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Chapter Warning: OOCness, bullshit, some character bashing(...), Mpreg(?), unanim... I mean Leon. Just. Leon.

Pairing: Tsuna x Leon.

Summary: Really. They're actually canon.

Chapter Three: Meant to be

"Jyuudaime! Jyuuda—"


Gokudera's mouth was immediately covered by a small hand.

This calmed down the excited bomber, curious why his Jyuudaime was hiding behind a bush with suspicious big shades and a handkerchief tied under his nose and around his head. Tsuna motioned for his friend to come closer and to hide behind the bush.

Eyes sparkling, Gokudera obeyed and whispered (rather loudly) to his boss, "What are you doing, Jyuudaime?"

"I'm stalking Reborn," Tsuna answered, eyes never leaving the said-person (baby).

Gokudera looked at his boss as if Tsuna had grown a second head, then looked at the direction the brunet was looking. Indeed, there was the unsuspecting(?) Reborn, drinking his espresso innocently.

"Why would Jyuudaime stalk Reborn-san?"

This made Tsuna froze and look back. Gokudera seemed to have not seen the look of horror in his boss' eyes. If he did, he deemed it irreverent.

"I... Ahaha..." the mafia boss laughed uneasily at his own slip of tongue.

And the second later, Tsuna disappeared from Gokudera's view. However, it didn't come into Gokudera's mind as to why his boss fled. He simply clasped his hands and said with shiny eyes, "Jyuudaime is so fast!"

Twilight should be sued for copyright. Obviously Gpkudera's sparkles are the real, authentic ones. Well, who cares about sparkling vampires, we're in KHR.

Moving on.

'No! No! No! Nooooo!' Tsuna though as he sprinted faster than he did in his whole life. 'How can I break it to them! And if Reborn knew, he'd kill me!' He almost cried at that thought.

He preferred to be found out by Reborn than by HIM.

Who was Tsuna actually stalking, you wonder?

Okay, you got me it was The sadistic tort- I mean, tutor named Reborn.

But who was Tsuna stalking him for?

It was none other than Leon, of course!

Tsuna blushed slightly as he thought of the cute, oh so adorable green little chameleon that was named Leon.




"Leon!" he exclaimed with a dreamy look. He didn't notice the drool that long dripped to the ground, nor the extremely perverted face he was making. Rainbow sparkles flashed everywhere. Unicorns were dancing, heart clouds floating around him... there was even an angel somewhere in there singing about love with a harp.

Now, now, if you are wondering why Tsuna wasn't daydreaming about Sasagawa Kyoko instead of stalking some green lizard thing, it was simple. How can crush compare to true love?

Besides, what did Kyoko actually do to Tsuna to make his life better? Nothing!

Well Leon has always been there for him!

How can he forget?

"Our first encounter..." he giggled in a girly voice. "That green, wiggly, slimy, little cutie with big adorable, stare-into-your-soul eyes, innocent, perfect, expressively beautiful eyes. That smile ever present smile could brighten up his whole world forever. The way he walks, those cute little feet that moves so fast yet so cutely! OoOooh!~"

"Has Tsuna always been like that?" Yamamoto asked Gokudera, confused, both observing in the sidelines.

"Of course not, you Baka! Jyuudaime is perfectly fine! There's nothing wrong with him, get it? Nothing! He's perfectly sane! Sane, I tell you!" Gokudera said as he started strangling Yamamoto and forcing the information on him.

"Ahaha! I get it, I get it!" Yamamoto half laughed, half choked. It took some more time for Yamamoto to finally convince Gokudera to stop strangling him. With a few awkward sheepish laughs, Yamamoto rubbed his neck and commented to himself, "I never said Tsuna wasn't sane..."

Now back to Tsuna, who was so absorbed in his thoughts that he didn't notice his two guardians.


Leon was perfect. He was perfect!

Mary sues' eyes perpetually change color? So what! Leon could change his body! Besides, he and Leon are canon. (*)

There was so many times Leon helped Tsuna, with that sexy body of his.

Leon was his angel, his savior. Without Leon, he would have been expelled from Namimori. He didn't ask for it, really. He would never though that the on who took the first approach was Leon. Leon had willingly transformed for him to find that time capsule.

That's when the little crush he had suddenly bloomed.

There were no words needed. He didn't need Leon to tell him that He loved him.

They were soul mates, so perfect to each another.

And then, and then!

One day, he became the happiest man alive!

Tsuna suddenly popped out his gloves from his pockets and looked at them with all the fondness and love and adoration and pride that anyone would think off. He wiped away a single drop of tear from his eyes...


Really, he was a bit jealous when he had first heard that Enzo and Dino's whip were Leon's child. But when he learned that Leon was pregnant, just for him, he felt pride and fondness swelling in him. It was weird though, to see Leon with shape swings, but Tsuna heard it was normal during pregnancy. But really, he wasn't all that prepared for being a father at that time, but still assisted the labor.

When seeing his baby for the first time, he felt so amazed. Their baby was the splitting image of him. Usually, it was just a pair of mittens, useless because they were in the middle of summer. But then, when strong emotion overwhelmed those mittens, they would become X-gloves, strong and powerful, just like how he, Tsuna was dame but powerful with a Dying Will.

"Yes, the HDW bullet was from Leon, who gave it to me so I could have the power to protect out baby..."

"Leon, you're so perfect... I KNOW MY ATTEMPTS TO SEDUCE YOU HAVE FAILED(dressing up as your mate didn't work(*)), BUT I WILL TRY AGAIN! WITH MY DYING WILL!"

And for some reason, Tsuna suddenly entered in HDW on his own, without bullet or pill to help him, because the power of love was just so strong that he broke the law of his universe. And with that, he and his twin sons(the X-gloves) carried out to the sunset to find more ways of stalking Leon.

"Ahaha, that was a funny game, wasn't it?"

"I'm telling you, you bastard! Jyuudaime is sane, he's sane!"


Somewhere, Reborn pulled down his fedora. A smirk on his face, he said to himself, "The hat and me are not sharing, Baka Tsuna."

(*) When Tsuna dressed up as Leon in that festival to cheer up Chrome.

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