Title: The Final Countdown
Author: Penny Tortoiseshell
Date: 8-16-11
Rating: k
Warnings: A None
Disclaimer: I don't own Srmthfg
Summary: Just a one-shot song fic about the departure of the Super robot to go after the Skeleton King Worm

Chiro stood on the Super Robot watching the sun rise

We're leaving together

"Chiro?" Antauri called walking outside. He saw Chiro and walked over to him.

But still it's farewell

"Oh Antauri I didn't see you there." Chiro responded as his mentor sat next to him.

And maybe we'll come back

As the sun rose neither spoke, both scared and nervous of what was to come.

To Earth, who can tell?

Chiro turned to Antauri smiling. "I'll miss that."

I guess there is no one to blame

Antauri stood up and offered a hand to Chiro. He took it and they went back into the robot.

We're leaving ground

Gibson turned when he saw Antauri and Chiro walk in. "Everything is ready to go."
Antauri nodded "Good gather the rest of the team for a meeting."
Gibson nodded and went up his tube.

Will things ever be the same again?

Chiro looked at his team. "Ok team today is the day, is everything ready?" He watched as his team nodded. "Good it's time to go after the Skeleton King worm."

It's the final countdown

Chiro watched Jin-may land beside him.
"So you're leaving now?" she asked.
Chiro nodded "Yeah, we won't be back for a while."
Jin-may sighed "I'll miss you."
Chiro hugged her. "I'll miss you too."

I'm sure that we'll all miss her so

Jim-may watched as the Super robot flew off into the distance. "Come back soon guys." She whispered.

It's the final countdown

Chiro watched as Suggazoom disappeared.

It's the final countdown

He sat down in his pod looking around at his friends.

We're leaving together

He smiled. He couldn't think of better friends to be with.

The final countdown

As they tracked down the worm Chiro's thoughts were on Jin-may.

We'll all miss her so

"This is for you Jin-may. This is for all of Suggazoom. The Skeleton King won't harm you anymore!" Chiro whispered to himself.

It's the final countdown