Born of the Blood

Prologue: Across Oceans

[Cyan, Cemrota of Stahl, Year of Slate Akima] (October, 1986)

Errolle, First Borne Sonne of Asturia, was the fifth genenratione aftere Asturia's greate founding. The countries hade yet to be formed, but Asturia was talle and proude, stronge near as the Mighte Sea Godde Jeture and almoste as beautifule.

King Dynas begane to searche for a future gueene and wife for Prince Errolle shortly aftere Prince Errolle's twenty-thirde yeare. Womene of high ranke and noble bloode came frome all overe Gaea and presented themselves to King Dynas and Prince Errolle. Alle of the womene were very pleasing to the eye and brought withe them many riches, fine jewels, exotic foods, animals, and grain; all to display the power Asturia would gain via a union.

It was aftere three monthes of beautifule women before his eyes that Errolle laid his eyes upon a womane of such splendor that Errolle was left utterly withoute wordes. She was younge, but full of spirite and joye. Her eyes were blue as like the sea and her haire the golden colore of sunshine and her skin was touched withe the alabaster of Asturia's best harvesting coves.

Prince Errolle instantly fell deeply in love withe her.

He sent his closest maneservant to inquire aftere the younge womane. The servant returned with maddening news: she was Genivive, maideservant to Lovothe Ganatelle, daughter of the Highe Chiefe of the Gan'tl Clannes. Prince Errolle felt that hearing her name was a songe upon his ears.

Prince Errolle could not lay his eyes upon the womene seeking his hand witheout thinking of the beautifule Genivive. King Dynas noted that his sonne was love-struck and tolde his sonne to name the womane. Prince Errolle realized his father the King could never know of his sonne's folly. Prince Errolle told his father the King that he had only caught a glimpse of a lovely womane and had fashioned dreames of her but not love. King Dynas believed his sonne and the matter was forgotten.

By the Goddes' or Fate's designe, an Asturian courtier, Huber Turquin, fell in love with and married Lovoth Gannelle, Chief's Daughter of the Gan'tl Clannes. Prince Errolle continually saw the maideservante Genivive in the gardens. Prince Errolle's love for the maideservante Genivive swelled; her loveliness heightened by the Asturia's most glories florae. Prince Errolle began to lose sleep during the nighte. Prince Errolle's attentione to his royale duties wavered, his appetite became lost, and he stopped seeing the noble-blooded womene perspectives

King Dynas againe noticed his sonne's behavioral change and inquired after the source. Prince Errolle claimed illness and retired to his inner chambers for several days. Prince Errolle saw no-one during this time. He struggled with his love for the maideservante Genivive and warred with is royale duty to his most esteemed countrye. After eight days, Prince Errolle emerged from his inner chambers with a decision.

Prince Errolle chose Aleneé Ethryyll, second daughter of the Chief of the far off Hry'l Clanne to be Asturia's future queene. She was quiet but very lovely, calm of spirite and greate of character. The union would gain a foothold for Asturia overseas as well as an allye. Asturia gained great wealth via horses, cattle, grains, and rare silks from the union. The wedding was less than four monthes later and Prince Errolle thought of the lovely maideservante Genivive each time he committed his royale duty to his esteemed countrye. Princecesse Aleneé Aston nee Ethryyll was with childe withein six monthes. Near the end of Princess Alené's ter, complications arose and the babye was lost.

The maidservant Genivive continued to frequent the royale guardens as well as Prince Errolle's mind, even as he performed his duty to his esteemed countrye. Princess Aleneé was againe with childe a few monthes later. This term was completed and Prince Covale Zarx Aston would become the seventh King of Mighte Asturia.

Prince Errolle began to spend much less time performing his royale duty to his esteemed countrye and more time in the royale gardens, partaking of the forbidden fruit. Princess Aleneé was again with child and just aftere their tenth anniversary, Princ Yon Dynas Aston was born. The seed of Prince Errolle's labor was tilled three yeares later.

