This is my first fanfic, so feel free to put some constructive criticism in the reviews. This story is an alternate ending for A New Beginning. This story is a SpyroxCynder story, with a twist. I've tried to keep characters in, well, character, but there will be a little bit of OOC. It's the only way for this plot to happen. And on that note, let's get on with the story

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A Dark Fate

Spyros POV

Final battle in Convexity

I was gasping for air, and Cynder wasn't any better. We stared across the platform at each other, looking for an opening. I had inflicted more damage on her than she had on me, but I couldn't take as much damage either. At this point either of us could still win. I glanced at the portal. It was opening wider, and seemed to be getting more solid. I had to finish this fight now.

"Sparx, I need you to go and tell the Guardians what happens, either way."

"Sorry, bro, but I'm not going anywhere until you win." I was touched by my foster brother's loyalty, but I knew he couldn't stay.

"Thanks for the support Sparx," I responded, "but I'm getting tired. I don't know how well I'll be able to control my attacks, and I could never forgive myself if I hurt you accidentally."


"No 'buts', Sparx, I need you to do this for me." As I said this, I glanced at Cynder. There were a lot of cuts on her, and most of them were bleeding. Then again, I wasn't in any better shape. I didn't tell Sparx, in case I caused him to panic, but I was just as close to losing as she was. I looked back at my brother, and saw him sadly nod.

"Kick her butt, Spyro." On that note he turned and began flying for the exit. With Sparx out of the way I turned my attention back to Cynder. We had continued circling as I was talking with Sparx, and thus, the situation had not changed much.

"I will admit it, you're tougher than I gave you credit for. But that won't matter for long, whelp. Soon my Master will return, and you have no hope of beating both of us!" As she said this, Cynder began to charge up another attack.

"That's assuming I let you free him!" I called back; as I began to gather all of the energy I had left. I knew Cynder was right. If Malefore returned, all four of the Guardians and me couldn't beat both the Dark Master and Cynder. I had no chance of defeating them alone. As I prepared to unleash all this energy, I saw a shape come through the portal. I looked over just in time to see a purple dragon step through the portal, before a strange beam from the purple dragon hit me in the head, and I knew no more.

Cynders POV

I bowed low as my Master stepped through the portal and came back to the Dragon Realms for the first time in nearly one thousand years. He looked at me, then the purple whelping on the other side of the platform. Turning back to me, he spoke.

"Well done, General. I thank you for freeing me. But it appears you had some difficulty."

Without looking up I responded. "The only reason he was able to do any damage, was because I was weakened by opening the portal to Convexity."

My master nodded, and spoke again. "Get up, and tell me, what should we do with this?"

I stood up and came over to where he was looking down at Spyros form. "I see no reason why you ask me, Master, for I am your servant."

He glanced at me and nodded. "Well put. Nonetheless, you freed me, and came close to beating him. The choice is yours."

I looked down, and noticed for the first time that Spyro was still alive, but unconscious and even more wounded than earlier. "He is still breathing!" I exclaimed, surprised.

"Yes, normally he would be dead, but, through no fault of your own, when I was freed I was temporally weakened." As I looked up alarmed, he chuckled. It was a dark chuckle, and would have sent shivers down most dragons' spines. I was not one of those dragons. "I will recover, over a few weeks. It is just a part of the spell used to release me. In the mean time, what will you do with him?"

I thought about it. I could kill him quickly, but then the fun would be over in a moment. Or I could slowly torture him, but I had a feeling that I would be very busy in the coming weeks. Either way, I wouldn't want to kill him here.

Then I thought about keeping him alive. I could take him back to Concurrent Skies, and whenever I was bored, release, fight, and beat him. But I would have to find a way to keep him from using the time he was free to escape. I could keep him in the dungeons, but no, that wouldn't be nearly as fun. After discarding a few other ideas, I found one I liked immensely. It would also give me a chance to try out a new toy I had recently acquired.

I smiled, a cruel smile, as I walked over and broke some red and green crystals. My injuries healed, and my strength returned, while I finalized my plan. My Master had been stretching and practicing his skills while I thought. Being trapped for one thousand years can make you rather stiff, I imagined. I grabbed the unconscious Spyro, and turned to Malefore.

"With your permission Master, I think it is best that we returned. My lair is at your disposal as long as you need it."

"And what shall you do with the whelping?" he asked as we lifted off.

I smiled again, and finally revealed my intention. "Unless you object, Master, I thought I could use a pet."

I wonder if anyone saw that coming. A little short I know, it will get longer soon. I really hope I didn't disturb anyone with Cynders ideas, but I needed to emphasis, she is still very much evil. It was enough of a stretch, I think, for her to spare Spyro. I'll try to get the next chapter up soon. Until then, have a nice day.