My first Harry Potter fanfic, hope you like it!


Chapter 1

Albus Severus watched his father's face glide away, and sat down on his seat, and opened up one of his spell books. He was just starting the first sentence, when Rose, his cousin, sat down next to him.

"Hey Al, I was just wonder if I could sit down, and possibly ask what your wand is made of. Mine is yew and unicorn hair, 10 inches. It would be cool if we had the same wands, right?" Rose was the perfect combination of her mother and father; blue eyes like Ron, her hair a reddish-brown, and she was tall for her age, seeming to inherit her father's gangly stature.

"Oh, mine is phoenix tail feather, 11 ½ inches and yew, anyway, do you think we'll fall in the lake, or maybe get put in Slytherin, or-" Rose yawned, and slapped his arm, clearly bored.

They sat for almost two hours talking about wands and houses, and squids until a young witch pushing a cart full of food and sweets came to their door.

"Anything off the trolley, dears?" she said. Albus got up, and bought some chocolate frogs, pumpkin pasties, and a few miscellaneous sweets for them to share.

"You know, I didn't want to start collecting wizard cards until I got to Hogwarts, but I've never really had a reason. I think I should write to dad and tell him about the train ride." Rosie was about to pull out a quill and some parchment, when the compartment door slid open. It was James with some friends.

"Hello Al, Rose, do you mind if I give you a little advice? No? Alright then, whatever you do, fall in the lake. Chances are, you'll be very lucky to survive. See you around." And with those cruel words, he left, laughing with his friends. Rosie got up and shut the compartment door. She looked worried, and started to fidget.

"What's wrong, Rose, you look like you got thrown off a broom." Rosie gave him a stern glance, and ate a frog. After a few moments, she spoke.

"Do you really think its good luck; I mean to fall in the lake, that is." Al looked at Rose like she was crazy.

"Are you kidding me? Wow, Rose, sometimes you can be as dumb as Uncle Ron, even with your brains." Rose grinned sheepishly, and continued eating the frog.

After a while, the compartment lights went on, and they put their books away. Albus grabbed his owl's cage, and opened it; his brown tawny hoped onto his arm. Rosie opened up the window, and Al let her out. It was a clear night, and he knew that Hedwig would find her way to the owlry.

They started to put on their Hogwarts robes once the train started slowing down, and they got their trunks from the rack above their seats. When the train stopped completely, the left their compartment, and left their trunks. The corridor was thick with students trying to get out and onto the platform at Hogsmead station. Albus and Rosie held hands in order to not be separated. They then heard a very recognizable voice yelling through the crowd.

"Firs' years this way, Firs' years over here!" the enormous form of Hagrid appeared, with his lantern to match his size.

"Hello Hagrid! It's good to see you again!" Albus called through the throng of students. He and Rose walked up to the familiar form of the half-giant. When the rest of the timid first years seemed to be around Hagrid, he said:

"We'll be takin' the boats up ter tha castle! Four people to a boat!" They all climbed into a boat, and they set off.

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