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A Dark Fate

Cynder's POV

It had been over a year since I had been in the realm of Convexity. And it looked just as creepy this time as it did last time. On this visit however, I was not being chased by a tenacious purple dragon. Rather, said purple dragon was standing next to me, leaning on me as I was on him. Both of us were almost asleep on our paws, having been awake and running around for more than forty eight hours. The Dark Master was finally putting the last stage of his plan into action. His, and by extension our, forces, were traveling into Convexity to avoid being killed when Malefore destroyed the planet.

The dragons that we had been chasing up until recently had been defeated by a surprisingly simple tactic. Ignitus had come up with it, and Spyro, Terrador and I were still beating our heads over not noticing it. We had backed off the scouts and stopped attacking two groups of dragons who were near to each other. After noticing this, the two groups had met to discuss a way to escape our troops and create a new base of operations. Unfortunately for them, while they were discussing strategy we were surrounding them. When we attacked, they had no place to go. Not one escaped being captured. We did the same thing with the next two groups, and it worked just as well. When it came to the fifth and final group, we had enough troops freed up to surround them several times over, whether they knew we were coming or not. They didn't stand a chance.

After that things moved fairly quickly. Spyro, the Guardians, and I all began gathering up our troops while Malefore waited until the Double Eclipse, in which one moon eclipses the planet, and the planet eclipses the other. This event was almost as magically charged as the Eternal Night. In the mean time he had been sending prisoners, and beginning recently, our troops, into Convexity to wait out the storm. All were placed in a magically induced coma in order to simplify logistics. I didn't want to imagine feeding everybody for the time they were in Convexity, anywhere from one to three years. Malefore himself will be asleep for a year to wait for the planet to reform. He had assured us that nothing would happen to those asleep, but I wasn't as confident. None the less I had no choice, and since Spyro wasn't as perturbed, I supposed that there was nothing to really worry about; not that my mind stopped trying.

Aside from Malefore himself, only Spyro, the Guardians and I were still conscious. Tundra and Taiga had been put to sleep the same time Spyro and I had started our forty-eight hour plus runabout. And now we, excluding the Dark Master of course, were about to join our troops in sleep. We would only be out a little longer than Malefore. Oddly he had not mentioned what we would do when we woke up. Then again, that may be because he wasn't sure himself. It wouldn't be as if there were many people left to fight after all. Of course, that did mean I would have plenty of time to settle down with Spyro.

As we watched, a portal opened and Malefore stepped through it.

"It is done. The destroyer has been awakened. You may fall asleep whenever you like, the spell will take place as soon as you do. I will wake you when the planet has been reformed and is ready for repopulation."

Spyro and I nodded, too tired to speak. We moved over to where Tundra and Taiga lay. We had previously placed a large amount of cushions here so we didn't have to sleep on cold stone for a year or more. I was ready to lay straight down and go to sleep, but Spyro went over to our pets first. Gently lifting up their heads he removed their collars as I looked on curiously. Noticing my look, he explained.

"I would imagine that you would develop quite a neck crimp if you went to sleep for a year and a half while wearing these. Besides, we do have some plans for them when we wake."

I nodded smiling. Spyro always thought of others before himself, one of the reasons I loved. I tapped the pile of pillows next to me.

"Thank you for reminding me. Now come over here and sleep; you look about ready to fall asleep on your feet."

He did so and fell asleep almost immediately I waited just long enough to place my neck over his before I sighed and closed my eyes. Sleep embraced me almost instantly, and did not release its grasp for many, many months.

One and a half years later

Oh boy, the irony. Concurrent Skies had been designed by me to resist any attack, and Malefore had only made it stronger. Meanwhile, my new fortress was designed more with comfort in mind, since I didn't expect it to last a year before it was destroyed along with the planet. Guess which one made through mostly intact and which one was mostly leveled. I'll give you a hint. The Dark Master was not a happy dragon.

Of course, just because my fortress remained intact didn't mean it was in the same place. It was now in the foot hills of a mountain range, near a temperate forest, as opposed to in the middle of a swamp. I still thought the view was just as good, but I hadn't had time to ask Spyro. Then again, we had been awake for a little more than a full day at this point. We weren't actually doing much really, just cleaning up the fortress. One thing I had talked to Spyro about was a name for our fortress. Due to the mountains that it now lay near, we decided to call it "Granite Peak". You can decide whether you like it or not; everyone we've asked responded favorably (or they're just afraid of what would happen if they said no, which is entirely reasonable).

