Title: Merlin!

Rating: T, just to be safe.

Summary: A collection of drabbles about everyone's favorite sorcerer... MERLIN! Mostly humorous, but some aren't. I can't write Merlin's life being happy ALL the time, now can I?

Disclaimer: Own Merlin and everything related to it? I wish. Unfortunatley, I own nothing :(

Title of drabble: Out

"Merlin, where the hell have you been?"

Merlin sighed and entered Arthur's chambers. "Out,"

"Out WHERE! I have been looking for you for two days! My room needs cleaning, my cloths need washing, my boots need polishing, and someone has to muck out my-ouch!" A boot had suddenly flown at Arthur, hitting him with a satisfying clunk on the back of the head. Arthur rubbed his sore skull, then glared at Merlin. "Where did that come from?"

"Maybe it came back from being... OUT." Merlin suggested. He bowed to Arthur, muttering something about mucking out horse's, and left, grinning madly.

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