Ok... I know I have not updated in a while. I just wanted to let you guys know, that I am alive, and yes, I will be writing again. Irregularly, but writing.

In the past year, I have had a hell of a time. My mom was fighting cancer, I fell for a guy who is wonderful and we got engaged, My two best friends from high school got engaged, one got married already and the other is getting married soon. And I was working a job and dealing with Illnesses of my own.

But, I am back, and hope to be updating normally.

Hope you enjoy this long overdo update!


Her high heels clicked and ticked with every step she made walked through the cold metal hallway. Head high, and sun-blonde hair up and twisted into a messy bun. Wearing her red and black vest and white lab coat like body armor. Holding her clip board and files like a shield. Closer and closer to the appointment room.

She had read up every report, studied every paper, and referenced every book she could. She was well versed and ready for any an every trick he would try to use on her. She was prepared and ready to face him. Turning down the last corner to the room she saw Aaron Cash standing guard. She nodded to him, and he nodded back. Right before arriving at the door, Aaron swiped his security card and opened it for her. She didn't even pause as she started right through.

"If you need me, doc... I'll be right outside." He whispered as she passed. She gave a fleeting smile in reply. She wouldn't need Mr. Cash today... She was sure of that.

She walked in, and the door clanged shut behind her.

"Well, well, well... What have we here?..." growled the low, penetrating voice of her patient. As soon as she heard him speak she was in shock. Her heart started beating faster, eyes opened wider and she had to force herself not to jump back in shock, or cover her mouth with her free hand.

Because she just couldn't bring herself to believe that it was HIM... After all these years, and all this time, it was HIM... and he had become the JOKER...

He looked at her now with an amused but cruel glint in his green eyes. The twin scars at both sides of his mouth, a morbid mockery of a smile, distorting his face. But his chin, his cheeks, his shoulders... those where all the same. She KNEW it was him. And as he stared back at her and his left lip raised a bit, she knew that he remembered her as well...

It was JACK! It had to be him. She knew him to well to be mistaken... Just as he knew it was her.

"Well... Hello, Beautiful." He said as his twisted smile turned into a true smile right before her eyes. Both of theirs shoulders lowering and stances become less defensive.

And for the first time since Her fiancé Guy had been buried... Harleen Quinzel smiled. Not realizing that in a matter of seconds, she had become completely disarmed.

Harley jumped right into the joker's lap, and kissed him whole heartedly.

Ever since they had put her in the ward with the white suits to keep them apart, she had be missing him terribly. Their time together was getting shorter and shorter now that he had a good deal of his privileges taken away as well.. She would make the most of any moment with him.

"DR. QUINNZEL!" The nurse barked, and Harley broke her kiss, and turned and glared at the meeting nurse. Her puddin' seemed to smirk. Harry blinked. She was a Doctor?.. he wondered for a moment what kind...

"Don't call me that..." Harley snapped back in a harsh voice. The nurse glared in return.

"That is your TRUE name, even if you've given it up... now, please return to YOUR PROPPER seat."

Her puddin growled a little, and wrapped his arms possessively around Harley's waist. Harley glared at the offending nurse again, but then turned to her Mr. j.

"It's ok." She said, then leaded over to give him a kiss on the cheek. As she did, she whispered to him; "New Meta-human coming today... From England."

His eyes widened for just a moment, but then he nodded slightly to her. Most would have missed it, but she didn't. She hopped off his lap, and after moving the chair next to him over a few inches, took her seat. The nurse gave a long suffering sigh, but seemed to let it go.

Harry watched the interaction with an appraising glace. Apparently, the two were a item, and the nurse was trying to keep them apart as much as she could... Which wasn't much at all.

Harry could understand why... they were both pretty frightening.

But after the girl sat down, Harry was taken by surprise as the clown man then turned his attention to HIM. He seemed to look at Harry in a way he hadn't before. As if he was trying to read him, or figure out what he was worth... Green eyes met green eyes again in a weird one-sided stare down. Harry was almost afraid to break eye contact. It was almost as if the man was testing him, and, if he broke eye contact now, he would fail the test. He kept the eye contact going until he saw a small, deranged smirk, and got a nod. It was only then that Harry dared look away.

