A bunch of short drabbles on crack pairings. Rated T for very suggestive things.

(Unsure if I should raise it, so please tell me if you deem it inappropriate for T rated fics.)

Warning: very, very suggestive themes with inanimate objects. Don't kill me for it.

Chapter 1:

Pairing: Dino x Floor. Implied Tsuna x Floor

Summary: The floor would always invite him in.

390 words

Chapter One: I fall for you.

Dino stared at the floor under him.

He could feel himself harden at the sight if the glittering, shining floor. The light that reflected on its surface was so bright, filled with lust.

The way it invited him in, how it would just innocently trip him just so that they could feel each other.

No one, not even Romario would ever bring him this far.

Dino ran a hand through the surface, absorbing each and every single sensation it passed through his skin. The smooth and cold feeling under his fingers made him tremble in delight. He grinder their body together, both already extremely hard, like as if they always welcomed each other. The friction between his clothed skin and the floor's naked, cold one was so amazing it brought a shiver down his spine.

The way he would get the floor all wet...

He licked the smooth surface, teeth hitting the cracks of the tiles. He didn't care if it was dirty, it was just how much he loved the floor. It's not like the floor ever gave him any choice with its Tsundere personality when he would fell face first to the floor. Sometimes, it would get bloody, his lips would bleed from the kissing, but he doesn't mind either. In fact, the floor getting wild turned him on.

But he doesn't care. They still shared a relationship that no one else did.

A long time ago, he was clumsy and everyone else would laugh at him, the floor never did. It always welcomed him with open arms.

Though recently, he had been suspecting the floor to have an affair behind his back with his little bro Tsuna. He even walked on them yesterday, Tsuna on his knees, on the floor. But he had forgiven, because he would always be the first.

The way he could dominate the floor, knowing that it belonged to no one else but him. That he would always be the first.

Now, those times they spent with each other would diminish, but it only made it more precious and special. Even if his Famiglia disapprove of them two being together, and would always stop him and the floor from meeting each other by being near him…

Dino only lives for the floor. Because he fell for it at first sight. They were destined.

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