Okay this is an MI fanfic…I never really get into writing these. The idea just came to me. Like randomly came out of the blue. In this once Jace has a twin sister (her name is Jade). Jace is coming from England to New York because his mother and him live there, but she just died. This is a little more angsty then what I normally write...just warning you.

Two teenagers are driving home from school, normally the boy would be driving the girl home and then would be a couple... what a stereotype. I'm the driver, a junior in high school, I have my silvery blonde hair whipped out behind me, a pair of sunglasses covering my golden brown eyes, and have an amused smile playing on my lips. The boy next to me has his midnight black hair spiked up and covered with glitter. His dark eyes had some makeup around them, but not much, for once. I told him to tone it down because my twin brother is coming in from London today. Our mother has just passed and I figured that he would still be in shock and Magnus is a little shocking when you see him.

"What's this big news you just had to tell me? You literally dragged me out of the parking lot," I question him and he gives me a goofy smile.

"I talked to blue eyed boy today," Magnus says in a dreamy way.

"You mean Alec? I could invite him over if you want. I've known Alec and Isabelle for years," I tell him and he blushes hiding his face and quickly changes the subject. Strange, he normally doesn't get flustered.

"So, Jade, when do I get to meet your brother?" Magnus Bane my ever glittered best friend asks. Smooth subject change as always.

"He'll be arriving tomorrow. Just don't freak him out. Our mom just died and he was much closer to her than I ever was. I never really got to know her," I tell him sadly.

"At least your parents didn't kick you out because you were gay. Yours just got divorced, but I'm glad that your father let me live here," He replies slyly. "Magnus, we wouldn't leave you on the streets," I reassure him as we pull into the driveway. My dad is waiting for us on the front porch. My father has light hazel blue eyes, short cut silver blonde hair, and is pretty tall.

"Dad, what's going on?" I question him getting out of the car and walking up to him.

"Your brother should be here within the hour. Please make sure that his room is set up. And Magnus, don't put any glitter in his room," My dad says to us and heads into his car and drives off the get my brother.

"Damn, he spoiled my plans," Magnus grins and goes into the house with me following in on his heels.

"Your plans? I haven't even started to clean his room. I can't believe his flight is a day early. Next time, I'm planning the flights," I tell him running up two flights of stairs to clean up my brother's room. "Magnus! I need decorating advice!" I yell down to him and I hear a muffled reply of an okay and get to work.

It took about twenty five minutes to get his room ready. Magnus almost managed to put glitter in the room. In response, I grabbed Chairman Meow and threatened to drop him in the toilet and when that didn't work I told Magnus I'd die the cat's fur army green. He cares more about fashion then his cat, how sad.

On the bright side the room is clean and Jace should be here any minute. "Should I do an essay or cook dinner?" I ask Magnus who is staring at a calculus problem with hatred.

"That essay is due in two weeks, so I think dinner takes priority. On top of that your brother should be here soon and I'll bet he's hungry," Magnus says quickly and then goes back to glaring at the math problem.

I go over to him and work out the math in my head and realize that the answer is simple. "The answer is 2. Come and help me make dinner and I'll help you work out the math later," I order him playfully and he happily writes the answer down and helps me cook dinner.

I decided that we should make pasta (something Magnus can make without the kitchen catching on fire), some fresh pasta sauce (something I can make well), and fresh bread (my specialty).

"What did you talk to Alec about today?" I ask him making small talk while I knead the dough. "Just small talk. He seems really shy," he sighs quietly.

"Alec has always been shy. He hasn't even come out of the closet to his parents yet. He doesn't want to disappoint them, especially since they lost Max," I fight back a sob thinking about little Max dying in the hospital bed.

"I doubt he would disappoint his parents, he is walking perfection! Straight A student, star soccer player, he's humble about it, and attractive all put into one person," Magnus sighs in admiration. We keep a steady flow of conversation going for twenty minutes. By this time just about everything was finished, except for the bread which had ten minutes left cooking. I'm about to say something when I hear the door open.

"Jade, Magnus, I'm home!" my father yells from the foyer. I quickly run to the door and throw myself at Jace who looks really surprised to see me. His eyes have more of a golden tint than mine and his hair is much shorter, but other than that we look the same.


Hello! The only way I'm going to continue this is with reviews! Normally I would do it from free will, but I'm feeling a little rebelious. This story I feel is how everything would have happened if they were just normal kids. Don't worry their will be romance later on...=)



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