Sorry people I totally forgot about this story until I started obsessing about samurai champloo again ahaha. The rating may change due to me trying to write a lemon in the next few chapters, I don't know if it will turn out good but anyway I don't own Samurai Champloo or any of the characters…now on to the story.

Chapter 7

Cuddling and a little fun

(Fuu's POV)

We walked home in silence when Mugen suddenly grabbed my hand. We stayed like for what seemed like forever. I looked at him like he was insane.

"What, you're my girl now. Isn't this what couples do?" He looked away embarrassed and let go of my hand.

I grabbed his hand back in my small one and just smiled "We're a couple?" I smile.

"If you want to be that is" Mugen mumbled.

"I do." I reply with a content sigh as I lean up to kiss his cheek.

We walked home hand in hand. I knew Kida was going to ask tomorrow what happened and I hoped I didn't blush too much. I moved through the door with Mugen hot on my heels. Our legs caught together and we fell onto the futon with him on top of me. Mugen was actually blushing and I started laughing at how cute he looked.

"What the hell's so funny girly?" Mugen rumbled causing a shiver to run down my spine.

"You're blushing." I giggle, shivering again as he gets a smirk I know only too well on his face.

"Ahahahaha you're so cute Fuu." Mugen laughs.

"What are you gonna do to me Mugen?" I blush.

"Ahahaha nothing, I know you're not ready for this anyway." Mugen smirks smugly, gesturing to himself.

"Whatever." I growl and turn my back to him. Mugen jumps in the futon and cuddles up next to me.

"Girly, stop rubbing up against me." Mugen mumbles.

I roll over and bite his neck "Good night Mugen." I whisper into his chest

"Mmmm, your askin for it Fuu but I'll let you off this once, Good night Fuu" Mugen smiles and kisses my forehead.


I woke the next morning to the sound of someone rambling around in the kitchen. I sit up and see mugen actually cooking. He doesn't notice me looking and I take the time to really take him in. He looks the same since I last saw him, maybe slightly leaner. I can still see the muscles clearly under his red haori. His turquoise tattoos on his wrists and ankles strike out in relief against his tan skin as if they are glowing, showing the world who he is, dangerous and sexy. His hair is still in wild tufts going in every direction, rough from his many years toiling with the sea, the salt staying in his hair. He looked like a god standing there in my kitchen cooking what smelled like bacon. It was then that he noticed me watching him.

"Earth to Fuu, want breakfast or should I just eat all of it?" Mugen lazily saunters over.

"Huh?" I sigh coming back to reality.

"As much as I know you want to keep ogling my sexiness, I think you should have some breakfast." Mugen laughed.

"I wasn't ogling at your sexiness," I grumble as a put a piece of food in my mouth. "Mmmm, this is really good." I moan.

"So, you think I'm sexy." Mugen smirks.

"What." I ask

"Nothing, ahahaha." Mugen laughs

I finish eating and get up to get dressed for work. Mugen stares at me longingly as a brush my hair and but it up in its usual bun. I move over to the door, putting on my geta as mugen puts his on as well. We both walk out the door, hand in hand, heading for town.