All the Things We Have In Common

If I owned Hetalia, everything would be changed drastically

The Netherlands and Russia have several things in common. For example, they both have bad habits, Nether with his pipe, and Russia with his seemingly bottomless bottle of Vodka. Every hour, minute, second, Nether is just there smoking his pipe casually. Russia is always armed and ready with his bottle of vodka. Russia's big sister, Ukraine, has tried to get him to quit, but somehow, he's always got a bottle, no matter how small or big, somewhere in his house. Belgium and Indonesia have tried to bury, burn, and hide Nether's pipe, but in the end, he can always find it (or in a case he can't, he just smokes cigarettes, he claims that it is 'better than nothing').

Beside their really bad habits, they also both have scarves. Russia has had his cream scarf ever since Ukraine has given it to him when they were still young. He has loved it and took care of it gently, and has deemed it as a body part, as an excuse to never take it off. Nether didn't exactly know when or where he got his scarf, or even who gave it to him, but the blue and white scarf has been wrapped around his neck for so long, he didn't even bother to care where he got it anymore.

They also both have sisters. First off, they have little sisters, and they both have the same first three letters, Belgium and Belarus, but they both have very different personalities, that's for sure, Belarus with her psycho personality (I don't want to bash, but I think that's appropriate for her), and Belgium with her happy-go-lucky one. All three of their sisters (what I mean here, is that all of them combined), Ukraine, Belarus, and Belgium also have one thing in common besides them having brothers; they all wear a type of head band, also (a fact that I find slightly…more than just a weird fact I know) Belarus, Belgium, and Ukraine all have seven letters.

They also care for flowers. Russia has always dreamt of a nice, warm place filled with sunflowers. That's his favorite flower, of course. Netherlands has always liked tulips. He has a neatly sorted garden of them, in colors you would probably expect from tulips and some are not normally found in normal tulips. He even had a quarrel with Turkey over who had the title of the 'Tulip Country', which, in the end, he won.

After a conversation of what the two nations have in common…

"Oh, yeah" Russia started out, his dark aura slowly creeping into the room, "Then let's become one then! Everyone must become one with Mother Russia, da!" he said, creeping into Nether's personal space.

"HOLY BAT NIPPLES, NO!" he screamed, and said scream could be heard all the way to Indonesia's house, who at the time was watching 'Cinta Fitri' with Malaysia.