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Chapter 31: Mafia Vs Magical and Hagrid Meets Namahage

Later that night after the wedding reception

"Congratulation once again Charlie and Antonia, I am so happy for the both of you," Hermione said as she gave the newly-weds one of her famous hugs.

Charlie chuckled as he drew Hermione into his own well-known hug. He always cared for her, and he was very happy for her since she had found herself a new love.

Antonia, somehow, looked at Hermione and knew that the younger witch had hidden something from them; something that she didn't want anyone else to find out, yet, and she could tell from whom she tried to hide this so-called secret from.

The new Mrs Charlie Weasley dragged the younger witch outside the tent and stared at her knowingly. Hermione sheepishly tried to looked away but Antonia was pretty sharp.

"I know that you're hiding something, Hermione, do tell us," Antonia spoke devilishly as her eyes glinted. Hermione pretended not to hear her until Antonia tickled her on her ribs. Hermione let out a laugh as Antonia stopped and smiled at her.

"Alright, I'll show you, but promise me you won't get mad," Hermione said as Antonia raised her eyebrow.

"Why should I," Antonia questioned but Hermione simply shook her head.

"Because…oh forget it–"

Hermione removed the disillusionment charm from her left hand and Antonia almost shrieked loudly.

"Oh Hermione it's so beautiful," Antonia spoke with much enthusiastic in her voice as her eyes gleamed at the engagement ring nestling nicely on Hermione's left hand. Antonia got a good hold on Hermione's left hand and took a closer look at the ring.

"What is it, love?" Charlie joined them as well as a few others. Antonia simply lifted Hermione's left hand and showed him her engagement ring. Charlie gasped as he looked at Hermione in disbelieved.

"Oh my Hermione, congratulation," Charlie said, giving Hermione a hug.

"Thank you," Hermione replied with a huge smile in her face.

"But wait, I thought that you said you are currently dating him, you didn't say that you are engaged to him?" Charlie asked as Hermione laughed merrily.

"Oh no, sorry for that, actually I've been dating him for more than a year now, and he had proposed to me about a month ago," Hermione replied as Kyoya walked towards them and gripped on Hermione's hand lovingly.

Charlie turned to Kyoya and nodded, although the dragon –tamer didn't mention it verbally, Kyoya understood well enough that the groom asked him to take care of Hermione and love her dearly.

"Congratulation again you two, and don't forget to invite me to your wedding, when is it?" Antonia asked, she was pretty excited as she grabbed Charlie's hand.

"Well, we haven't decided on the date yet, but we both planned to have two weddings, one here and another in Japan, so it's fair for us," Hermione replied, refrained from mentioning about a secret wedding ceremony that both she and Kyoya had agreed to hold in Italy after their officials one here and in Japan.

"What is it, dear?" Molly spoke as she approached them with Ginny and Luna in tow. Ginny gasped at the sight of Hermione's engagement ring while Luna looked at the brunette shocked. This was not supposed to happen.

"Hermione's engaged," came the faint respond from Luna before Antonia or Charlie could reply.

"WHAT…That's not possible, no one had mentioned about her dating anyone let alone being engaged to whomever this person is," Molly spoke with a tone suggested that she didn't believed this at all. And she didn't notice that Hermione was holding hands with Kyoya as she was busy trying to reprimanded both Ginny and Luna for telling such lie while Charlie, Antonia and Hermione looked at each other with discomfort written on their faces. Kyoya, however, glared at the redhead Weasley matriarch, how dare she say such things.

"Mum, just looked at her left hand," Ginny said firmly as she pointed her finger at Hermione's left hand. She then gasped when she saw that Hermione and this Japanese man were holding hands. She then turned to both Hermione and her fiancé, probably, as Hermione looked at her with her eyebrow raised, and her fiancé with an emotionless face.

"Ho…how…how long has this been happened?" Ginny demanded as both Molly and Luna gasped when Kyoya wrapped his arm around Hermione.

"How long what, Ginevra?" Came the simple question from Hermione while Kyoya just stared at them with disinterested, these herbivores.

"Tha…that," Ginny stuttered, suddenly became quite aware that this was not the same Hermione she had known. She became a different person after she moved away from them.

"That what, Ginny? Please be specific," Hermione questioned again, she had no idea whether Ginny wanted to ask about her engagement or her relationship with Kyoya.

