Harry Potter and the patients of Arkham.

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Prologue; Welcome to the funny farm.

Arkham Patient number: 4789.

Name: Dr. Harleen Frances Quinzel

Gender: Female.

Age: 25

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Blonde

Height: 5 ft 7in

Weight; 115 lbs.

Hometown: Brooklyn, New York.

Classification: Criminally Insane.

Currently under the care of: Doctor Young.

Dr. Quinzel was once a promising intern here at Arkham Asylum. One of the first cases given to her was that of patient 4479, (AKA; The Joker) shortly after the apparent suicide of Doctor Quinzel's long time boyfriend, Guy Kopski. During the course of 4479's treatment, it appears that Dr. Quinzel was taken in by the 'Glamour' of 4479's super villain persona. He, in turn, became unhealthily obsessed with her.

4479 began escaping from his cell in order to leave flowers and chocolates on her desk. He also began giving promises to tell her things 'He had never told a living soul before.' Attempts to separate them, or to even limit there interaction failed.

It is unclear how or when the relationship between Dr. Quinzel and 4479 came to be. It is only known that on April 1rst (April fool's day) Dr. Quinzel helped patient 4479 escape by first arming and then assisting him. Dr. Quinzel joined 4479, while dressing in a clown-like jester suit. From that day forward she would only responded to the villain alias given to her by 4479; 'Harley Quinn'

The criminal persona Harley Quinn is a violent and unpredictable felon whose only motivation, beyond general mayhem, is achieving 4479's approval. Because of his cruel and mercurial nature, this in some ways makes her just another of his victims - albeit a very dangerous one.

Current Diagnosis;

- Major Opheliac - Obsessive fascination with patient 4479.

- Homicidal Manic - Complete disregard for other people's lives.

- Manic Depressive - History of episodes since age 18.

- Possibly suicidal - slight disregard for her own welfare.

Harry didn't know what in the world was going on.

First off; He was told that him and the Dursleys where taking a trip to America (To Gotham city, none the less) and they where taking him with. This raised the question; Why did they want to take him? The only place the Dursleys had bother to take him was the Zoo on Dudley's birthday, and that had ended horribly.

Secondly; the Dursleys had Harry pack up all of his belongings, and ordered him to take them with. Every last toy, and piece of clothes. Why they needed him to do this he didn't know. But it sent another signal to Harry that something was wrong. VERY wrong.

Third; they had all been very quiet and.. Happy. Even before they arrived in Gotham. Aunt Petunia was smiling and humming to herself. Dudley was smirking cruelly at Harry for no reason, and then would walk off without a word. He didn't even try to insult him or harm him anymore.

But it was Vernon how worried Harry most. He would get these weird letters in the mail that he would hide, or make these long phone calls. He would be sure to keep Harry in his bedroom while he talked. But worse of all.. He was LAUGHING. Out of nowhere, whenever he would see Harry.

On top of that Sirius was dead, even if the Dursleys' didn't know. And the Order hadn't lived up to it's promise to check up on him every week. Ron and Hermione didn't even write him anymore.

Needless to say, Harry was on edge. He started thinking the worse. He didn't know what was going on with the Dursleys, but he knew them enough to know when things where about to get bad. And if he was right, they where about to get EXTREMELY bad. Only this time, he had a plan.

A week before the trip to Gotham, He made a quick list of things he would need to survive pretty much everything. He based it on previous punishments from the Dursleys, they where going to America.. And the fact that wasn't going to get any help what so ever from his friends and the order.

Food. (Dursleys HATED feeding him, why would they start now?)

Water. (Duh.)

Clothes. (Dudley's cast offs or robes where not a good idea for the US.)

A new chest. (as a decoy, and to put the food, water and clothes in.)

And most importantly, Money. (Wizarding, pounds, and US dollars.)

So, the night before the trip to Gotham, Harry snuck out of the house. He called the knight bus, and speed off to Daigon alley.

