Title: Merlin!

Rating: T, just to be safe.

Summary: A collection of drabbles about everyone's favorite sorcerer... MERLIN! Mostly humorous, but some aren't. I can't write Merlin's life being happy ALL the time, now can I?

Disclaimer: Own Merlin and everything related to it? I wish. Unfortunatley, I own nothing :(

Title of drabble: Cravings

"Sister!" Morgause said, stalking into the throne room. "I've searched the whole castle, and I can't find one of Cenreds guards anywhere-" Morgause frowned. "What is that?" Morgana looked up guiltily, a piece of dark cake in her hands.

"Cake," She replied, her cheeks stuffed with food.

"Where did you get it?"

"Um... the kitchen."

"Who made it in the kitchen."

"Um... some guards."

"SOME guards, or ALL the guards?"

"I was craving chocolate!"

"How are we supposed to conquer Camelot if our army is BAKING!"

Morgana hesitantly held out a piece of the pastry. "Do you want a piece?"

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