"You, with him, how long have the two of you been together and when did you get engaged?" Ginny wanted to shriek, but she knew that would do no good at all, seeing that this was supposed to be a happy day for everyone. And this was a huge disappointment for them because they will never get her back now that she already belongs to another man.

"Well, I've known and met him when I first moved there, but at that time we were just friends, or acquaintances, whichever, but we began dating about more than a year ago and we just got engaged about a month ago, so there, our story," Hermione said as both Charlie and Antonia clapped their hands with such enthusiasm, they simply wanted to raise the ire of Molly and Ginny, while Luna looked at Hermione with a little disappointment. She wanted Hermione to be happy, she really does, but she also would love to have the older witch back into the family.

"Bu…but…but why?" Ginny really couldn't get this past her head.

"Why what, Ginny? What is it that you won't understand?" Hermione asked, she wanted to glare at them but she knew that this was not be the right time for it. And right now she wished to celebrate both Charlie and Antonia because they are going to leave soon for their honeymoon.

"Mother, Gin and Luna, why don't we step inside the house and have a talk, Antonia love, would you mind to stay here with Hermione and all, I'm sure they would love to talk to you about us," Charlie spoke and he had given clear authorisation to his mother and sisters that will not leave any room for argument. Antonia just simply nodded before she gave him a chaste kiss as he grabbed his mother and sisters and walked towards the Burrow.

"Now that they are gone, shall we continue?" Antonia spoke with a gleam in her eyes; she is really going to squeeze out the entire story about Hermione and her fiancé.

Inside the Burrow

As Charlie, Mrs Weasley, Ginny and Luna entered the house; the groom was quite surprised to see both Harry and Ron were there as well. Apparently the two were nursing on the Firewhiskey and both looked quite sad, or disappointed, it's not very clear as they were quite drunk.

Charlie just shook his head as he went to the cabinet in the kitchen and grabbed the Sober-up potions before passed them to both Harry and Ron whilst he took the Firewhiskey away from them. He needed everyone to be sober at this point and now he wished that George and the rest of his brothers were here as well.

Not long, Arthur arrived with Bill, Fleur, Percy and George in tow. The Weasley patriarch knew that sooner or later they will have faced this problem with some of the family members.

"Alright then, since we are all here, let's get straight to the point," Charlie started, he was very serious and even Ginny and his mother wouldn't dare to interfered.

"I know that some of you had planned to use this day, my wedding day, to lure back Hermione into this family, heck I know that some of you wanted to drag her back into the world that she wanted to forget, don't think that I'm blind or stupid," Charlie continued seriously as he glared at his mother, Harry, Ron, Ginny and even George. The five of them cringed at the sight of a slightly angry and stern Charlie; he was one of the best dragon-tamer for a reason.

"But she belongs with us, this is her home," Mrs Weasley said desperately, she already had planned a wonderful wedding should George and Hermione get back together again. But her dream shattered the moment she found out that Hermione was already engaged to another man, a muggle no less.

"Mum, Hermione had already moved on and here is no longer her home, and she's happy with her life, don't you think she deserves it," Charlie retorted, despite how much he loved his mother, her controlling attitude was one of the things he couldn't really stand and that's why he and most of his brothers moved away from home because they couldn't stand her overbearing and controlling of their lives.

"Yes of course she deserves a good life, but shouldn't she be with those who are her family, not some strangers she met somewhere," Molly Weasley tried to retort back, but Charlie did not falter.

"They may have been strangers to us, but they are no strangers to her, and Mum I'm sure that you are not blind to see how happy she is, in fact she is happier than when she was with us, why don't you just admitted it," Bill responded as both Charlie and Fleur nodded, and Arthur too agreed with them.

George wouldn't dare to look at his older brothers and father. They had accepted that Hermione had moved on and they were happy for her, but it was still difficult for him to accept this. If only he or even Harry or Ron or even Ginny could find a way to persuade her to come back to them.

Ginny and Luna slowly shed some tears, they wanted to be happy for her, they do, but for her to not be part of their family was difficult to accept. Now that she's already engaged it made things more difficult.

"Maybe if we could speak to that fiancé of her, maybe if we could persuade him to let her go and forget about her," Molly was on the verge of desperation. Her dream of having a 'One Big Happy Weasley Family' still exists in her mind.

