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In her dorm new room Angel got unpacked the first thing she wanted to do was call her friends and tell them how things are going its only been a awhile since her and her mother got here but she still wanted to call them. "Hello?" Diana said " hey Diana what are you doing" Angel said excited to talk to her bestfriend. "Im asleep what the heck are you doing" she said not believing her friend was up at 3:15 in the morning.

"What do you mean your asleep stupid its late in the afternoon" Angel said getting upset her friend was still asleep. " No Angel didn't you read in your Japanese class book there time is 13+ hours ahead by the time youll be asleep ill be going to school and don't call me stupid I seen what you got on your last quiz" Diana stated.

Not knowing where to go she told her friend good night and finished unpacking. Nighttime had fallen now and Angel was looking out the window of her single room. "Man out of all the rooms here I couldn't get a stupid roommate this schools a rip-off and I aint even buying groceries" Angel thought. She soon herd a knock on her door "who the heck is up at 11:31... Oh yea I am" she thought. She open the door to see that stupid emo boy Zero. "Yes can I help you?" "No can I help you" he spat back. "Well dammit I don't know can you your at my door" she yelled. 'what ever I wanted to check if you where ok chairman asked me too since you are bye" "well ya know I wasn't very excited to see you either he shoulda sent Yuki she creepy happy but at least she has happy" she said before he got the chance to leave.

"what did you say' Zero said aggravated by the comment and already the new brat too add to his kill list. "you herd me but im tired so bye" before Zero could say something she slammed the door in his face "that brat: he thought. Angel's alarm went off so she got up for classes. She soon was dress in her uniform which she hated "I don't even like when my mom tells me to dress up for important company now I have to where this" Angel said looking in the mirror. Huh I better get to classes she said walking from the mirror she anime scooted back in the mirror and did the famous Aido bang and said " hey good looking even though you hate this uniform you still look good careful boys Angel's coming" she said happily grabbing her book and the new edition of Kaze plus Keiko which wasn't even out yet thanks to her mom and skipped to classes.

Classes where long so Angel was kinda nodding the entire time when the teacher said class dismissed Angel immediately got up and left like everyone else but was pulled back by the teacher. "Miss Aiko I saw you nodding in my class you have extra class since your new here let me tell you the rules" he said telling her to sit. She got waterfall anime eyes watching the door close without her behind it. There it was another reason to hate this academy. The teacher started to explain the rules and her extra hour of class began. By the time she was out night class was walking to class she didn't want to get caught so she ran to her dorm before they could look up she was on the other side a the walk way (ninja powers ^.^) but they did see something her manga book spotted someone's eye..

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