leave Hermione called out to thank him.

"Hibari, wait…"


Hermione was a bit embarrassed when no words came from her mouth and blushed when he glared at her. For some it looked intimidating, but somehow Hermione saw it differently - as if he had a hidden personality, which was fascinating, and she admitted to herself that he was quite dashing as well, even with that serious look on his face.

"I just wanted to say thank you, for welcoming me here," Hermione stammered as she tried to control her nervousness around him.

"As long as you don't make any ruckus here, you are fine, but if you do, I'll bite you to death," Hibari responded, making Hermione almost flinch as she stared at him. Recalling what Tsuna had said earlier, Hermione knew he was serious and her nervousness slowly went away.

"Okay, it's a deal then," Hermione replied as Hibari winced and glared at her. He could see she was smiling at him, not a mocking smile, but a genuine smile. She hadn't flinched or seem afraid at all, showing she was very confident with herself. It made her an interesting person in his eyes.

"Hmmm…wow," was Hibari's only response, and a sexy smile slowly appeared on his face. Hermione felt her cheeks heat as Hibari looked at her. "Man, why does he have to be this good looking with that sexy smile? Wait, where did this come from?" Hermione thought to herself. Wincing at his glare, she tried to avoid looking into his eyes. It felt as if he was piercing her with his look. Her blush darkened under his gaze.

"I'm leaving," Hibari spoke as walked towards the door, giving her one last glance before closing it.

Hermione was stunned for a moment, forgetting her manners, when she suddenly snapped out of it. She walked quickly and stepped out of her apartment, when she saw him standing in front of his own apartment. It seemed they lived quite close to each other.

"Goodnight," she wished to him as he was opening his door. He stared at her as she smiled and bowed to him before going back inside and shutting the door. She was looking forward to a nice, warm shower and a good rest after a long journey. However, she wanted to make a few phone calls to her parents and best friends before she went to sleep, to let them know she had arrived safely.

After arriving in Japan, Hermione had met a lot of interesting people, but most of her thoughts were on Hibari, who she thought was the most fascinating person she had ever met, despite his serious and scary attitude.

Hibari was stunned for a moment and his lips curved into a smile as he entered his own apartment. Even though he hardly knew her, Hibari could tell that Hermione was indeed a remarkable person since she had made that deal with him, and he admitted that she was pretty attractive as well, in her own way. This was going to be interesting for him - to see whether she would keep to her word or not.

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