Harry, Ron and George who were listening to her, shocked to hear the word 'fiancé' coming from the mouth of Mrs Weasley. Hermione. Engaged. No, that's impossible. They didn't see her wearing any ring on her finger, but how that's possible?

"Mum, are you crazy, do you kn –," Charlie was cut off by his brother.

"MUM, WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY 'HER FIANCÉ'?" Ron demanded loudly as he stood up from his chair abruptly, causing the chair to fall backwards and hitting the floor loudly.

"Hermione's already engaged, love. She's engaged to that man, her date for this wedding," Luna spoke softly but not unheard by everyone.

"Wha…but when, why didn't I know, why didn't she say anything?" Harry demanded sounding frustrated.

"I wouldn't say, but I probably know why," Arthur suddenly spoke. Harry looked at his father-in-law before turned his attention away, knowing exactly what's on his mind. The conversation earlier still lingered in his mind, maybe that's the reason why.

"But…but why, why is she keeping this as a secret?" Harry spoke again, he sounded devastated with this turn of event.

"Harry, what do you know of her life for the past two years?" Charlie asked, rendering Harry speechless.

"Harry, did you not tell Hermione about George divorcing his former wife?" Mrs Weasley asked quite accusingly.

"I did, I told her about it, I thought that it might help to change her mind," Harry replied, suddenly feeling angry at her as if she had accused him of forgetting.

"Mum, don't blame Harry on this," Percy suddenly spoke quite sternly.

Molly Weasley looked at her third son and gaped. What's wrong with him; in fact what's wrong with most of her sons? Are they willing to let Hermione go?

"Mum, George had divorced Janelle quite recently, Hermione had been dating that man, Hibari if I remember his name right, for more than a year, and they got engaged about a month ago, so I don't think that she would likely leave him just because George had divorced his former wife," Charlie spoke, simply telling them of what Hermione had told him earlier.

"Why didn't he tell me this earlier, that Hibari?" George suddenly spoke, sounded very much devastated.

The rest of the family looked at him with sadness lingered in their eyes and faces. They felt sympathy for him for losing the one woman he wished to really spend his life with. They knew that he had regretted what he did to her once and willing to beg to ask for her forgiveness. But now, every hope had shattered, gone down the drain.

"George, son, what would you do if he had told you that? Just be honest," Arthur Weasley asked his son sincerely.

George remained silent for quite some times, it was difficult to say, but to be honest he would probably lash out at that Hibari if he did tell him that, he would've probably challenged him to a fight because Hibari had stolen his Hermione.

"You would probably challenge him to a fight, right?" Bill spoke, as if he had read his mind.

George wanted to nod his head, but as he looked at his family he could saw the sadness in their eyes should he says yes.

"George don't, just don't," Charlie begged.

"Son, I know it's difficult, but I think that it's time for everyone to move on, Hermione will always be with us, maybe she will never be an official family member, but she is still like a daughter to me, and I'm happy that she's happy, that's what fathers should feel when their children had finally found happiness," Mr Weasley spoke, but Molly Weasley simply glared at him.

"Arthur, how could you? Do you not think for our own son?" Mrs Weasley spoke accusingly.

"YES MOLLY I DO THINK FOR GEORGE," Arthur Weasley raised his voice at his wife, why does she have to make things more difficult?

"DON'T RAI -," Mrs Weasley wanted to retort back, but she was cut off by Percy.


Mrs Weasley stammered as she looked at Percy. She was quite shocked that she had to sit down on a chair.

"Molly dear, I always think and care for our children, I always do, and don't think for once I do not care or love George, but sometimes things change, and we have to accept those changes. I too wanted him to be happy, but this won't be fair for Hermione, she had found her true love and I don't want to take that away from her. Even if you managed to persuade or force her to come back, I don't think that we will have the happy ending that we wished for, in fact we might end up hurting each other badly," Mr Weasley spoke softly while Molly began to cry.

"Hermione will always be my sister no matter what," Bill said.

"Yesz she isz, she alwayz be wiff usz even though she will not be a Weazley," Fleur spoke, seconding her husband.

"Molly, Hermione will never ever forget you or anyone here, although she had moved on and found a new family, for her we still her family as long as we will never forget about her, she still loves you as always, all you have to do is give her your blessing, she really deserves this happiness and love," Mr Weasley spoke as his wife wiped her tears. She stood up and walked towards him and hugged him while he rubbed her back, consoling her.

