Sirius cackled madly for the bathroom as eerie lights came from behind the door. No one dared go see what the Eldest Black son was doing, he was terrifying sometimes. Everyone except one James Potter.

"Padfoot? What are you up to?" The spectacles clad boy ask from his bed. Flipping a page from his stalker—er…shrine?—of Lily Evans Photo book.

"He's going to blow the bathroom up again." Remus sighed scratching his nose in irritation. His stupid werewolf form had decided to run through a patch of poison ivy in the forbidden forest on him.

"IT'S DONE! MY CREATION! MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" Sirius emerged from the bathroom, it was obvious he had been in there way too long. His hair was greasy and standing straight up in the front.

"You look like a mad scientist from those odd muggle movies Moony made us watch in the summer." Peter commented slightly terrified of his friend.

Ignoring his dorm mates, Sirius skipped cheerily out of the room—tiny vial in his hand glowing an ghostly pink. The Gryffindors in the common room looked a little frightened of him, and as he made it out of the room and to the dungeons, after hours, even Filtch stayed far away from him.

Somehow making it into the Slytherin dorms, Sirius stood over the form of one sleeping, Severus Snape content in his bed. Cackling still, Sirius shook the sleeping boy until the frail looking child stared at him slightly panicked.

"Will you check this for me?" The crazy tone in the Gryffindor's voice made Severus flinch back. "I need to make sure it's safe to drink."

"What is that?" peering at the glowing liquid in the bottle.

"A potion. I made it." Cackling again Sirius pushed it towards the smaller boy.

"What's it suppose to do? I can't check it if I have no clue what it does." Severus drew his brows together.

"I have no clue." Sirius smiled smugly.

"Well, it can't be that bad. It doesn't appear to be dangerous. Now go away. You made a deal with me if I lent you my knowledge on potions you'd leave me alone. I helped you last week." Severus lay back down and pulled his blankets over his head. He could care less if Sirius did something to him.

Shrugging Sirius downed the drink, nothing happened, Frowning Sirius shrugged again throwing the vial to the floor to shatter as he sauntered out of the room and Slytherin common room to go back to his own dorm.