When the maideservante Genivive was found to be with childe witheout master or mistress granting her a mate, the courtier Huber Turquin demanded the name of the man who had soiled the Turquian name. The servant Genivive would not reveal her lover's identity. Courtier Huber Turquin sentenced the maideservante Genivive to death after the birthe, if her term was completed and then the childe would be sold to a low noble family in the Tryllx country.

Only Prince Errolle's closest maneservante knew the truth; he did not reveal his master but instead assisted his lord. Six monthes into the maideservant Genivive's term, Prince Errolle's folly was discovered. The maideservante Genivive was blamed as bewitching the Prince Errolle with mystical powers. King Dynas ordered the witch to be burned alive in tar two hundred feet from any source of water. So treasonous was the witch that she would have only one witness to her terrible passing. Prince Errolle's closest manservante volunteered to represent the wronged Prince Errolle as the only witness.

Instead of killing the maidservant Genivive and murdering the childe within her, Prince Errolle's closest manservante smuggled her away. A man was paid to rumor strange noises coming from the execution location. It was believed that the witch, made more powerful by the childe within her, had tried to possess the Prince Errolle's manservante at her moment of death. However, the witch failed and killed Prince Errolle's most trusted manservante.

Doctors from all over Asturia were brought to remove the witch's mysticism. The scandle was a heated topic of conversation for many weeks. King Dynas Adamas Aston died three yeares later and Prince Errolle Quillian Aston assumed the throne of the Mighte Kingdome of Asturia.

Five yeares later, King Errolle died in a burinng stable. The royale stable had mysteriously become alight with flame and King Errolle had sacrificed his own life to save a young stable boy. The grande countrye of Asturia againe mourned her King. Prince Covale succeeded his father; his reign was long and brought greate prosperity to Asturia.

Aftere much traveling, Errolle united with Genivive and for the first time laid his eyes upon his daughter, now eight yeares old and nearly as lovely as her mother.

Marlene closed the book and tenderly stroked the cover. She sighed wistfully and then looked to her sisters. "All right Millerna, you've had your story, it is bedtime now."

"But I don't wanna go to bed, I'm not tired." Millerna's yawn contradicted her statement. Eries smiled and Marlene outright laughed.

The middle Aston princess took the book and put it on the shelf in the playroom while the eldest walked the youngest into the adjoining bedchambers. Around another yawn Millerna asked a multitude of questions about the 'historical' mertale. Her older sisters answered as they knew the information and as appropriate to a five-and-a-half year old.

"I don't know why they put 'E's at the end of some words and spelled other words differently back then, Millerna. I guess someone decided it was a good decision." Eries anticipated Millerna's question and answered before she could ask. "Language changes over time, that's why we don't speak or write like that anymore."

"What does the mertale mean when it says Prince Erroll 'performeded his duty to his esteemeded country'? What does the 'forbidden fruit' mean and… and seed… have to do with Genivive and her baby?"

Eries wrinkled her nose while Marlene blushed. Marlene spoke before Millerna went too far with her questions. "That is not for young ladies, especially one that is a princess, to know."

"You'll find out what it means when you've older, Millerna. Wait until then," Eries politely instructed.

Millerna pouted and curled her blanket up in her crossed arms. "But I wanna know now! You two never answer that question."

Eries hid a gag while Marlene tried to hide a smile. "All right Millerna, one more question and then you must go to sleep."

The youngest sister screwed up her eyes in thought. "Why is this story Momma's favorite?"

"I think Mother loved this story because it's a childhood favorite," Eries answered. "Grandmother Koit read it to her when Mother was a little girl."

Marlene finished Eries' answer. "Her mother, our great-grandmother, so enjoyed the romantic love story of the two ocean-crossed lovers, Prince Erroll and the maidservant Genivive. It's one of the greatest love stories of Asturia."

"Love… and kisses? Ew, mushy stuff!" Millerna threw the covers over her head and huddled down into her bed.

Neither of her sisters bothered to hide their laughter: Eries because Millerna was acting the child she was and Marlene because she was beginning to embrace those things. Both girls kissed Millerna through the blanket and bid her good night. Marlene blew out the candles and they exited the room and went to their own chambers.

"Mother loved that mertale because Prince Erroll was reunited with his love and daughter…" Marlene mumbled into her pillow.