George glanced at his parents when he felt a hand on his shoulder. He turned and saw Charlie look at him with pity. He thanked his older brother as he turned back to watch his parents as his mother began to calm down.

"Anyway today we are supposed to have a great time and I want to remember this wonderful day till the day I die because today I am a happy man to have finally married the love of my life. So why don't we go out and see our guests before Antonia and I leave for our honeymoon, I'm sure they will wonder where we are right now, so can we have that?" Charlie said as they nodded. One by one they went out to greet their guests again.

Harry, Ron and their spouses approached Hermione and her fiancé as they were talking to Antonia and some of their muggle friends who came today. Both the wizards looked at each other and nodded as they walked towards Hermione.

"Hey Hermione, do you mind if you talk with you, and your fiancé for a moment?" Harry said as he approached them. He slightly flinched when Kyoya glared at him.

Hermione glanced at Kyoya before nodding.

"Sure, lead the way."

Harry, Ron and their spouses took Hermione and her fiancé to a more secluded area not far from the Burrow as they would prefer to have their conversation privately. Hermione was quite wary of them, although they were still her friends, but she couldn't tell what would happen next.

The six of them stopped near the pond where Kyoya had his moment earlier with the one George Weasley. He looked at them with his steel eyes, causing both Ginny and Luna to flinch while Harry and Ron looked at each other and wondered if they are able to have this conversation smoothly as they had planned earlier before they had that 'family meeting'.

"Okay, now we are here, what is it that all of you wished to talk about?" Hermione began asking without beating around the bushes. She held her hand with Kyoya's while looking at her friends.

"Well, first of all we would like to offer you our congratulations upon your engagement, it's really took us by surprise there," Harry began, he was quite nervous and he had no idea why. This is Hermione for Merlin's sake.

"Thank you," Hermione said as she smiled at them. Among the four of them, only Luna smiled genuinely at her, while Ginny was still quite agitated, she was happy and yet disappointed at the same time. Harry and Ron, on the other hand, had to force themselves to smile at her; they still cannot believe that Hermione had gotten engagement with this man, this deadly looking man who was still glaring at them with his steel eyes.

"I'm happy for you Hermione, really I do, I think that the nargles had finally left you when you moved away," Luna said serenely at her, making Hermione to giggle.

"Yeah, I guess so," Hermione responded genuinely at her.

"Why didn't you tell us?" Ron suddenly spoke, not accusingly but he seemed determined to know why.

Hermione looked at him and sighed, she could feel Kyoya is now glaring at Ron. Ron slightly shivered, but he will stand on his ground.

"Maybe because I wanted to keep this to myself for a while, maybe I don't think it's time to tell anyone here about it, yet. Maybe…just maybe, I don't know," Hermione answered half truthfully, she knew the reason why if she told them earlier about her relationship and engagement with Kyoya and she did not like to be force to return to England just for their sake of happiness, and besides if Harry and Ron had found out about her relationship with Kyoya earlier, they would have definitely objected it, saying that he's not the one for her, even now they are quite wary of him.

Both Harry and Ron looked slightly disappointed at that, but Hermione was very much determined not to say out loud the actual reason why.

"I'm sorry for not telling any of you about this, and I'm hoping that you will understand why," Hermione apologised to them sincerely, because she knew it's the right thing to do at the moment.

"We understand Hermione, and hopefully you could tell us why in the future," Luna answered serenely as if whatever she had heard did not actually bother her much. But she also knew that Hermione would never lie to them unless she had too, and she trusted the brunette would actually tell them the actual reason in the near future.

As Hermione looked at them, she could see the disappointment in Harry's and Ron's eyes, but she also could see that they could understand why. She knew that it wasn't really a big deal, but she knew very well how much this could affect the relationship between her and the two wizards. She knew that they cared about her dearly, but sometimes she needs her own space from everything and that she is also kind of tired of doing what they expect her to be, and she knew that after Harry had told her about George and his ex-wife, she could read from his letter that they were hoping for her to consider a relationship with George again. But she no longer wants that, she already had Kyoya and that's all that matters to her. And she also knows that sooner or later she would have to make amend with them, because deep inside she knows that they are still important to her.

"I promise that one day I will tell you everything," Hermione said with a smile, and she was relieved to see that both Harry and Ron nodded understandingly. She walked towards them and hugged them both, though she would not linger longer since Kyoya is there with them and she knew that he is glaring at both Harry and Ron, she wouldn't want to risk having both of them being bitten to death by him.

