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Angel returned to her dorms with tears coming down her face she had so much in her heart and it just flowed over into tears, the fact of knowing the truth hurt even more. She kept rethinking what Ichio had said over and over like a broken record. *Flash Back* "So you chose a human to become your lover you were better off staying single Ichijou"Asato said examining Angel "What can she do for you but become a food toy".*End of Flashback*. She crawled into bed with her clothes still on,not bothering to get comfortable and cried herself to sleep. Ryuu her new roommate,on the other hand was awake listening to her friends tears. She wanted so say something but she didn't know what to say,so she laid there quietly,just listening until her friend cried herself to sleep. Then she got up and put a blanket over her to keep her warm and got back into bed and drifted to sleep herself. Meanwhile in Ichijou's room,Ichijou layed in his bed looking up at the ceiling. 'I can't believe he said to her' he thought. Ichijou had so many feelings inside him he was hurt,angry,sad,and confused all at the same time. He wished this was a dream when he rolled over and tried to sleep but he couldn't. The thought of losing Angel scared him,he wouldn't be able to bear it.

He told himself that tomorrow evening he'd fix things with Angel and Ichio. The night had ended and morning had come. Ryuu sat on Angel's bed and poked at her faced "Come on Angel wake up already" she said poking her face even harder than the first time. Angel stirred in her sleep and woke up to the morning light of the sun which nearly blinded her "Oh my gosh close the blinds" Angel said putting her head under the cover's. Ryuu did as told and told her friend to get up and bathe. "You dont stink but you look like you could use a good cleansing" Ryuu stated. Angel got and sat on her bed while she pulled up her staps to her dress "Oh Ryuu i'm so tired i dont feel like doing anything" Angel said yawning and blowing her breath. Ryuu blinked twice and backed up from Angel "Ok I don't care how tired you are get in that bathroom and brush your teeth your breath is bringing out my dark side" Ryuu said pushing her friend into the bathroom and shutting the door.

"Ryuu come on lets talk about this i'm really upset" Angel said trying to open the the door but had no avail Ryuu was holding the door knob so she wouldn't come out "Hell no,brush your teeth first before you singe my eyebrows. I feel like that girl in the Babysitter with Dawayne "the Rock" Johnson when she got her eyebrows tourched off"Ryuu said touching her eyebrows jokingly. Angel laughed at her friends joke sarcasticly but with a smile,she knew that if she was ever lonely or upset Ryuu had some joke to say on everythig that would make her smile "I love you best friend" Angel joked while getting into the shower. Ryuu walked away and said "yea whatever thats what they all say" while taking a seat on her bed. Ryuu and Angel talked for awhile, while both getting ready for the day "So were are we going Ryuu, the last time we went some where together i almost lost my hair" Angel exclaimed. "I told you it was a flying knife show you shoulda wore a hat and we,my friend are going to have a best friend day" Ryuu pronounced with her pointer finger in the air.

Angel was puzzled as she exited the shower fully dressed and ready for this "best friend day" Ryuu spoke of. "Best Friend Day,since-" Angel was cut off when Ryuu put her finger on her mouth "Shhhh don't speak just follow" Ryuu joked as she and Angel left for the day. At Moon dorms Shiki and Ichijou lay in bed talking to one another (A/N: Not in the same bed . though no offense to Yaoi lovers) "So wait you plan on setting your granddad straight... Ichijou are you trying to die your grandfather would probably hurt you,besides that's not like you;you must really love Angel to go out of formalities" Shiki stated. "Well yes I would if it means getting her back then I sure would" Ichijou exclaimed with determantion in his eyes. Shiki anime sweat dropped at the thought of Ichijou laying his granddad out. "Well whatever Ichijou I guess i'll see you on the other side then... Holler if you herd me as those rappers say these days" Shiki giggled putting up a peace sign. "Shiki? have you ben watching B.E.T?" Ichijou asked getting up and putting his hands on his hips and tapping his foot. Shiki nodded while putting his head under the cover "It's so fun to watch" he said.

And with that Ichijou left the room seeing his friend was going back to sleep. Ichijou walked out of his room and down the hall to call his grandfather. When he walked into the living room he felt this weird aura,one both mad yet calm then he spotted Ruka talking to Kaname. 'They need to have a bitch aura for people like her' Ichijou thought while walking up to them."Kaname-sama and Ruka-chan good morning I didnt exspect for you two be up so early" he said. "Same for Ichijou"Ruka asserted "Hope it helps Kaname-sama"she said while leaving. "What were you to talking about if I may ask Kaname-sama?" Ichijou questioned "She was telling me that Angel was here yesterday before Ichio came and then some personal stuff" Kaname responded putting his back to the wall and folding his arms. Ichijou knew the lecture was coming so he braced his self to speak his mind just like Angel said.

"Ichijou we talked about her being here in dorms unannounced" Kaname breathed "Kaname-sama out of no disrespect please leave what me and my girlfriend do out of your head" Ichijou objected. Kain was gonna come and get something out of the kitchen but when he herd that,he turned back around and warned everyone on his hall to not go down there. Then after a few seconds they each poked the heads around the corner to watch the show (A/N:"they" being Aidou,Kain,and some random guy with awesome hair so uh you can picture the random guy on your own) "Excuse me" Kaname questioned with sterness in his voice "would you like to repeat that Ichijou" he demanded letting up off of the wall.

"Hell naw he wouldn't" Kain whispered making the random guy cover his mouth and laugh. "I said to keep me and Angel's relationship out of your head, Kaname-sama it's none of your business if I have Angel here or not she's not your problem she's mine so please leave it alone" Ichijou repeated. Kain shook his head whispering "Damn somebody arrange this idiots funeral. Hey Aidou call the funeral home". By now the random guy was on a roll laughing at Kain's jokes but got to seriousness wanting to see what happens next between Kaname and Ichijou.

Kaname had slapped Ichijou like he did Aidou "Don't speak to me in such a tone ever in your life again Ichijou appearently that girl of your is rubbing off on you and you forgot who your dealing with" Kaname said leaving and going to his room. "Well damn" Kain,Aidou and the random guy chorused. Ichijou got up and held his face that felt like it had ben slapped of 'Well on the bright side i'm still alive,hopefully that counted Angel-chan' he thought. Kain walked to him and put his hand on his back and then he slapped him in the back of the head as hard as he could. "What was that for" Ichijou asked "For being so stupid,how could you talk to gang leader like that what were you thinking?" Kain barked.

"I was standing up for my love for Angel like she said" Ichijou stated."Really did she also say that you'd get smack huh? How ya face feel stupid?" Kain pressed "Not so good i guess-" Ichijou said being cut off "Hell yea not so good look at it it's got Kaname's signiture all over it" Kain said. "I don't care at least I said what I had to say to him,now to my gradfather that's a life or death thing" Ichijou grumbled. "I do admit that was a brave thing to do but next time think first and did you just say your grandfather" Kain added. "Yes" Ichijou said "Im going to talk to him next but first I need to talk with Angel. "Ichijou your so slow,and to think I thought highly of you and respected you" Kain said shaking his head. TBC...

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