(A/N)- This is my first time doing this challenge, so here goes nothing! (And happy birthday, mainegirlwrites, I couldn't resist some fainting Sam!)

Sam swore, Dean could be a huge mother hen sometimes. "Don't wear your jacket out there, Sam, it's hot as hell!" Sam could handle himself, thank you very much. Until, walking down the sidewalk one day…he up and fainted.

"Sam!" Sam felt his face being lightly slapped. He opened his eyes. Dean.

"Wha' happened?"

Dean rolled his eyes. "You fainted, princess. 90 degrees outside and you're wearing a goddamn jacket."

The world was at an angle. Titled.



Sam narrowed his eyes and studied his brother. "You're wearing a jacket too."

"Yeah, but I don't swoon and faint, Samantha."