"Let's go and enjoy this day while we can," Harry spoke as everyone agreed with him as they walked towards the gathering at the tent where the newly-weds are having the time of their lives.

Later, after Charlie and Antonia had left for their honeymoon, Hermione promised both Harry and Ron to meet up while she is still in England. They agreed to meet at Hogwarts during the weekend which was in two days' time since Hermione really missed her old school, and also chances for some of her Mafia friends to see some magical places, and as she could tell that Gokudera would love the place.

After wishing Mrs Weasley, Ginny and the rest, Harry and the men apparated Hermione and her guests back to the airport so that they could get their flight back to London.

Two days later

Hermione, Kyoya and the Vongola 10th family including I-pin, Kyoko and Haru arrived in Hogwarts. The Varia, however, chose to stay in London. The Mafiosi were grateful to be granted to enter one of the most magical places ever in England and also to be able to see the place where Hermione used to study and also her second home.

They were greeted by Harry, Ron, Hagrid and Fang at the gate towards the old castle and while Hermione missed Hogwarts so much, the rest of them stared at the majestic school in awed. The breath-taking view of Hogwarts and its surrounding areas including the Black Lake and the Forbidden Forest were not to be missed. Gokudera, the believer of all unexplained and mystical creatures, was so awed at the sight of the Giant Squid waving at them and the sight of the Forbidden Forest as he began to write some notes about it in his notebook.

Hermione tried hard not to snort at him while Kyoya looked at the school with much appreciation, this reminded him of Namimori High.

As Hagrid, Harry and Ron take them to the school to meet with the Headmistress to get permission to enter the school, the non-magical began to ask lots of questions regarding magic and all. After meeting with Headmistress McGonagall and some of the staff in Hogwarts, they were taken to see the school as they attracted some of the students there, especially those from first and second year as today was Hogsmeade weekend.

After having a good time at the school ground and Hermione managed to catch up with Harry and the rest as well as having their lunch at the school, the future Mrs Hibari and the rest of the Mafia family wanted to spend some time enjoying themselves and maybe having a short picnic nearby the Black Lake while Harry, Ron and their spouses had to leave early.

After bidding them goodbye, Hagrid took charge of the guests as he enjoyed explaining them about the magical creatures here in Hogwarts and other magical creatures that residing at the Forbidden Forest and eventually in the Wizarding world, and Haru was so excited that she began asking question after question at Hagrid.

"Hagrid-san, is there any mystical creature that we can see today?"

"Is there anything we can do to attract them to come?"

"Is there any creature that are dangerous?"

"Can we enter into the Forbidden Forest?"

More and more questions were asked and while the gentle giant tried his very best to answers each question, Haru got more and more excited as she held onto her bag that she brought along with them tightly. She then slightly pouted when Hagrid told her that some of those creatures don't like to approach human, due to certain reasons. The girl then turned to Hermione.

"Do you think that if I wear my cosplay costume some of these creature would come to me? I would love to see some of them from closer view."

Hermione could only giggles at her friend, she had the slight idea of what was in the bag, this was Haru after all. The others, apart from Hagrid who had no idea, Kyoya who didn't care much and Reborn who just smirked, just groaned. Even Mukuro slightly glared at the girl who asked him once to becomes her cosplay partner.

Hagrid eventually told them that he had to leave them for a while and will come back as soon as possible as he has some errands to do for the Headmistress and he left Hermione to be in charge of her guests and the brunette witch simply agreed to that.

When he returns, he was shock and stunned to see a big, yellow, hairy and weird looking creature with big round eyes and fangs – though Hagrid could swear that the creature is actually smiling – and scales on its back and at the same time it was holding a wooden bucket on one hand and a…knife(?) on the other. He quickly approaches the said creature with cautious only to see the said creature is having an argument with one of the guest.

Thinking that the creature would likely to hurt the young man, Hagrid quickly took charge and he almost shouted at them when suddenly the creature stopped whatever argument it had with the young man and waved at him, making him stop halfway as he looked at the creature with cautious and wondering why he had never seen this one before as he eyed the creature carefully.

Hagrid was never shocked like this before in his life when suddenly the creature spoke and greet him, and it sounded like a female, a familiar female voice.

"Hi Hagrid-san."

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