Own Nothing.


Auggie sat at his desk typing away when he got a message. He hit the little button that would say it out loud to him. He placed his head phones on and pushed play.

'Word from the grapevine is that you love me?' The mechanical voice stated into his ears.

He smirked and his fingers quickly typed back a reply. 'Well the grapevine usually doesn't lie.' He hit send.

A few minutes later he got a returned message. 'I'm glad it doesn't.' The voice rang in his ears. A few minutes later, his door slid open and his could smell her perfume, it was a light scent barely there. It was one of those natural scents that she liked to buy from the store in the mall. 'Rain kissed leaves' or 'Dancing waters' today though, she wore 'Carried away'. Her new favorite scent. He knew this, because she wore it last night on their date.

"Hello Miss Granger, how may I help you?" He smirked as he leaned back in is computer chair, hand behind his head. He listened as she walked up to him, he felt her hand as she cupped his cheek. She kissed him lightly on the lips.

"I love you to." She whispered, just enough for him to hear. She pulled away, but he grabbed her hand, holding it tightly.

"Good. We make a good pair." He smirked, pulling her to his lap holding her tightly.

"Auggie, we're at work." She warned with a laugh.

"We're encourage to date our co-workers. It's good for us. And I'm certainly not complaining." He kissed her again on the lips.

"I have nothing to complain about either." She smiled.

" I do, get a room you to." They heard Annie shout from the bull pen. "One that doesn't have glass windows."

Auggie and Hermione laughed as they stood up, she grabbed his hand and led him out of the tech room. "Where do you think you're going?" They heard Joan after them.

"Finding a room." Auggie joked, even though they were really just getting coffee downstairs.