I was in fact looking for Spyro right now. We needed to wake up Tundra and Taiga. I found the purple dragon using his earth element to clear some of the mess that had been created while the planet was destroyed and reformed. Just because it escaped mostly intact didn't mean walls or ceiling collapsed here and there. Spyro heard me as I entered the room and turned.

"What is it; I thought you were taking a break." Spyro asked me.

"I am. And right now I want to go wake up Tundra and Taiga. I know you wanted to be there as well. But if you're busy, I suppose it can wait." I replied.

"Busy? Oh, you mean this. I'll have it cleared in thirty seconds."

"I'll time you. Just to make sure." He rolled his eyes when I said this and turned back to the rubble. Whenever he said something like that I always took it literally, despite him not intending for it to be taken literally. By now he was used to it. As he continued shifting the debris into a semi-ordered pile I began to count in my head. To my surprise, he did in fact finish up within thirty seconds.

"Well then, with that done you lead the way Cynder. After all, ladies first."

We walked down the tower we had been in and out into the main courtyard. Malefore had placed several portals to Convexity in places that we wanted to develop quickly. One of them was in the courtyard. We passed though it and into the reality which had been our home for the past one and a half years, though we had slept though almost all of it. After all the bustle of Granite Peak it was eerily quiet in Convexity. We could see a few figures in the distance, but not many. And no one was around us at all. As Spyro looked around I walked straight over to the cushions that Taiga and Tundra were sleeping upon. They had grown while we had all been asleep, though not as much as they would have normally. I wasn't sure how this happened, but I was inclined to blame magic. I looked over at the collars that lay upon the cushions next to them. Then, as Spyro arrived, I began to gently nudge Taiga awake.

"Ummm. How long has it been?" She asked me as she came to.

"Only about eighteen months, Spyro and I haven't been awake for more than a day ourselves." As I said this she yawned and began to stretch.

"Then what's the rush? Lots of time to get things ready. And for us to sleep some more." Interrupted Tundra, still with his eyes closed. Spyro was having a little difficulty at waking him up. Tundra, you see, was fond of sleeping in. Of course, he was also found of staying awake until very late; Spyro joked more than once that he was nocturnal.

"You've been asleep for eighteen months; I feel that is quite enough. And besides, you need to get out and practice, unless you want to get fat." Spyro's gentle taunting had long proved to be the easiest way of getting Tundra out of bed.

"Now that my lazy brother is awake, can we go? I'm suddenly really hungry." Taiga interjected, causing me to chuckle. Taiga always was good at getting right to her point. After waking up, everyone found themselves ravenous. Even a day later Spyro and I were snacking whenever we could.

As he rose, Tundra caught sight of the collars lying on the cushions next to him. "What are tho-"he started to ask Spyro, before cutting himself off. "Those are our collars, aren't they?"

"They were." Spyro replied nonchalantly. But then he became more serious. "But a little bit before we all started our long nap, I found myself somewhat uncomfortable with the idea of keeping you two as pets. It just didn't feel… right. And I know Cynder agrees with me." He almost looked a little ashamed as he said this.

"And besides," I added, "you two deserve more than that. And anyway, we care much more for you than we would for any pets."

Taiga looked confused. "But then, where will we go, what will we do now?"

I chuckled. Spyro and I had discussed all this in length before the world was destroyed and remade. "I hope you didn't think we were going to just cast you off. You'll be staying with us of course, as our protégés."

They both perked up at the news, but before they could say anything Spyro changed the topic. "Now that we've cleared up that matter, shall we all find something to eat?" This suggestion was greeted quite warmly. I'm getting the impression that this new era will start off excellently.

Six Years Later

Spyro's POV

Life is good. I don't know how else to describe it. It had been five years since Malefore had destroyed and reformed the planet and almost six since I had entered his service. It had been three since Cynder and I had officially become mates. I thought back to the time of my life when I was but fourteen years old and knee-high to my current self. I was naïve back then, and mistaken in many things. But I had truly believed in what I was fighting for at the time, so I cannot fault myself. I am looking down from a ledge in the mountains at my home for the past five years. In light of dawn I'm surprised by how peaceful it looks, even for a fortress that is more school than defensive installation.

