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Chapter 15: Chrome VS. Daemon

"Cambio forma version X!"

A strong gust of wind blew into the square; a miniature storm of wind surrounded the petite illusionist. With a loud 'bang'-like sound, the wind dispersed to reveal the female mist guardian.

Kyoko stared in awe as Chrome's clothes changed into a beautiful violet military garb, her pant split around the thigh to show black pant, a military beret rested snugly on her braided locks. Her white trident had shifted into a slender ivory staff with engravings on it.

"Nu fufufu. It seems you're able to use the earring. I wonder how strong you are."

Kyoko can only stare in half-awe, half-fear as multitude of illusions began to flicker in and out of existence as the two illusionists battled.

Daemon shimmered out of view as spikes of ices appeared around and above her, stabbing the girl into pieces before the girl melted away into a ruined chair. She reappeared onto another spot just to have whips of sands slamming onto her back. Ignoring the sand burns, she slammed her staff, smiling grimly as she watches the illusionary dome of earth raised up to trap the man. She slammed her staff again onto the floor, creating a solid illusion of thorny vines, crushing the dome. She might be a pacifist, but desperate time called for desperate measures.

The petite illusion cursed (something she had picked up from Mukuro) as the dome burst into a murder of ravens, the man standing at the middle, shards of melting glass floating gently around him. The man sent the shards to Chrome, who quickly turned them into rose petals.

"Nu fufufu, It seems I had underestimate you, little girl. Be thankful child, for you're the third person to make me fight seriously." Chrome felt her stomach clenched in fear and apprehension when she saw the deck of cards Daemon took out. She had remembered how badly Mukuro-sama nearly beaten by the man in front of her.

The cards began to swirl around her, blocking her view. Chrome warily clutched her staff, trying to gauge his next attack. She suddenly turn around to see Mukuro standing behind her, looking horrified at the knife currently buried to his side. "Why? I thought you love me!" Horrified, she turned to see others boring different injuries as if inflicted by a trident; their dead-looking eyes looked accusingly at her.

"You failed us." "Why did you betray us?" "We thought you were our friends." "Chrome-chan...We trusted you with our lives."

Kyoko suddenly stood in front of her, a long blade was stuck between her breasts; her organs were pouring out of the huge gaping wound on her stomach.

"You were supposed to be my best friend, Rokudo Chrome." She said reproachfully as she pull out the blade and stabs Chrome in the heart. The illusionist staggered back as she turned into flower petals and the floor melt into a field of white lilies.

Kyoko blinked in surprise at the metal stave stuck through her chest as she turned into Daemon.

"You were too predictable, Ghost-san." Chrome said placidly, "By showing me my greatest fear just prove this is just an illusion. I would never betray them; I will die for them if it's necessary."

Daemon only laughed at the declaration, the chuckle sound dark and cold as the illusion melt away. He easily breaks the stave into pieces, sand dusts dancing around them, hiding the now solid, true shards with illusionary ones. "Oh really?" He asked. "Will you die for her?"He flicked his hand, not to her, but to someone Chrome had momentarily forgotten.

"Noooooo!" Chrome screamed in horror as the metallic shards flew toward Kyoko, who froze in terror the entire time. Forgetting everything, Chrome run forward to grab Kyoko out of the way, biting her screams of pain as she felt them tearing her skin as they fade out of sight.

Scoffing at the girl's futile moves, Daemon merely reached forward and grabbed the two girls out of thin air. The man grabbed Kyoko by the hair as he kicked Chrome on the stomach. "Friends only make you weak, worthless piece of trash." He hissed as he threw Kyoko away, leaving some strands of her hair on his hand. Chrome, who tried to reach for the auburn haired girl, bite down another scream as Daemon dragged her up by her left arm, his free hand tried to make a grab for the Mist earrings. "You are not worthy to be my successor."

Chrome in a fit of anger and desperate to protect the earrings, bite down the hand, feeling viciously pleasure when the man shrieked in anger.

"I'm going to destroy you useless trash!" Chrome felt, than heard her ribs break as she slammed onto the asphalt, her ears ringing loudly. She blinked blearily as Daemon moved toward her, his staff raised high for his final attack. She whimpered in despair; for all she have and did, she still going to die without changing anything.

She was a failure.

Daemon suddenly stopped when a furious flurry of cherry blossom stopped him in his path. He turned angrily to see Kyoko, kneeling on the street with her hands stretched out, looking half-determined, half-surprised.

Kyoko was shocked. While Mukuro had told her that she had a flair for illusions and had explained some basic theories to her; she had never expected it to actually work and to create a near-perfect illusion in the process. Noticing Daemon's furious expression, the auburn haired girl shuddered as she quickly created another miniature storm of flowers, hiding the two girls from his view.

Now furious, Daemon dismissed the illusions with his staff when a loud resounding 'chime' echoed against his illusion barriers. The ghost winced in pain as multitude of bell-like sound began to assault his vessel's senses. The illusionist shake his head when he realized that the girl (how unfortunate that he had dismissed as just a flighty bimbo) had created a simple, yet creative illusions of bells, creating a sound based illusion as they assault his barrier.

Tired and furious of being played by a mere schoolgirl, he slammed his staff onto the floor, negating the entire illusion, leaving him and his men alone in the square. He gritted his teeth angrily when he realized that the two girls had used the chance to escape.

"Find those girls!" He roared angrily, "I don't care if they're dead or alive, I want that ring!"

Kyoko gamely dragged Chrome into the alley, frantically tries to find her phone. Luckily, Chrome (who was at the verge of exhaustion) had created a thin film of mist around them, hiding them from view and smothering their flames so they could escape undetected.

She began to dial a number, pushing the buttons in panic, her teeth jitters as she listens to the ringing tone.

"Oh thank god you picked up!" Kyoko finally sighed, sank down beside the dumpster in relief. "Please help us." The girl quickly explained and agreed to wait as the person she was talking to promised to get there as soon as they can.

As she finally ended the call, Chrome fell down unconscious, her final energy spent, the illusion dispersed. Thankfully Kyoko had managed to grabbed her and quickly hide behind the dumpster, praying that they arrive quickly.

Noticing the two boys moving toward them, Kyoko sighed in relief before fainting herself, having exhausted herself, creating the illusions for the first time; adrenaline and fear were the only things kept her awake.

The two boys looked warily at the surrounding before turning back to the girls, (and after a brief, yet silent tussle of rock-paper-scissors; the grey-eyed boy won) he gently scooped Chrome up, ignoring the grimes of dirt and blood clinging onto the girl.

"Oi Rokudo." Hibari gingerly carried Chrome in his arm as Mukuro grabbed Kyoko; the two of them grimly noted the various injuries the girls had."Contact Sawada Tsunayoshi and tell him and his herd to meet us now."

"Someone just declared war."

Chapter 16: Mukuro is not pleased...

In which everyone finds out they have another new problem, Mukuro gets a new student and Hibari is pissed off his Namimori is turned into a battleground.

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