That was Bloody fucking creepy. Harry thought to himself as his heart pounded. What in the bloody hell was that about?...

"Well, Well, Well... Lookie here..." One of the white suits said from across the seating area. Harry looked up and raised a eyebrow at the bulky, tattooed, 7-foot-or-so man that was speaking. He was looking at Harry with a smirk and crossed arms, and it was apparent he thought the world of himself.

"A new Wittle boy... Fresh meat, just brought in... Tell me kiddo, What did you do to get locked in here?... Steal from Mommy's and Daddy's purses did you?..."

The other white suits laughed at this, And all the orange suits just turned their heads and looked at Harry. None of them speaking up for him or against him, Though Edward took an amused sip of his coffee as watched. It seemed that he was on his own with dealing with them, for now at least... Harry quickly started to think of something to say, Something a little dark, but something kinda of funny so as to disarm the bloke... He had to be careful in what he said... But, Luckily or unluckily, the nurse spoke up for him.

"He is a Meta-human, Johnathan... a Dangerous meta-human who was sent to us to keep him away from outside influences. Don't let the street clothes fool you, He will have a orange suit soon enough, I assure you.. Don't push your luck, Johnathan."

'Johnathan' looked at Harry in shock, and Harry just flashed him the quickest smug smirk he could before dropping it. He only wanted Johnathan to see it, to make him consider leaving him alone, but from the female chuckle on his side of the room, Harley must have seen it as well.

Harry knew he had to play this carefully.. Cash said good behavior, being responsive to treatment, and not being a threat to himself or others for two weeks would get him into the youth ward... with the other teens, people his age, he could get along better and get out sooner... That was his goal. But in the meantime he still had to survive here, with these dangerous people, for 14 days...

And it was only the beginning of day one... He had a long away to go...

"Now... First thing's first; As Johnathan has pointed out, We have a new patient with us today... He came in very late last night and couldn't be fully processed in, which is why he is not in uniform. He comes to us from England, From St. Brutus' school... He is fifthteen, nearly sixteen, and will be with us..."

"FIFTHTEEN!?" Harley suddenly shrieked, jumping up from her chair. Harry jolted a little and looked at her in shock. Harley quickly looked Harry up and down, and then turned her blazing blue eyes to the nurse. " HE'S ONLY FIFTHTEEN?! ARE YA KIDDING ME?! HE SHOULDN'T EVEN BE IN THE INTENSEIVE CARE UNIT!"

The nurse snapped her attention to Harley, and glared. "DR. QUINNZEL! YOU WILL QUIT CHALLENGING ME THIS MOMENT AND SIT DOWN IN YOUR CHAIR!"

"NO I WILL NOT! ARE YA NUTS?! IT'S AGAINST EVERY RULE AND PROTACOL IN THIS PLACE TO PUT HIM IN HERE! I SHOULD KNOW! WHICH ONE THESE WORTHLESS DOCTORS RUNNIN' THIS PLACE DECIDED TO PUT A BOY THAT YOUNG IN HERE!?" Harley snapped. One hand on her hip, the other pointing at Harry, looking very self righteous and more then a little insane.

"As you have forsaken all of your privileges as a doctor here at Arkham, I would like to remind you, Dr. Quinnzel, YOU HAVE NO SAY IN WHAT HAPPENED TO THE PATIENTS HERE ANYMORE... And I assure you, Dr. Young, His family, and Warden Sharp have all agreed on his placement..."


Harley then took that moment to storm over to Harry, and with a quick yank, pulled him out of his chair. She dragged him swiftly to the chair that was between her and Edward Nigma. Looks like his plans to stay on the other end of the meeting room were foiled... She kicked his chair closer to her own chair and forced Harry to sit down next to her... And Harry had to admit she was stronger then she looked.

"Sit here and stay close..." She ordered, as she took her own seat next to the proudly smiling clown-man.

"And don't you worry, Baby boy... Mama's got ya now."