He went to Gringotts first, and got all the money that he would need. (it took about a quarter of his vault.) He was then off to the shop, where he grabbed a very odd chest. This one was much like Moody's, Only this had 3 compartments. The largest was the size of a walk-in closet, the other a large storage container, and the last was the size of a normal chest.

He set out into London after that. He was able to fill the food and water order pretty easy; One stop at a grocery store to stock up on bottled water and canned food really didn't take up to much time. The middle section of his chest was filled. The clothes took a bit longer. But after a few shops and about 2 hours, he had his 'walk in' filled with clothes that actually fit him. He even had a few suits.

Realizing he had a few more hours before they noticed he was gone, Harry decided to hit a few muggle stores and see what he could grab. Paper and envelopes, incase Ron and Hermione finally decided to write back. A few activity books, (Sudoku, Logic puzzles, and crosswords.) for the plane ride and afterwards. He was sure he was going to spend a lot of time in the hotel room on his own.

He then remembered that Gotham was a pretty rough city, and was very violent at night. And he wasn't beyond thinking that the Dursleys would up and leave him there, or lock him outside to fend for himself. So he took a detour to china town, to the Marshall arts shop. He grabbed pepper spray, throwing knifes, and regular knifes. Just in case..

He still had a little extra money and a little more room; but sadly, his time was running out. So he just grabbed some candy and snacks from a gas station, Stuffed them in the chest, shrank it, called the knight bus again. Soon he was home.

He made it into bed just before Uncle Vernon checked up on him. He sighed in relief after Vernon closed his door. Harry then got up and grabbed a necklace of aunt petunia's that Dudley had broken years ago and hid in his second bedroom. Harry fixed the clasp, and took off the gaudy pendant that the necklace held. He carefully looped the straps of the shrunken chest throught the necklace, and put it around his neck.

He put his hand over the shrunken pendant, as he thought over his actions. Was it right to sneak out the house? Probably not.. Was it right to blow a big chuck of his trust fund in one night?.. No, it wasn't. Was it right to use magic outside of school in a high-magic area so he wouldn't get caught, then take off running? No, not at all.

But for right now, he was on his own... He couldn't trust the order and his friends to help him. He also had no clue what the Dursleys where planning. He just knew that he was in danger and He had to protect himself.

Strangely enough, even though he knew that tomorrow would be the starting point of whatever hell the Dursleys had in mind, just having the chest with him made him able to sleep a little better.

"Hey, Doc… Did you hear the news?" one of the guys in the white suit yelled right in front of her cell. Harley rolled her eyes as she put down that book she was reading. She glare at the man she lounged on her asylum cot, as if she was Cleopatra herself.

The guy had made three mistakes.. One; He was a lowly white suit.. She was an orange! Why was this nerd even talking to her? Didn't he remember that there was a pecking order here? Two; he called her 'Doc'. She HATED that! She had given up that title and the name when she join her Mr. J. She despised it when people reminded her of what she used to be. And Three; The jerk interrupted her while she was reading! For all of those reasons, Harley was now officially pissed at the man.

"No, ya pansy. I haven't heard the news… So ether SPIT IT, or BEAT IT!" Harley snapped, in her new-York accent. She emphasized her point by chucking her copy of '101 short love stories' at the ingrates head. "And be quick about it! You're messin' with my ME-time!"

The white-suit ducked the book with only inches to spare as he yelped. He suddenly put up two hands as if surrendering.

"Ok, ok doc! Jeez! There's a new guy coming in tomorrow.."

Harley frowned deeply, and looked even more annoyed. She started to slowly get up from her bed…

"Ya MORON.. There are ALWAYS new guys comin' in!" She growled, as she get ready to pounce on the guy, and beat him to a bloody pulp.. This guy had messed with the wrong girl… She was going to tear him apart…

"But not like this guy! He's a transfer from another place.. All the way from England!" The guy said, obviously trying to save himself from Harley's wrath.. It seemed to work. Harley stopped right before she was about to jump on the guy, and blinked… Now, she was curious.

"Go on…" She said, now standing straight and putting her hands on her hips.

