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"I'd love to hear this," Luke comments sarcastically. I stifle a laugh at the pout on Nate's face, his bright blue eyes feigning hurt as he holds his hand over his heart.

"Luke, I'm crushed. I thought you trusted me!" Nate says over dramatically, swaying with his words. I roll my eyes, walk over to him and smack him upside the head. At this point everyone slides out of the room to let me deal with Nate until he's back to 'normal' or whatever is average for Nate's behavior. Nate wiggles his eyes suggestively since were alone and I smack him again. I don't remember when Nate became so immature, but I think he only acts like that when he's with me. When he's with his family he acts completely emotionless.

"Will you cut it out? Honestly, we need to help Clary! What's this great idea of yours?" I ask him pulling him into the store and putting a closed sign on the door to keep people out. I keep hold of his arm until we reach Jace, Clary, and Luke in the house section of the building.

I see Jace eyeing my hand on his arm and I drop my hand right away, feeling the heat rise to my face at his scathing looks. Nate notices my reaction to Jace and looks my brother over. "Who's you friend, Jade?" Nate growls his blue eyes flashing dangerously. I think someone is jealous, but that's just me.

"This is my twin brother Jace. Now, Nate, what was this great plan you had for us?" I question him as his eyes go wide at the fact he was jealous of my brother.

"Right, um, I was thinking that your dad and my dad could work together on this. You know my dad is part of social service and yours is a hot shot lawyer. I figured it was a win-win situation," Nate confesses at last.

In all honesty the idea wasn't that bad. The only problem would be convincing my dad to do something. He's pretty stubborn when it comes to charity cases. And he knows Valentine Morgenstern is a hard and corrupt case.

"The only problem would be convincing my father to take the case. I'll see what Jace and I can do," I assure Clary and Luke before my I feel my phone go off in my jean pocket. I notice that it's an unfamiliar number, but to stop the ringing I pick it up and put it to my ear.

"Who is this?" I ask to the person on the other line.

"If you want your friend back again in once piece you better listen to me you little whore," the voice from the other end replies. I put the phone on speaker before answering.

"I'm not sure what I have that you want," I tell the mystery man on the other line. I hear him chuckle darkly from the other end.

"Well, you see, Jonathan Morgenstern wants a word with you. We know you wouldn't want to talk with him unless you had the right incentive. Kidnapping your colorful best friend. Meet Jonathan at central park in an hour or you're getting him back in pieces," the guy says before hanging up on me.

By this point my hands are shaking and the phone falls to the floor with a thump. Before I feel light headed and almost fall over. "Whoa, Jade, stay awake. We don't have enough time for you to be passing out. First check with Iz, didn't she say that she was with Magnus," Nate reminds and the dizziness starts again, what if these crazy guys have Izzy too!

I quickly grab my phone from off the floor and dial Izzy's number. "Too late," I hear on the other end before the line cuts.

"Call Alec, and the police. In the meantime I'm going to have to meet with Jonathan," I tell the other emotionlessly, getting up and walking out of the house. I hear the door close behind me and then open again with a creek.

"Jade, you are not going to see Jonathan without Alec. Izzy is his sister. I just called him and he said he'd be here in ten minutes at most. Luke is calling the cops right now too. These guys are going to get it. And there is no way that I'm not coming. This guy seems like a creep since he beats his sister," Jace informs me pulling me into a hug and I let tears spill out from my eyes. I bet I look like an idiot just crying, but at this point what else can I do? Valentine has bought off all of the police in the area and most of the courts…

"Jace, call dad, and make sure you get him on this case. Now he has to get involved it's his responsibility to bring Magnus home. Alec and I are going to deal with Jonathan," I say to him rationally and he nods his head while pulling out his cellphone.

Ten minutes later it's just me now, everyone else is gone. Jace is with our dad and Luke and Nate are with the police.

Until, Alec sprints into the bookshop completely flushed. He must have run at least five miles to get here. I get up and go over to Luke's refrigerator and grab Alec a bottle of water. He takes it gratefully and takes a large gulp of the refreshing liquid. "Alec, Jonathan took Izzy and Magnus. What are we going to do?" I ask him frantically and he pulls me into a hug.

"We are going to go and kick Jonathan's ass and get back Magnus and Iz," Alec says reassuringly pulling me towards the general direction the park is in. We decide that jogging would be faster than walking during this hour of the day and chat a little bit while on the way.

"You know that Jace is going to pissed that he didn't get to come along for the meeting," Alec reminds me with a grin and a try and repress a groan. My brother can be so annoying when it comes to complaining and moping. I think it runs in the Herondale lineage. We're just really good at having pity parties.

"Yes, and Magnus is going to be worshiping the ground you walk on for the next few months. We're both going to have to deal with things," I reply watching a blush creep up his face at the mention of Magnus. Here's the thing about Alec, he's so far in the closet that he's made it to Narnia, but Magnus manages to bring him out of the closet just a little bit, if not all the way…I think Magnus blinds him with glitter.

"Yeah, he probably will," Alec mumbles running ahead of me. I roll my eyes and pick up my pace.

We make it to the park with five minutes to spare. When we walk through, no one's around. That's just sketchy. "Glad you could make it, Jade, Alec," I hear the voice of the, one and only, Jonathan Morgenstern greeting for his little get together.

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