Oh, how wrong had the Malfoy Heir been? Sirius had spread the gossip about Lucius bedding the heir of the blacks as soon as she got back to her own dorms. Lily had just rolled her eyes as Sirius—who had been moved into the girl's dormitory—had come in at three AM. Lily had went back to her book—cramps were being a bitch—and ignored Sirius' gossip to the other two girls in the dorm.

By no one the next day when Lucius arrived for lunch the whole school knew and stared at him incredulously. He had slept with someone who used to be a guy? Sure, the wolf like boy had slept with Sirius, but that was to be expected—hadn't they been dating before anyways? But Lucius Malfoy, the guy who claimed to be straight—no one actually believed him—had just destroyed his chances for a normal year. Again.

Narcissa Black was in a rage, and showed it as she stomped up to her cousin and slapped her across the face. "YOU SLAG! Couldn't you keep your legs closed for even a little bit!" Narcissa hissed and puled at the wavy black hair in front of her cousin's face. "Lucius is mine! And you slept with him!"

"You think he hadn't slept with anyone before me?" Sirius giggled hysterically, before ripping her hair away from her cousin. "I can count nearly all the older and younger students who have been here since our second year. Lily and you are the only two who haven't. Hell, I can count some males as well." Sirius smirked as Narcissa screeched like the banshee she was and stormed out of the hall.

"You should be more sensitive." Lily chided. "James have you finished your essay for transfiguration? I'm having trouble grasping the theory for…" Sirius tuned that out and met Lucius' eyes from across the hall and winked, causing a blush to brake out on his face.

"So, who wants to bet I can get Snivilous into bed?" Sirius asked braking up the conversations around her.

"Snivilous is a prude, besides why would you want to sleep with him? You have a stud like me here to pleasure you at will?" James wiggled his eyebrows pervertedly.

"Well, all I see is a stag, not a stud. And besides, I slept with you yesterday morning. I plan to sleep with every boy here be the end of next week. I have most girls in my belt before the potion, sooooooo…" Sirius trailed off and stood. "I bet by the end of the week I'll be in Snivilous' pants."

"I bet my whole collection of chocolate frog cards that it'll take you the rest of the century." James laughed until Lily slapped him.

"You slept with her?" Lily hissed dangerously.

"What? You're not dating me!" James said confused. "I'm not right?" He looked at Sirius's smirk as she walked backwards out of the hall.

"Of course not." Lily sniffed before huffing, and stood gathering her books and running from the hall.

"You realize Lils likes you right?" Remus pointed out.