Out of the corner of my eye I notice a glowing speck. As it approaches I recognize Sparx. He has served as a courier every since he was captured, initially within Granite Hills, and then he started to run the route between here and Concurrent Skies. This was, of course, after we had put the plan Ignitus had given me into action. I'm almost a little embarrassed by that now, honestly. We stuck Sparx in a lantern so he could see and hear us, but we couldn't hear him. Then we hung the lantern up in the hallway that connected my and Cynder's chambers. It was amusing then, but now I think it was slightly cruel. We were kind enough to erase that memory when we exposed him to Convexity. It turns out that Convexity effects all creatures the same, you see. We already suspected that, but it was interesting to know for sure.

"Spyro, Cynder wants to see you, something about showing a few students some fancy earth moves." Relayed Sparx. I nodded and he flew off again, to where I don't know. I launched myself from the cliff and into space, letting myself fall for almost two seconds before opening my wings. As I landed in the main courtyard I remembered the changes we had made. The scholarly part of the fortress had been expanded, including the infirmary. The Guardians, Cynder and I all believed in the school of hard knocks. It turns out that the students in question were my students for most of the day, so they were kept occupied. I wouldn't say it was boring, far from it. Rather, it was normal. Events of note happen rarely in my life these days, but each day is unique and different from the one before. And that is how I've found I like it.

I finished up the lesson for the day and retired to the tower where Cynder and I, our family and Tundra and Taiga live. Yes, I forgot mention that earlier. I'm a father to a young boy and girl. They hatched about two years ago, and brought much joy into our lives. I know that's cliché, but it's also the truth. Tundra and Taiga were our protégés, learning and aiding us. I really don't know how to describe it. They are a part of Cynder and my family, but not a part that's in most families. Tundra had just gotten back from a search and rescue mission. These days situations calling for force were few and far between, which I wasn't complaining about. It meant there was more time for me to spend with my family and teaching students. On the way back he had stopped in at Concurrent Skies (It was still raining a lot there, but not quite as much as before, in case you were wondering). He had a message for me.

"Spyro, Malefore wants you and Cynder to report to him as soon as you can. Not sure why, though." I shrugged.

"Do Cynder and the hatchlings know?" I asked. He nodded. "We'll leave in the morning then. No need to fly though the night. Is there anything you need?"

He responded negatively, and I continued on to my chambers. This was where we had made perhaps the biggest changes. Cynder and I shared a room. We were mates after all. We also had a combined armory. In the spare space there was a family room and the kid's bedroom. Dinner was, as always, the highlight of my day. Smiling at my mate we watched our children try to eat. They try, they really do. But seeing as how they were still toddlers they need practice. A lot of practice at that. We helped them eat their dinner, before putting them to bed and sitting down to our own. We exchanged stories, discussed ideas and talked about plans, such as the orders that had come from Malefore.

"What do think he wants us for?" I asked. Cynder shrugged.

"Well, we'll never find out sitting here talking about it. You can bet that it's important though, or he wouldn't have disturbed us. The Guardians are here so we don't need to worry about the children."

"Any more than usual anyway." I snorted. But it was true. To our children the Guardians were grandfathers, while Tundra and Taiga were an uncle and aunt, respectively. They valued the children's lives above their own. I snorted, but knew I would never consider Cynder and I leaving at the same time if they weren't here.

"Anyway, if we want to get to Concurrent Skies as soon as we can we should probably get some sleep. It's a bit of a flight." Cynder nodded in agreement. We cleaned up and headed to our bedroom. As I lay down next to Cynder I thought once again about my life. More than once I had dreamed about what might have happened if I had defeated Cynder all those years ago in Convexity. The dreams ended various ways, but often if we both survived Cynder and I still hooked up. I also thought about what actually happened after I had been defeated. Tonight as I laid my head down to sleep, I remembered when I had been exposed to Convexity. As I had entered that room in the Mountain of Malefore I worried about what awaited me. As it turned out, I needn't have worried at all. Through those doors no dark fate awaited me.

The End

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