"Well, apparently this guy is out of control. They couldn't handle him at the other place.. And he's got something weird about him.. Apparently people are dropping like flies when he's around. They think he's something like Crane, or Croc…"

Harley's eyes lit up. "You mean.. a Superhuman?"

There where two kinds of 'supervillians' in Gotham.. Normal people that made a name for themselves on there own; Like Joker, Victor zsasz and herself.. And others like Crane, Croc, and Bane who were labeled as 'Superhuman'.

Joker made a name for himself by terrorizing the whole city, and teaming up with and then betraying the mob. He also created two-face from Harvey dent, the D.A… but that was pushed under the rug. Victor zsasz was a mass murderer and hitman for the mob. He made a name for himself by killing women, and posing them afterward. Setting them up like dolls. He was most famous for stepping up a 'tea party' with 5 of Gotham societys' most prominent wives. It was said that there was a 6th seat, but unfortunately Bruce Wayne had yet to marry.. But they where all people. Human. It was there actions that made them villains. Expect maybe in Edward Nigma's case… (A large amount of genius still means your still human, but he was pushing the freaking line..)

But Crane, Killer Croc, and Bane where Different. Crane had had created and perfected the fear gas, which even Batman wasn't completely immune to. This, with his understanding of the human mind made him more the just another murderer. It gave him a great deal of power over others. Croc was born with a condition that gave him green scale-like skin, watery eyes, and a wide beast-like mouth… This also gave him made him more then a normal criminal or Mass murderer.. It made him a monster. And Bane? What else could you say about a man with a tank on his back that made him 3 times as strong?… Not normal in the LEAST. It was their abilities, not their actions that defined them as criminals. There 'Superhuman' attributes.

Harley perked up considerably. If they where getting a new 'superhuman' in Arkham, they would need a tour guide, wouldn't they? And there was someone that was going to want to know about them..

Someone with green hair, white face, and red smile…

OH, She couldn't wait to tell her puddin' about this!

The flight was horrible. Not only where all the Dursleys complaining, and making Harry uncomfortable, but he had forgotten when he shrunk his truck that his activity books he had gotten for the flight where still in there. As was his money.. But he suffered though, and put up with it for the entire flight.

When they landed, the Dursleys seemed to brighten considerably. This crept Harry out even more.. Before long they had gathered all of there things from the luggage belt and where making their way out of the airport. They all piled into the rental car (Harry and Dudley in the back) and drove into Gotham. It was about 15 minutes later that Harry realized that they had already passed 3 hotels… and hadn't stop at any one of them.

"Umm.. Aren't we stopping at a hotel for the night?…" Harry asked quietly. Aunt Petunia and Vernon both chuckled at his comment.

"Yes, WE are…" Vernon said, as Dudley joined in the chuckling. Harry paled and felt more and more uneasy… Now he knew that whatever the Dursleys where planning was going to happen… Tonight. Harry then looked out the car window, to the sky. He saw the darkening skyline of purple and blues. No; take that back.. Within a few hours. He unconsciously grabbed at his wand in his pocket, and tucked it in his sleeve as he felt his nerves and anxiety hit the roof.

His heart started pounding in his chest…his mind racing and worrying. But he just couldn't figure it out.. What where the Dursleys going to do?

Leave him? Hand him off to someone? Drop him off in the middle of the city? Maybe there was an American relative that Harry hadn't heard of, maybe they where taking him to them…

No, that last one was just wishful thinking and Harry knew it. If they wouldn't hand him over to Sirius when he was alive, then they definitely wouldn't hand him over to someone else. Harry suddenly became hyper-aware of everything around him. In the car, outside the car, all around him. All his senses screamed 'danger danger danger.'

The Dursleys seemed obvious to Harry's stress. They seemed to be to proud of themselves to give a care about Harry.

It was then, on the side of the road that Harry saw a green road sign, with a bright orange road sign placed underneight it. The green sign read;

Arkham Asylum.

The orange sign under it was much more ominous. It read;

Hitchhikers may be escaping patients.

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