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Title: Blast to the past!

Disclaimer: I don't own Katekyo Hitman Reborn. If I did, I would have already kick Mukuro's ass for breaking Chrome heart and leaving her behind.

Chapter 2: A day as Nagi.

Chrome frowned as sunlight shines on her face. Tired, the one-eyed illusionist had two options; one turned around and smothered herself into the soft coverlet or two, wake up and close the curtains.

Wait. What? She frowned unconsciously. Isn't her window face on the west? Also, the sofa she usually slept on was lumpy and she never slept with a comforter… she quickly sat up and stared wildly at the room. No, her bedroom.

So, it wasn't a dream. Chrome slowly breathed, closing her violet eyes.

Right, so she's in the past. Right before the accident. Which make her haven't met Bossu, Mukuro-sama and Kyoko and Haru-san. Right before she able to use her illusionary power.

Which make her useless. Without her trident and Mukuro-sama, she can't use her power. Yup, definitely useless.

No! A small part of her screams back. She's not useless. Without Mukuro-sama, she can still use her illusions. Didn't Hibari-san said so? Even Reborn-san said she has the talent to be at the same level with Mukuro-sama. So she's not useless. Urgh, this is getting confusing.

The brows furrowed, Chrome climbed out of the huge bed and walked straight into the walking-closet. Clothes. That definitely her priority now. And maybe with a small meal, perhaps she can think better.

The frowned deepen as she stared at the content of the closet. As far as she can see, the closet was full with dresses. Impractical, flowery, long dresses. The one that going to get in her way if she ever engage in a battle. Sighing, she tries to find the simplest dress she can actually wear without embarrassing herself. Thank god Bianchi-san, Kyoko-chan and Haru-chan had taught her sewing and she had experience from patching up Ken's clothes.

"Nagi-sama?" Chrome squeaked in surprise as she turned to the frowning maid that was standing near the door. What was her name? Hani, Hana…no, Hamaya-san.

"Yes, umm…Hamaya-san?" Chrome said, discreetly staring at her reflection on the mirror. She had cut off the frilly parts of the white dress she was wearing and matched it with a chrome-plated black belt and a pair of knee black boots that she found hidden under a pile of old dresses. Together with some (a lot!) hair clips, she had also managed to coaxed some of her hair into its former spiky glory, leaving the rest down to hide her right eye. Chrome was also pleased to find that the Mist Vongola Earring had come through time with her. For some reason, that's was comforting to have something to remind her of her real family.

"Your mother had summoned you to the dining room, Nagi-sama. She wants you to have lunch with her and some of her friends." Chrome absently nodded, trying to push a droopy spike up, wondering how on earth ever Mukuro-sama managed to do it. "Nagi-sama?"

"Yes?" chrome turned to see the maid staring disapproved at her attire.

"Forgive me for being blunt, Nagi-sama, but I'm not sure if your mother wouldn't want you come to the dining room wearing that. Shall I find another set of dress for you? "

Hamaya was surprised that the once meek, shy Nagi was actually shaking her head. "No, I'm okay with this one." Chrome inwardly smiled as the maid's amazed look. If her memory serves her well,(actually she was surprised that she could remember a lot from her past life as Nagi; she always thought Mukuro-sama had erased or at least blocked those memories when he chose her as his vessel) Hamaya was the maid that was in charge of taking care of her. The woman was indifferent and often ignored her needs, making Nagi in turn, withdrawn and shy. Of course the woman was now dealing with Chrome, who simply would not let a mere servant browbeaten her. Maybe she should cast an illusion on the woman.

Of course, there was her mother to think about….

Chrome frowned inwardly as she smiled at the young man in front of her. Her mother was surprised and actually angry when she had walked into the dining room but since their guests were here, she refrained from scolding the girl and told her that they will have a word later about proper dress code.

Now, chattering with her fellow artists about the new drama role she had procured, Nagi's mother had left her alone with one of the sons of her friends, who seemed trying to play footsies with her. Bowing her head as if shyly, the young man didn't even notice Chrome's eyes glowed purple until something crawled up his pants. Thinking that Nagi was finally reacting, the man looked up to see the young illusionist walking away.

He frowned. And looked down. And screamed in horror as he tries to moved away from the group of snakes that was entwining itself onto the young man's chair, and therefore legs.


Chrome grinned as she watched contently by the sidelines as the room quickly descended into chaos, with servers and guests alike clamoring to get out of the room in a panic. Hmm, maybe, she can still use her power.

Whistling what suspiciously to be the tunes of 'Kufufu no Fu' (really, Mukuro, you should really stop singing or humming that song, Chrome's impressionable, Damnit!) Chrome sambaed out of the room, her hands absently doing circular motions that were probably supposed to be dancing but looked more like they were wiping an invisible window pane.

Later, much, much later, after a hysterical fit, her mother had went out with her step father, leaving Chrome, yet again, behind. After, scaring the servants away, Chrome walked out into a secluded area in the vast garden the house possessed.

So, she can still use her power. Playing with her earring, Chrome experimentally tries to form a real illusion trident and was pleased to feel the comforting weight of the trident before dismissing it. Maybe she should buy one, just like her collapsible trident so she can focus her power more on her illusion than wasting it on her trident.

After creating a few more illusions and summoning a swarm of snakes and a pure white owl (which remind her of Mukurou), Chrome sighed, her shoulders slumped forward. The only thing left was that.

Chrome closed her eyes, unconsciously breaths slowly as she wills herself into her illusionary world that she shared with Mukuro-sama. She briefly wonders if the field still exists before falling into a dark void….

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