Chp 2 Aww Crap

Disclaimer: you know all ready

Jado: hey who missed me?

*Insert cricket sfx here*

Jado: screw you all


Bling Bling: How'd the babies say that

Me: ok interview time


Me: Bling Bling why are are you you so fat

Bling Bling : What was thar ( pulls out big ass laser)

Me: (pulls out bigger laser) you heard me you homosexual lardass freak of nature

Rallen: Oh burn

Me: Iris , Dawn, Misty, and May Do you guys fight over ash

ALL: yes

Ash: Really im that hot

ALL: Yes

Me: ok then Prove it


Me: dude i ment pokemon battle

Bang Bang Bang

All: What the hell was that

Pikachu and bunnary walk out of room with an egg

Ash And Dawn: !

Jeena: Omg

Me: Rallen have you ever dreamt about doing Jeena

Rallen: Yes

Jenna: Wanna make it real( drags him in the room)

Jenna:(gets naked) How do you like it

Rallen:Shoves his member right in there and sucks her breasts

Koimanu : ( gets footage )

Rallen and jeena: Ok we are done

Everyone at computer

Rallen: What are you looking at...


Koimanu: Shit Im screwed( Gets his ass kicked)

Johnny: continue

Me: Susie And Calvin do you know what hobbes and mrs. bun are doing

OHH crap

Well we are done for now