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Moving from America to Japan is so tough for Angel Aiko. Leaving old friends to make new one's all because of her mom's job. Her mother got a job at her dad's manga office and she had to move all the way to Japan,so her mother transferred her to Cross Academy. So now here she is leaving her old school for a new one.

"Bye you guys im going to miss you so much" Angel said hugging her friend Diana and Mimo. "We are to duh im upset you have to move in the middle of the school year" Diana said. " I know but you guys know my mom so I have too,im really going to miss you guys" Angel said giving her friends one last hug. With that her mother called her name and she left for Japan.

In Japan now with her mother they moved into there dad's house and put down the boxes. "So are you ready to go to your new school ?" her mother asked finishing up getting the boxes out of the car. "I guess but mom im not gonna be home all the time ive read they have dorms so ill only be home on holidays" she said hoping her mother would reconsider. "nice try babe it's not happening" her mother said "youll be fine plus youll make new friends and I need a break from you so,youll be ok now come on so I can drop you off I'll unload the boxes when I get back". Angel got in the car and left for her new school. "Man this sucks I didn't want to move her in the first place" she said pulling up at the school now. She got her bags and went to the main office while waving to her mother good-bye.

"Actually Yuki we will be having a new day class student" said chairman cross said. Yuki got a little excited she like meeting new students and wondered who he/she would be like. On the other hand that little emo b**** Zero didn't like the idea of another student he already hated the one's here. "Yes we will I expect you to treat her well" chairman said. Then a knock at the door came and in came Angel. "Hi im Angel" she said "Hi im yuki nice to meet you this is Zero" Yuki said." Nice to meet you"" she said. "well im chairman Kain cross nice to meet you angel" "Aiko she said finishing his sentence." Aiko well nice to meet you, yuki will show you to your dorm and you'll start classes tomorrow". With Angel, yuki and zero left Yuki took Angel to her dorm and showed her around. By the time yuki showed her around and finshed it was time for the night class to come out. When she herd screaming she jumped a little. "What the hell was that" she asked "oh that's the day class girls" yuki said bringing Angel to a view of them. "they go crazy over the night class so you' ll her screaming a lot but you are not to go near them got it" yuki asked. " Got it so where that Zero boy of yours" Angel asked looking for him to pop up some where. " he's over there trying to keep the girls back oh boy I gotta go Angel bye" Yuki said and went to help Zero. "poor Zero have to put up with this everyday man feel sorry for him" Angel thought. She left and went to sun dorms.