Chp1 holy hell

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Me: Hey everybody dark alpha here so hows everybody doing

Rallen: To hell with u BITCH

Ash: you said it bro

Me: Ok T or D first

Maja: Calvin t or d

Calvin: Dare

Maja: I dare you to have sex with Susie

Susie: WHAT!( Inside Thank You Maja)

Calvin: Hell No

Maja: If youd rather do it with Bling Bling Boy

Calvin: (Grabs susies hand and drags her into a room

Both: (get naked)

Everyone: ( Hears Susie moan ) Gross

May,Dawn,Misty,and Iris: ( In head) I wish that was me and Ash

Me: ok Johnny your turn

Johnny : Jado T or D

Jado : Dare

Johnny : I Dare you to travel the world


(3 hours later)

Jado: (runs in)

This is the korean and japnese police Jado get your ass out here

Me : what the hell did you do

Jado: I may have burned down some towns

Eveyone: We'll help you get him

Jado: what!

Me:Puts Jado in Hell

Eveyone else : shivers

Me: dont piss me off dumbass

Jado: Fuck you

Calvin and Susie come back in : That was awesome

Hobbes: *grunts*

Sissy: T or D Johnny

Dawn: That sounded a little seductive

Sissy and Johnny: *Blush*

Johnny: Truth

Sissy: Have you ever kissed a girl

Mary: Very seductive

Johnny: Yeah the time i kissed you when i had my DNA scrambled

Sissy: Oh yeah

Rallen : MY turn Krux T or D

Krux: i will not take part in this

Me: (Pulls out hell portal) yes you will

Krux: ( Gulps)

Thats it for now